If you could only have 5 apps, what would you choose?

by Blog Author Megan_YC ‎2018-10-09 11:59 AM
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9th Oct 2018, 11:59am

In an age with gigabytes galore and limitless data plans, it may seem strange to only have 5 apps on your phone. But if a clean-up is necessary, this is a good way to start.


Of course, our first picks are My Optus and Optus @ Home apps. The following are some of the most prominent app categories we think would survive the cull:


  • Messenger apps: Because how can you remember to take the bins out if a fellow responsible adult doesn’t message to remind you?
    Messenger apps offer quick and easy connectivity from person to person. They're a great way to keep in contact with friends, family, and colleagues.

  • Social media apps: A category useful for entertainment and connectivity.
    There are countless social media apps. Ones tailored to photos, videos, business profiles, and even to create the perfect picture for your social media. They might get a bad rap, but social media allows us to stay connected in a way our grandparents would be jealous of.

  • Gaming apps: A category with wide variety, gaming apps are a gift for anyone who loves being occupied.
    Gaming apps can be handy on your daily commute; on a long-haul flight when your in-flight entertainment crashes, in the waiting room when the doctor’s running late... the list goes on.

  • Weather apps: Weather apps help us choose what to wear, when to wear it, and if we’ll need an umbrella while wearing it.
    It’s safe to say we’d struggle without a reliable weather app, especially as the weather starts to warm up.

  • Organisation apps: Apps centred around time management are perfect for everyday organisation.
    These apps help with your daily schedule; time management, health and fitness, and even to protect your data.

  • Entertainment apps: TV, movie, music and sporting apps provide convenience to busy people who need entertainment on the go.

  • Transport and mapping apps: Because the above categories are useless if you can’t get where you’re going.

Tell us: What are the 5 apps you would choose to keep? Leave a comment below as we’d love to know Smiley LOL

by Esteemed Contributor
‎2018-10-09 02:42 PM

Nothing strange about only using 5 apps given I only use 3. BitTorrent, andFTP and the AFL app during the football season. Most Android devices come preloaded with all the necessary goodies so additional apps really aren't needed.

by Member Jamallandit
‎2018-10-09 03:31 PM

Google Chrome, Gmail, YouTube, Maps & Translate. 😊

by Moderator Dan_C
‎2018-10-09 03:40 PM

I'm similar @Jamallandit


Chrome, Gmail, Maps, FB messenger & YouTube 


No dating apps @Megan_YC

by Esteemed Contributor
‎2018-10-09 03:46 PM

I didn't figure you for the Faceache messenger kind of guy Dan. Smiley LOL

by Moderator Dan_C
‎2018-10-09 03:57 PM

I actually don't have the FB app on my phone, just messenger.


I hardly text these days, the majority of messages I send/receive are through messaging apps. 



by Blog Author Megan_YC
‎2018-10-09 03:57 PM

Haha I decided not to include any dating apps @Dan_C Smiley Very Happy That would need it's own article!!

by Moderator Dan_C
‎2018-10-09 03:59 PM


Haha! You and I both. 

by Online Community Manager
‎2018-10-09 03:59 PM



Spotify, Pocketcasts, Bank app, YouTube and Email. 

by Esteemed Contributor
‎2018-10-09 04:10 PM

I did say messenger as most people who have spent any length of time in this industry don't want to be contacted. Smiley Happy

by Moderator Dan_C
‎2018-10-09 04:12 PM

Oh yeah, Spotify 


Cross out Youtube, let's go with Spotify.