How to contact Optus

by Online Community Manager
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15th Nov 2018, 11:12am

Contact Optus


There are a few ways to contact Optus across the business, here’s the best avenues for your type of enquiry:


If you have any further questions, please let us know in the comments below 😊


by New Member Peter11
β€Ž2018-12-05 09:18 PM

Does everybody have the same awfull experience i am having when trying to contact Optus? I am unablke to get access to both my mobile account and my broadband account online through the dashboard./ I have spent hours talking to all sorts of people, all of whom are friendly, and none able to help. I justy want to setup automatic payments with my credit card online for both my mobile and my broadband account. Apparenmtly I can only do one or the other. So I arrange one on line, and the other by phone. In an attempt to be helpful, an Optus person changes my access on line from mobile (comes off) to broadband (goes on). Next thing I start getting auto emails for bills not paid on time.


How difficult does this have to be? a tech company in 2018 behaving like a water utility in the 1960's.


by Frequent Contributor
β€Ž2018-12-06 06:28 PM

@Peter11 - I have had similar awful experiences.


#1. Have an issue with MyAccount. Contacted Support by phone. Yes, see the issue and it will be 'fixed'in four hours. That was several weeks ago and the issue remains. No change!


#2. Contacted Optus via my local Optus Shop to change my Broadband plan after two years on my current plan. Shop couldn't help but connected me via their phone to Support - got straight through. All sorted out, and it will 'happen'at beginning of next billing month, I think. That contact was about 10 days ago. Last night, I had lost most of my Fetch TV channels (Entertainment pack). MyAccount still shows old package and NBN shows old speeds (changing from speed 4 to speed 3). So, phoned Support today and, to my surprise and waiting on hold for quite a while, my order had been cancelled; I had received no communication from Optus in the meantime. Hopefully, my broadband will be changed as requested by me, later this month. Support contact today was helpful.


My bottom line - two contacts with no result. I have been a customer for >20 years and was within a few minutes of cancelling my Optus services today. Time will tell.

by New Contributor whateverelse
β€Ž2018-12-07 09:37 AM

I'm trying to find out how much data I have used on a sim card I'm using for wireless internet.  Seems to be impossible. Setting up an account simply doesn't work (tried about 6 times) and you can't contact anyone for help.  Newline says he contacted support by phone. Love to know how he did that, I've never been able to find a support number.  The wireless internet works brilliantly but otherwise Optus are abysmal.  Their website, online systems and total lack of support are worse than useless.

by Frequent Contributor
β€Ž2018-12-07 01:57 PM

@whateverelse The phone number is 133937. Find it by going to Support, on the Optus website, then click in turn Get in Touch, Something Else?, Contact Us, Call Us. I found it by accident; it's well hidden. Be prepared to be put on musical hold immediately and to wait for an hour or so before someone answers. When they do answer, you are in the lap of the gods - I reckon the chances of gettin your issue resolve are 50%, at best.


BTW, I've tried this forum and Live Chat and found them about the same. I had to use the phone this time because it is the only method to change Broadband plan. Not good. I agree that once everything is working, Optus is very good. However, its support is third world.

by New Contributor whateverelse
β€Ž2018-12-07 03:11 PM

Hi, thanks for the reply.  It certaily is well hidden.  I stumbled on a live chat link that actually worked(!) and the bloke on the other end reset my account and got it working within minutes.  Sometimes you get lucky but try finding a teleco anywhere that cares about its customers. cheers

by New Member KSiva
β€Ž2018-12-09 09:00 AM

My internet is intermittent.  Every few minutes it has to be reset. It goes resetting the WiFi.

I beleive it the Optus Modem that is faulty. How can I get a replacement?

by Occasional Visitor gearboxx

There seems no point at all trying to contact optus. There is most times a messge saying 'an optus person will be with you in 60 minutes...' Last time ai called it was 10 minutes... after waiting 28 minutes, I got someone who claimed he couldn't hear me and hung up. This happens every time I call. If I somehow haven't got the right person which is almost always it seems, I get transferred to the right department - what this really means is the person doesn't know the answer to my question - then its another 30 minutes before I hang up as nobody has answered!!!!

They obviously don't want to talk to anyone and just hope you won't call. Someone I know tried to cancel their service - because there isn't any - and found its best to go to a new provider and have them arrange it all.

Other providers actually will talk to you they found.

by Occasional Visitor Angryashell

So had enough of not being able to get OPTUS customer service to get off their backsides and actually deal with an issue. Contacted them twice in the last nearly three week. Twice I was told I would be contacted within 48 hours...apparently getting issues dealt with on the day no longer happens... well I am still waiting. 

Apparently problems dont get dealt with at all anymore when you are with OPTUS.

they increased our charge with no reason explanation and will NOT discuss it with us... 


My advice to everyone is to do what we are going to the ombudsman and move to another provider.... 

Garbage service...

To make matters worse the modem shuts down if the room temperature goes about 23 degrees... HELLO its Australia, temperatures get over 23 Goddamn degrees..... we not only pay for a service and pay more than we signed up for, not only have them alter our contract without permission or even notification, not only are WE not permitted to get Cuctomer service, we have to pay for aircon to cool the place to an acceptable level for their rubbish modems...


Get out if you can, OPTUS is not worthy of receiving your hard earned money.