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Health, Fitness and Technology

RetiredModerator Hollie
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How things have changed in the last 20 years!


In the 80’s and 90’s it was all about aerobics, the leg warmers and the leotards!


“If you’ve got a door, you’ve got a gym!” In the 00’s, it was more about the home gyms, the ab rollers, and let’s not forget all those diet crazes too. Those soup diets, detoxes and weight loss shakes were all hard to keep up with in the long term.


After a few years of trying some of these ways to lose weight and get fit, in 2013 I decided it was time to speak to the professionals.  


I googled Personal Trainers in my area – the results were overwhelming and I really didn’t know how or who to choose!


From there – I went onto a few Trainer’s Facebook pages to have a look at their backgrounds and posts from other clients. I had a few pre-existing injuries and I wanted to make sure they knew how to tailor a workout to suit my needs.  (Later on… I was also featured a few times on my PT’s Facebook page in regards to my weight loss progress.)


Once I found a couple – I messaged each PT to have a chat about my goals and my current physical fitness level and organised to meet. Once I found my awesome PT we started working towards my goals and he made me my own personal workout program. He went through and showed me all the exercises step by step and emailed me a copy of my workout plan so I had it at my fingertips via my smart phone when I was at the gym.

fitness buddy app.jpg

Here’s part of my fave workout on the Fitness Buddy App


I’ll be honest – a few times I needed to double check how to do particular exercises so I’d just jump onto my fave App BodySpace. It had step by step pics and links to videos on how to perform the particular exercise which was really handy!


There’s definitely more to it than just hitting the gym 5 times a week, lifting weights and doing cardio though. Diet was very important – I have a few mates who are power lifters, body builders and clean eaters. All of them had different views on what was the best way to lose weight and what kind of diet I needed. They were all really supportive but at the end of the day I had to find the best solution for my own personal circumstances.


I’ve spent hours researching different meal plans, diets, ways of life and tried a few different eating programs over the last few years to see what worked best for me - and most importantly to help keep my body guessing and dropping the weight in a healthy way. At the end of the day though, it’s a lifestyle change and not a quick fix. I learnt very quickly there’s a lot of information out there to sift through – some relevant, some from educated people and a lot from undisclosed sources with no real basis or research to back it up.


If you’re unsure about the product or site – the fantastic thing these days is you can google the name to see reviews, you can Facebook the company, look on Yelp, YouTube or the customer reviews on their website or you could ask friends via your own Social Media pages for their opinions and experiences.


I have found some really great Apps, websites and even invested in a Fitbit to track my progress. Here’s my top 5 Health and Fitness Apps


  1. My Fitness Pal (Free) – I have found it so easy to track calories and keep a meal diary via the App as once you’ve entered a meal or calorie count you can save it and go back to it at any time, the App also gives you a breakdown of what your calorie intake should be depending on what your goals are and is super easy to navigate.
  2. Michelle Bridges 12WBT (free when you sign up for her program) - I mainly use this App for the shopping list and meal ideas, its also a great place to get some motivation on those days when you’re feeling a little lazy.
  3. Fitness Buddy (Free) – This App has some great work out plans (My fave leg day workout- refer to pic above) Has links to all the exercises included in the work out plans in a pretty extensive exercise library along with some motivational quotes that pop up on your screen from time to time to help keep you focused and your eye on the prize!
  4. Calorie King (Free) – I have had this App for at least 3 years and I love it! It has pretty much any food you can think of as well as most brands and cuisine and fast food chains, with a breakdown of calories and macros and is really easy to find your way around.
  5. Apple Music (Free on IPhone) – The new Apple Music App is awesome! I love the fact you can make your own playlists from your music library and now they also let you know what else you might be interested in based on what music you listen to the most which in my case is usually RnB, Pop or old school Hip Hop depending on my mood.

I love the fact I can also share all of this with my friends and the other people within my networks. Sounds like a workout on its own, hey?


I love the Fitbit and the fact you can track your steps for the day easily by downloading the App to your Smart Phone.  For me the amount of steps I do  can sometimes  end up being quite a few because I have little legs – it also translates this into kilometres walked so you have a bit of a better idea how far you’ve travelled in the day. You can add other work outs you’ve done as well as calories you’ve eaten to give you a better idea of energy in vs energy out for the day.  At work we are having a step challenge at the moment so we’ve all added each other as friends via the App which keeps us all accountable and motivated. The goal is to reach at least 10,000 steps a day.


Gone are the days of walking into the gym and not knowing the difference between a bench press and a squat rack, carrying around a diary to write down everything you eat and sitting down every night to add up your daily intake of calories, all while doing that awesome detox to lose 5kg in 5 days because your friends friend said it really works.

Stay tuned though, because I reckon leg warmers and leotards are making a quiet comeback. Smiley Happy

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RetiredModerator Van10

Can second My Fitness Pal, awesome app and also syncs with your Fitbit & adds kilojoules/calorie to your allowance for the exercise you complete.