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Welcome to the new look Community! We're still upgrading and making some changes to the platform over the coming weeks! Stay tuned.

Here's our Super Users for Cycle 2!

Retired Employee Andy
Retired Employee
4 4 1,809

Our second cycle of our Super User program has officially kicked off today, running through to the end of August 2016. Please congratulate the following users for being invited to be a part of the program based on their contributions to date within My Optus Community.









You’ll be able to spot the Super Users based on their rank which is located under their name in their profile, whenever they post or pretty much anywhere they’re highlighted within the community.


For those of you that were interested in the program but didn’t receive an invite, there’s going to be plenty of activity within the community over the next 6 months that we’ll be looking to involve everyone in! And don’t forget in September we’ll kick off the next Super User program where a new batch of users will be invited to join.


Thanks again to everyone who contributes to the community and helps their peers out. It’s exactly the reason why we’re here!

Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor

Yay Smiley Happy

Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

Welcome @Ed_space and @samanthadSmiley Very Happy

RetiredModerator Ge0ff

Congrats guys!

RetiredModerator Esther

Top work guys Smiley Very Happy Well done and deserved indeed.

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I’ve worked in the social media space for the last 6 years and I’m fascinated by tech and all the possibilities the future holds! When I’m not online you can find me oil painting and listening to good music… long live art, tech and rock and roll! The best part is getting to know all the awesome people that contribute within the community, and it’s where you can find the latest announcements and get help and advice from your peers!