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How to save your Smartphone battery

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Whether you’re snapping pictures of your pooch; ordering dinner after a tiring day at work; or using Google Maps to find the restaurant you’re late to, a dying phone battery is never ideal. With so much advice on how to keep your battery healthy, what is best practice when it comes to looking after your phone battery?


We’ve made a list of the best tips to prolong your smartphone’s battery. In the process, we've cracked some age-old myths that are actually doing more harm than good.


1. When to charge

Letting your smartphone’s battery drain to zero before recharging to 100% is not the best way to look after your phone. To keep your battery in the best condition, recharge it when it reaches around 40% and only recharge to around 80% 1.


2. Where to charge

Avoiding extremes in temperature is best for your battery’s health. For example, Apple suggests 16-22 degrees Celsius is the ideal temperature to keep and use your phone. Temperatures that are too hot will deplete your battery and damage it in the long-term. We know that’s a big ask in our scorching Australian summer, so try to keep your phone out of the sun and heat as best you can 2.


3. What charge it with

Charging your phone with the charger that came with your handset is best. Although alternative chargers do the same job, they harm your battery in the process. Only use an alternative charger when necessary 1.


4. How to keep your phone charged during the day

Lower your screens' brightness: Turning your screen brightness down helps save phone juice 3.


Watch the silent killer that is apps: Apps can zap your battery like nothing else. For example, Google Maps and fitness trackers constantly search for your location and sync to your device. Check which apps are guilty of this by going into settings and viewing your battery usage. You can always delete apps if they’re taking up too much of your battery’s energy, or a clean-up might suffice 3.


Turn off your data: Using flight mode or turning off data and Bluetooth can keep your battery alive for that little bit longer 3.


Turn off notifications: This includes app and message notifications, putting your phone on silent, and boycotting vibration alerts 3.


Turn it off: Turning your handset off occasionally is advised. But if your phone is that low on juice and you know you’ll need it later in the day, turn it off 3.


5. What to avoid

Charging from 0% to 100%: Try to avoid running your phone down to 0% and recharging it to 100% every day. A charge from 0% to 100% is only recommended roughly once a month 4.


Wireless charging: Wireless chargers heat up your battery more than regular chargers. This degrades the battery, so it's best to avoid wireless chargers when possible 4.


Leaving the case on when your handset warms up: If your phone overheats during charging, general use, or warm temperatures, remove the case. Your battery will thank you for it, trust me Smiley Wink 2


Please note: Smartphones generally use Lithium-ion batteries, with a lifespan of 3-5 years. After this time, and following all the great tips above, it may be necessary to buy a new battery 4.

We’d love to hear what you think of our tips and any tips of your own – leave us a comment below Smiley Very Happy


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Crowd Champion
Crowd Champion

One way to save power you haven't mentioned @Megan_YC is if you have an IPhone is to go into setteings and turn on "Low Power Mode"   With most Android phones you can turn on a "Battery Saver Mode"  or similar.




Ah thanks @Davelew Smiley LOL You life saver!!

Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

I permanently leave my Android on 'medium' battery saver mode and still need to charge my phone daily, great tips!
Too bad we can't give you an Accepted Solution for that great suggestion, Dave Smiley Wink