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Immerse yourself in the store of the future

Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager
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Imagine an Optus store. Got a clear picture in your head? Well, scrap that thought completely because our new flagship is about to blow you away.


Designed to look and feel like a fully-functional smart home, our brand-new store at 383 George Street in Sydney lets you explore the latest home entertainment, technology and gadgets from Optus.


Laid out over two floors (smart home downstairs, activation and café-style seating area upstairs), step inside and you’ll find:


Experiential home entertainment area


Pop yourself down on one of the comfy sofas in front of our epic floor-to-ceiling LCD TV screen and experience the latest in-home entertainment technology.


Home resized.jpg


Through an iPad on the coffee table, you can explore 30 different scenarios (played out by actors on the TV) that show you how smart tech can revolutionise the way you enjoy entertainment. For example, you can tell the actors to watch a movie playing on Yes TV by Fetch, dim the lights in the living room or play your favourite music on Spotify via the Google Home speaker.


Interactive smart kitchen packed with the latest technology


Come and explore our smart kitchen complete with a charging bench top, smart lights, smart pan and even a smart fridge - yep you heard that right, a smart fridge. If like us, you didn’t think it was possible to get excited over a fridge, think again. This baby by Samsung comes with an interactive screen on the outside door (for leaving notes or viewing calendar reminders) and built-in camera inside so you can see what’s in the fridge without having to open it. The camera feature comes in particularly handy if you’re out shopping and can’t remember what groceries you needed to buy; you just open the associated app and you can see inside the fridge.


Kitchen resized.jpg


Store images.png 


As for the smart pan, it will heat up to the exact temperature you need it to depending on what you’re cooking. So, say you bring home a nice juicy 300g steak, the associated app can tell the stovetop to heat up to the optimum temperature and even tell you when it’s time to flip it over as well. De-lish.


Virtual reality station


Waiting to be seen? Pop a VR headset on and explore the world of virtual reality in store.



Tablets, phones and accessories


Of course, we’ve also got all the phones, tablets and accessories you’d expect as well as an expert Optus team who are on hand to help you out.


A welcoming team


We have a wonderful, welcoming team that are there to assist with any questions or queries you might have about your chosen product or service. As well as being friendly and approachable, each team member specialises in a certain area of tech (such as Google Home or Yes TV by Fetch) so you can ensure you’re speaking to a genuine specialist.


Have you been to see us in the new store? We’d love to know what you thought of it. Can’t make it in? You can take a full tour on your phone by heading to


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Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Wow! This store looks amazing! I need that fridge in my life along with the floor-to-ceiling TV Smiley Happy

New Member RLX
New Member

Yeah, all that sounds great.  Just make sure that you don't create a jungle of badly patched devices vulnerable internet hacks.  If you provide a device make sure you keep it up to date for security fixes for the life of the product!

RetiredModerator LucyS

@AlistarS, at the risk of sounding like a massive nerd, the fridge is so cool (#fridgepun)! 

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