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by Occasional Visitor kimmyatkings
‎2016-03-02 01:44 PM

How long does it take to recieve my new iphone, due to the fact i dont have a phone at this present time and need to stay incontact with work etc.?

by New Member coopz85
‎2016-03-09 02:43 PM

hi just wonding how long it will take to recieve my new phone? as i have not got a email or update on the arrival yet?

by Occasional Visitor MattKennard
‎2016-03-10 04:01 PM

When will my order be confirmed, iphone 6s ordered on 4th march and was ment to be confirmed 2 to 3 days later. Its now 11th march and no confirmation. How do i find the status of my order.


by Trusted Contributor
‎2016-03-15 05:13 PM

kimmyatkings, coopz85 and MattKennard; you're able to track the status of the order using the 8 digit order number at or using the welcome page listed in the blog post above. If there's any issues with the status, please get in touch with our sales support team on 1300 300 562. If you don't have an 8 digit order number, you'll need to double check the order has been successful with the sales team on 1300929949.

by Occasional Visitor Chri3
‎2016-03-16 08:24 AM

Ordered a new home 4g service on the 3rd of March. Two weeks later it still hasnt arrived. I have phoned up three times everytime someone was supposed to get back to me or send an email....NOTHING! Service has been appauling. Does optus consider this to be acceptable service??? Because from where I am standing there is no service.

by RetiredModerator Dave
‎2016-03-21 02:13 PM

Hi Chri3 - do you have an order number we can take a look at?

by Occasional Visitor Chri3
‎2016-03-21 04:26 PM

Thanks anyways Dave but its too late. I got jack of it and cancelled the order, it was 52227584... Basically I had been lied too the entire time, people telling me the order was - being processed, with the credits department, with the warehouse etc etc.. I called up 4 times in two weeks, not once did anyone from optus call me or send a quick email update on the status of my order.

The last person I spoke to told me that it was on back order as there were none left, she did not know when it would arrive, had optus had told me the truth from the start I may have continued to wait, but I dont appreciate being given the run around, and told everything is going well when Optus doesn't even have the product I ordered.

The service sucks! I'm now looking for another provider.... Thanks and have a great day!

by Occasional Visitor Offtoabadstart
‎2016-03-29 01:01 PM

Order placed on 22/03 and confirmed by online sales rep Jason.

Phone confirmed to be delivered by the end of the week.

29/03 called Optus to find out order has not been processed. There was no call from Optus on delay.

Provided order no: 52620819 and Application no: 232493887 with an assurance of a call by the end of the day 29/03.

No call received till now and online order status has not changed.

Can someone from Optus have the courtesy to call to inform of status as it has been more than a week now.

Would also be great if Optus processed the order as represented.


by Occasional Visitor damaly15
‎2016-03-30 07:29 PM

I would like to know what is happening with my new phone. Order number is AJFGRNK001. Track number 52658585

Have been trying to contact Optus all day. Could someone please contact me with an update. 

by New Contributor Joedy79
‎2016-03-30 11:14 PM

I also would like to no what is going on with my order. Placed online 24/3/16 receipt T21458807206511, says I will get order confirmation within 48 hours for me to track order, says delivery from 31/3/16 (yes I no that's tomorrow) however what concerns me most is that my online account and my Optus app have already been transferred to post paid?? Does this mean I am a "credit-approved customer" and I am just jumping the gun because it's not the 31st yet?? And I don't have a tracking number yet?? I also revived 2 text messages today 1 with my mobile number (which I no but thank you) and the 2nd was advising me that I can now set up my voice mail ( again thanknyou but I already have voice mail) this is what has prompted me to check order and to realise that I have been switched from prepaid to post paid already with no notification of when I might be receiving my new handset. I am hoping there is a new one on the way other wise I want to remain/return on my existing pre paid service with by old handset.

by RetiredModerator Marcel
‎2016-04-01 10:10 AM

Hey Joedy79, how did you get on? Has your phone been delivered since posting this on here? If not, then pleasePM me your personal details (Name, address and DOB) & I'll take a look and get back to you. 

by New Member diartist
‎2016-04-05 05:20 PM

I would love to know what has happened to my iphone! I placed the order over 7 days ago and the courier delivered my phone to a place 194km away then it has been returned to Optus and now I have not heard anything for over 2 days! NO tracking advice nothing - but my plan has been upgraded and I am now wondering if I will have a battle with Optus in the future on the 1st payment of a phone I don't actually have yet - OPTUS!!!! WHERE IS MY ORDER!

by New Member Sm1vvy7
‎2016-04-05 11:11 PM

I would like to know the status of my order 52738394. As it has been a week since I've submitted it and is showing as still processing right now! 

by Occasional Visitor michaelvillalon
‎2016-04-05 11:56 AM

Hi, I am wondering when I can expect to receive my order? Placed my order on the 26th of March. It has been about 10 days now and wondering when I can expect it to arrive? 


Order - 52670987

by Occasional Visitor katebee
‎2016-04-05 12:40 PM

Looking for an update on my order 52713747 placed 1 week ago. Sent ID in an email immediately following the order and chased again via email 2 days ago. Getting no communication for you guys on the reason for the delay. Tracking page hasn't been updated since 29/3. Please let me know what's going, thanks.

by Occasional Visitor michaelvillalon
‎2016-04-08 12:44 AM

Do you ever respond to your customers? Order - 52670987 - Would like to talk to somebody about this order.



by Occasional Visitor Sassy713
‎2016-04-08 08:26 AM

52865074 extra request for i.d. emailed straight back no contact no change on track order page. We dropped telstra for bad customer service, please dont let optus go down the same road.  Any help would be  great. Thank you 


by New Contributor DNC
‎2016-04-13 04:50 PM

Hi trying to find out where my phone is. Ordered it on the 12/04/16 recieved temporary order number: 2138839. but have heard nothing since. When i try to track my order it says i have to put in a 8 didgit number which i have not recieved. If you could please let me know what is happening with it that would be great 

by New Member therealdanpoli
‎2016-04-14 06:13 PM

Hi there.

Order 53004832 Is marked as cancelled, but i was told from sales support it would be delivered tomorrow? 

Can someone please call me about this?

by Occasional Visitor Lauree69
‎2016-04-16 06:37 PM

Hi ,

   I am wondering when I will take delivery of my new handset , my order was placed on 08/04/16 . I have the tracking order  number 52914389 & am wondering why it is taking so long to  be shipped out .

by New Member hatran0913
‎2016-04-23 11:56 AM

Hi there, i was on the Online Chat with Kyle, and he was helping me with my upgrade order. All of the sudden the window chat was disable for no reason. I received a text from you guys to say my upgrade request was successful and the order is AJKMQNN001. There should be an email sent to me with the Order number and other contract details, however I did not get this, can you please follow up and confirm via email at the earliest? thank you

by Occasional Visitor VeryWorriedCust
‎2016-04-23 03:32 PM

I'm reading all these comments and they all don't sound really good! I'm worried! When I placed order on 23/04 the website said I will be getting my new iPhone on 27/04....... Is that true?

by New Contributor RussellCarroll
‎2016-04-29 11:21 PM

I recieved an email with a Tracking number in it. I checked the Tracking number at the link included, and it showed that it would be delivered on Friday - then nothing was delivered and now when I check the Tracking number it is listed as an invalid number. 


Should I be worried?

by Occasional Visitor VeryWorriedCust
‎2016-04-29 11:51 PM

Actually I got my iPhone SE in less than 7 days. No worries at all. 

by Occasional Visitor Concerned
‎2016-04-29 09:49 AM

I purchased my order online on the 22nd April was told delivery within 24 hours received nothing called Optus on the 27th I was told nothing in stock but they contacted the warehouse and I should receive my order within 48 hours it is now the 30th and still nothing come on Optus the least you could do is be honest email me or something for conformation not happy at all.

by New Contributor hounderawr
‎2016-05-25 11:38 AM

All of these comments are making me nervous, I submitted an application on the 26th and my phone is supposed to be sent out tomorrow and my number being ported over. I'm hoping I recieve the phone before my number gets ported from one company to another, as then I will be without a phone.

My order number is 53717511

by New Member Dara58
‎2016-05-29 10:44 AM


 My order number is 53677167. I ordered on the 23rd of May. I've heard nothing since. Apart from the fact you've recieved my order, nothing else seems to have happened. I can order stuff from CHINA and get better service than this.  If the Australian telcos were open to the global market, you and Telstra would be bankrupt in a week.



by Trusted Contributor
‎2016-05-31 03:42 PM

Hey hounderawr, looks like the phone has reached you no problems. Did you still need a hand getting it sorted out?



Dara58 - It looks like your phone has turned up today. Please let us know if you were needing a hand getting it set up.

by New Member JackFox
‎2016-06-14 03:17 PM

Maybe all the previous posts have worked as I have had outstanding customer service. Placed the order, got confirmation immediately with a tracking number. Received my handset today and was phoned to see if everything was OK. 

Thank you to Pinky at Optus, she is a great customer service rep. 

by New Member joshmick
‎2016-06-16 10:06 AM

hi i placed an order on the 14th and received the automated email but the order status hasn't changed and i havnt heard anything since. 54067045

by RetiredModerator Serena
‎2016-06-20 03:08 PM

Thanks so much for letting us know about your experience @JackFox! Pinky is definitely a good egg, I'll send the compliment to her manger Smiley Happy


by RetiredModerator Serena
‎2016-06-20 03:10 PM

Apologies on the late reply to your post @joshmick, it's strange that the order hasn't moved yet. I'd give the team a call on 1300300562 and we can check further into this for you. 

by Occasional Visitor kaka1957
‎2016-06-26 09:47 PM

I've just ordered a new phone and plan online and was just wondering, on the day of delivery do I have to be present or can i have my son present to pick it up cause I'll be working all day. He will have ID to prove who he is and i also left delivery instructions of this when placing the order 

by Occasional Visitor kaka1957
‎2016-06-26 02:07 PM

I've just ordered a new phone and plan online and was just wondering, on the day of delivery do I have to be present or can i have my son present to pick it up cause I'll be working all day. He will have ID to prove who he is and i also left delivery instructions of this when placing the order 

by RetiredModerator Serena
‎2016-06-27 12:35 PM

Hi kaka1957, just responded to your Private Message. Chat soon Smiley Happy 

by Occasional Visitor arohabaybee
‎2016-06-30 11:19 PM

Is it true that after a year you can upgrade your handset?

by RetiredModerator Nghi
‎2016-07-01 02:03 PM

Hey arohabaybee, our newer phone plans have "New Phone Trade Up" which basically means that after a year you can choose to hand in your current phone in good working order and pay $99. You'll then be able to start a new 24 month contract for a new phone.

by New Member katesirenko
‎2016-07-02 10:46 PM

Hello! I didn't receive a new SIM card with my new handset, and it requires a smaller one than my old one. How do I get a replacement? Thanks Smiley Happy

by Trusted Contributor
‎2016-07-07 04:29 PM

Hey katesirenko, if you can head into your local Optus shop, we can do it for you on the spot Smiley Happy

by New Member gene
‎2016-07-11 04:09 PM

Tracking number 54510304. I wonder how long is the processing time in your warehouse? I was waiting today for the new phone as i was promised that i will receive it Monday or Tuesday. :-(

by New Member Wolfette1985
‎2016-07-13 02:00 AM

Just wondering when will my tablet arrive? I've had no updates whatsoever. Order number: 54535133

by Contributor wallet72
‎2016-07-19 04:26 PM

I have two questions: 


Why has my order been sitting "next stop,warehouse" for 24 hours with no change?


Also, on a more broad topic, why does Optus ignore existing customers? My latest experience with upgrading my service highlighted to me that Optus offers new customers some great incentives to join, but does not give them to existing customers. Case in point, 5GB per month of extra data for a new service but not for renewing or existing customers. Hell, the agent couldn't even price match with any other carrier - Vodafone are still offering the Samsung VR headset for free with an S7.


I'm tempted to use the 30 day satisfaction period to cancel my upgrade/renewal and go elsewhere, just because Optus show such lack of appreciation for existing customers.


by New Member Steve_G
‎2016-07-26 09:46 AM

The status for my iPhone order has not changed for almost a week.  Don't you keep stock of these phones?  My daughter ordered the same phone from Telstra and had it delivered within 2 days.  Maybe I should switch.

by New Member Jeff007
‎2016-07-26 10:22 AM

I ordered a new phone/plan on 25/07/16 and its now 2 days later 27/07/16 and I have had no sms messages or emails to tell me if it's been despatched.

I have tried using the online tracking tool but it times out. Have tried several different computers with the same result (time out)

How do I find out the status of my order ?

by Visitor michaeli
‎2016-07-28 10:40 AM

hi, I ordered a Huawei P9 on wed 27/7/2014 at 9:40. Web site says free express delivery. I am in the sydney metro area, and it is now 2 days later, and the tracking still says next stop our warehouse. could someone please explain where the phone is please?

by New Member Mickjohn
‎2016-08-07 01:05 PM


ive purchased an iPad via phone and its delivery date is today but I've got work commitments later during the day and would like to know its current where abouts and estimated time. 


by New Member kostapapas1
‎2016-08-19 01:15 PM

Just received my new Note 7, but have not received my OPTUS FETCH box.

Why is this?

by Occasional Visitor King2
‎2016-08-22 04:29 PM


What if I'm not at home when my item is delivered?

by RetiredModerator Casey
‎2016-08-23 06:23 PM

Hey kostapapas1, once you have received your mobile, it can take up to 10 business days for your Fetch delivery. If you would like me to check on the order and provide a tracking link, can you please PM us your mobile number, full name and DOB. Casey

by Member LukeE
‎2016-08-28 12:08 PM

I expected better from Optus....


I purchased a new handset outright online on Wed 24 August and received no order confirmaitons via email or text. I paid via Afterpay and so I reached out to them who confirmed an order numberOR066207 with me on Friday. I called Optus sales support on Friday and after an hour of being transferred and placed on hold I finally had them confirm the same order number and that the order was processing, can be tracked and will be with me in 2-3 business days. 


Still having received no email or txt communications I tried to use my supplied order number to track delivery and received error messages. 


Its now Monday 29th August and I have had to sit on multiple chat sessions and explain the issue to over 5 different optus reps...


After my first chat session I finally received an email from Optus....however it was another 'temp' order number different from my original one...OR028267. 


It should not be this difficult. I should have my handset by now. I should not have to spend valuable time chasing Optus reps and departments via Phone and Live Chat just to get some informaiton about my order. I am extremely unhappy about this service. 


I need someone to call me today with the status of my order and handset.

by Moderator Marie
‎2016-08-28 02:05 PM

So sorry to hear that this has been your experience LukeE Smiley Sad


Certainly not one we want you to have. 


We'd be happy to check this out for you, can you please PM me with your full name, date of birth, mobile number and the delivery address.



by New Member Ryxn93
‎2016-08-28 02:59 PM

My item was in the warehouse for packaging 4 hours ago, what's delivery times? Thank you

by RetiredModerator Mike-N
‎2016-08-28 04:14 PM

Hey @Ryxn93 Smiley Happy Delivery times can differ depending on your location. Once the package has been given to StarTrack, you can track your delivery through their Track & Trace tool here. If you would like us to check your specific order, could you please send us your order & phone number, full name and date of birth? Thanks - Mike

by Frequent Visitor CaptainFatty
‎2016-08-29 04:03 PM

The order tracking page said my phone is ready for my sim card and then that it's active and needs to be turned off and on again. Is this normal considering that I don't have the phone yet? It  should be at the warehouse according to the tracking status.

by Valued Contributor
‎2016-08-30 06:55 PM

Hi @CaptainFatty. No that's perhaps not the correct notification Smiley Happy The handset is still at the warehouse according to the tracker is that right? Are you able to private message through the order number/ tracking number you have. It's probably best to take a look for you. 

by Valued Contributor
‎2016-08-30 09:41 PM

Thanks, I've found the order. I'll just need to confirm your full name and DOB as well please. I'm sorry I should have requested that at the same time. Private message that to me if you could. Many Thanks, Scott

by Visitor sharmaji
‎2016-08-31 03:54 PM



I'm tracking my order #55565051 and it says - "Your phone is now active. Please turn it off and then back on. For help with your phone, please select step 3 on the left".


However, i have not yet recieved phone from you. Could you please let me know when will i get my phone?

by Trusted Contributor
‎2016-09-01 09:46 PM

Hey sharmaji, you should get the phone today or tomorrow as I can see it's with the courier in Sydney. You can track the delivery here.

by New Contributor julz99
‎2016-09-15 07:17 AM

I was just wondering how long the phones stay in the warehouse for? i got a text message wednesday saying that i would get my phone yesterday. but it says its in the warehouse!!! 

by RetiredModerator Esther
‎2016-09-19 09:16 AM

Morning! Sorry for late reply - can you please send us a PM with your mobile number, full name and DOB for ID and we'll have a look? Thanks! 

by Frequent Visitor Carolyn77
‎2016-10-06 02:09 AM

Ordered iPhone 7 plus on the 29-09-2016 was told id receive it 3-5 working days its now 07-10-2016 and still no phone . tracking still says waiting on item to arrive at warehouse .....

Where's my order....


by Valued Contributor
‎2016-10-06 02:20 AM

Hi @Carolyn77, Can you Private message through the order number you have, Full name, mobile# and DOB please. I'll check into it for you. Alternatively, give Sales Support a call on 1300300562 with that information. 

by Frequent Visitor Carolyn77
‎2016-10-06 02:55 AM

Hi Scott pm sent


by Frequent Visitor MzzCathy
‎2016-11-20 12:38 PM

Hi wanting to know when I will be receiving my delivery status and also tracking number purchased a phone on Friday at 1.34pm online and still haven't had an email 



by RetiredModerator Mike-N
‎2016-11-20 01:08 PM

Hey @MzzCathy Smiley Happy Could you please send us a private message with your phone number, full name and date of birth? Once we have your info, we'll take a look at what's going on with your order!