HTC U11 Review

by Content Editor LucyS ‎2017-06-14 09:04 AM
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14th Jun 2017, 9:04am

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With its pearlescent finish, top-notch camera specs and powerful Snapdragon 835 processor, we were prepared to be wowed by the HTC U11 and it did not disappoint. Read our full review of HTC’s flagship handset below.




First-up, the HTC U11 is gorgeous; the back has a super shiny all-glass coating and the blue colourway we’re reviewing is wonderfully metallic and mirror-like. When you rest the HTC U11 on the table, you’ll want to put it face down because it’s just so eye-catching. This can present a problem however; because the rear casing is all glass, it is a real fingerprint magnet and I’m not sure what would happen if you dropped the phone on its back. Of course, HTC have thought about this and actually provide a skinny clear case with the phone so you don’t have to hide one of the phone’s greatest attributes.


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Size-wise, the 5.5” display on the HTC U11 is more than generous and the LCD screen means the phone produces colours that are bright and bold. It’s not quite AMOLED-standard in my opinion but it’s the next best thing.




Camera-wise the U11 is impressive, especially in low-light. I captured these images of Vivid Sydney last week and was impressed by the quality.


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During the day, you can expect to produce extremely detailed shots that are true-to-life. Have a look at some of mine here:


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Selfie-lovers will enjoy the HTC U11’s 16MP front camera, which when combined with HTC’s ‘make-up’ mode, takes some pretty special self-portraits.


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Edge Sense


A key selling point of the HTC U11 is Edge Sense. Edge Sense lets you squeeze the sides of the phone to launch an app of your choosing. You have the option to customise which app opens upon a short or long squeeze depending on your preferences. Whilst Edge Sense may appear to be slightly gimmicky, I actually found it useful. I used a short squeeze to open the camera and shoot photos easily whilst out exploring Sydney’s Vivid festival when it was cold and I was wearing gloves – plus it’s perfect for selfie shots because there’s no awkward hand position like there would be when you have to press the screen.


Other features


The HTC U11 comes with a great pair of headphones included, however they’re connected via USB port, rather than a standard headphone jack so they only work with HTC’s U line of phones. It’s not the end of the world but just something to be aware of – plus it’s totally worth mentioning that HTC do provide a USB-C to 3.5mm jack adaptor in the U11’s box if you ever need to use a standard set of headphones. Battery wise, the U11 is good enough and it supports Qualcomm’s Quick Charge which means it’ll juice up fairly quickly should you need to recharge.




  • Camera performance in low-lighting
  • Edge Sense

Not-so-sure about:


  • I love the all-glass back but it is a real fingerprint magnet – suggest using the clear case provided by HTC to avoid this!
  • USB port for headphones



Great flagship phone with fantastic camera specs, eye-catching design and fun Edge Sense feature. If you like something a little different when it comes to Android devices, this could the one for you.


Disclaimer: The views expressed in the above review are my own and do not represent those of Optus or its staff.


*HTC U11 has an IP67 rating and is dust, splash and water resistant up to 1 metre of freshwater for up to 30 minutes and tested under controlled laboratory conditions. Normal wear and tear may decrease splash and water resistance over time. Do not attempt to charge or otherwise use the USB Type-C port on a wet HTC U11. For drying instruction and tips on maintaining water resistance, consult the user guide, support site, or the Help app on the device. Liquid damage may not be covered under warranty