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Huawei Mate20 Pro review

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Handset review Huawei Mate20 Pro.png


For my very first Yes Crowd device review I was able to get my hands on the Huawei Mate20 Pro. It was also my first time using an Android device and has definitely got my questioning whether I should make the switch when my current phone plan is up. Enjoy!



Huawei’s newest flagship device, the Mate20 Pro, comes in a sleek, compact, black box. Unboxing this one felt just like Christmas morning.


Sliding the lid off I found the device (in the ‘Midnight Blue’ colour) sitting pretty right at the top in all its glory. Beneath the device, a Huawei charger SuperCharge (Max 40W), USB cable, earphones, adaptor, quick start guide, warranty card and eject tool. There was also a clear protection case which I was quick to put on (I have a bad habit of dropping my phone!).




Up until 16 January 2019, the device also comes with bonus Freebuds.

Freebud offer.png


Set-up and design

Front and back.png


I was immediately struck by the size of the screen. The long, streamlined design had a premium feel, and with no home button and curved glass edges, the device is all screen. Measuring 157.8 x 72.3 x 8.6 mm (L X W X H) with a 6.39-inch display, and weighing in at 189g, the device felt quite large and heavy in my hand and it wasn’t easy to reach the top of the screen with my thumb.


I currently use an iPhone 8, which measures much smaller (4.7-inch display and 148g), so the size and weight was an adjustment, but one I was more than happy to make… the huge screen, combined with HDR capabilities and quality speakers, meant viewing video content on the device was an immersive experience. The picture was sharp, and colours were rich and vibrant (and the whopping 4200mAh meant I was able to binge watch plenty of Netflix).


With some phones it can be difficult to see the screen in full sun, but that wasn’t the case with this one. Turning the brightness up to maximum, I could easily review my photos standing outside on a sunny day. Photos looked vibrant, and in my opinion, brighter and more glowy on the device’s screen than they did once uploaded to the computer.





The camera on this device is unreal. The Leica-made triple lens set up on the rear includes a 40MP wide-angle lens, 20MP ultra-wide-angle lens, and 8MP telephoto lens. The camera itself supports auto focus and comes with advanced dual tone flash. Plus, it boasts a number of shooting modes such as night, portrait, and pro mode, as well as filters, beautification functions and the ability to alter colour balance.


Portrait mode.png


Portrait mode lets you take photos with beautification and bokeh effects – notice the soft, out-of-focus background, against the sharp, vibrant subject.


This look is generally achieved using a fast lens and wide aperture, however the camera on this phone is so intuitive it does it all for you. With the Master AI setting switched on, the camera automatically selects the best shooting mode based on your surroundings. It really made feel like a pro photographer and I was amazed by the stunningly detailed results I was able to produce.


There's also a ‘Pro’ camera mode where you’re able to adjust the ISO, shutter speed, exposure and more, for the ones who really know what they’re doing.


Night shooting

I was most impressed by the ‘Night’ camera feature. Every year I go around and look at the Christmas lights in my area but am never able to get any decent photos. Until now… Using the Night setting, the phone was able to perfectly capture the lights.


Christmas lights.png


Standard vs. vivid colours

The long list of camera settings also meant I was able to capture beautiful shots that don’t require any filter work later on Instagram.


Standard v vivid colours.png


Selfie mode

The 24 MP front camera is AMAZING for selfies – the picture quality is sharp and detailed.


The beautification functions in ‘Portrait’ mode allow you to smooth your skin for a flawless finish and even make your face appear thinner! For the below photos I set the ‘Smooth skin’ to level 5 out of 10, and the ‘Thinner face’ setting to 3 out of 5. The function certainly gave my skin a flawless finish, although a little whitewashed (in saying that, I am very pale so could just be me 😉). Putting the settings any higher than this and it produced a somewhat unrealistic, waxy appearance.


Selfie mode.png



I’m generally not a fan of the panorama function on phone cameras as my hands shake too much and my photos turn out distorted, so I was pleasantly surprised by what I was able to produce.



Other features



The in-screen fingerprint reader was a real highlight for me. Although it took some time to set up (the phone needs to take an imprint of your finger), the feature works fast and consistently.


The device also comes with a facial recognition unlock function. I found this to be a bit hit and miss - it worked most of the time, but not as consistently as the fingerprint reader.


Charging and battery life

I was also impressed by Huawei’s 40W SuperCharge charger and the phone’s battery life. With the battery at 50%, I was able to reach full charge in just 30 minutes.





  • The camera made me feel like a pro.
  • The huge screen was perfect for watching videos.
  • The finger print scanner worked like a charm.
  • The device ran quickly on Android Pie 9.0. Apps opened quickly, and I was able to switch easily between them.


Not-so-sure about

  • The handset was a little heavy and large in my hand, although this is such a minor complaint considering this meant watching video content was a great experience.


What do you think of the Huawei Mate20 Pro? Tell us in the comments below 🙂 

Want to get your hands on this device? The Huawei Mate20 Pro is available from Optus.


Disclaimer: The views expressed in the above review are my own and do not represent those of Optus or its staff.

Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

@Kara_YC Congratulations on your first phone review! Outstanding work! ☺

Blog Author

Love it @Kara_YC


The Mate 20 Pro is a killer phone and you've killed this review! 


Love the XMAS night photos Smiley Happy



Respected Contributor
Respected Contributor

I think the major issue is the lack of VoLTE & WiFi Calling support, people are forced into either Samsung or Apple handsets as they are the only ones to offer these functions (even though the other phones are more then capable.

Crowd Champion
Crowd Champion


A real selfie of you, the only one of the yes crowd team we now know for sure is a human.

If you decide to go back to your iPhone there is always a home for the Huawei mate at my house.



Blog Author

@Davelew, as if you haven't come across my selfies. 


Take a peek→ Dan's selfies



Crowd Champion
Crowd Champion


As I said, we can only be certain Kara is human.

I thought you so called selfies were of a robot.



Blog Author

Thanks @Ray_YC


@Paddylee good point, hopefully I'll get the chance to review a Samsung so I can compare.

I've also been waiting for the chance to post a photo of my dog after you showed us Cookie a few months ago on @Dan_C's Google Lens review 🙂 


Haha @Davelew you must have missed @Dan_C's blue steel when he reviewed the Huawei Nova 3i !!

Blog Author

I lie, I'm an actually a YC AI  BOT prototype @Davelew


After a few minor bug fixes, I'm hoping that I'll become a real boy. 




Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor

@Paddylee I and my mother in law have got optus supplied mate 20 pro and both of ours have volte so I'd suggest if you're having problem with this it could be volte not active on your account as has been the case in numerous cases. I believe the firmware if optus ever get around to actually releasing it (globally the firmware version is sitting around 171+) but reports are with 146 optus is include vowifi. 

Respected Contributor
Respected Contributor

May have VoLTE but no VoWiFi as yet. 

Its not just this phone but numerous others are lacking Either/both these 2 essential services. 

Occasional Contributor
Occasional Contributor

Do not buy this Phone from Optus. Do your re-search on Optus crowd forums first, there are multiple threads complaining on Optus holding off few  Mate 20 pro android updates. Some of these updates include key camera performance and important security pathes. The software on the this phone from Optuns is aroumd 7 version old. 

Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor
Great review. Just one correction, Panorama mode doesn't use the Ultra Wide Angle lens. Also as Rahullamba mentions above, Optus are currently behind the rest of the world with updating the phone.
Blog Author

Thanks for your feedback @ryballs, glad you enjoyed the review Smiley Happy