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HTC 10 Review

Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor
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G’day all and welcome to my non-technical review of the all new HTC 10. For those after the full technical specifications you can find them here.



Out of the box the new HTC 10 looks fantastic. Now I am not one for aesthetics but the sculptured metal back really does look brilliant. With slightly chamfered curves on the back, the phone not only looks terrific it also feels comfortable in the hand. Looking from the front of the phone the volume and power switches are on the right hand side. The top of the phone has the typical microphone headset jack and the bottom of the phone has the charging port. The phone has 2 ejectable trays located at the top left and right side of the phone. The right side tray holds the micro sim and the left hand side holds a micro SD memory card.





After charging up the phone in around an hour it was time to fire it up. I was presented with the typical Android screen that asks for the time, data and location. I was also asked numerous times to setup my Google account however I skipped on this option. Evident to me immediately was the big home screen button didn’t seem to be a mechanical one. Tapping the button lightly kicks in the function without any need to apply pressure. Having an old iPhone 4 and Galaxy S3 with a dicky home screen button I was thinking this could only be a good design decision as those mechanical home screen buttons tend to wear out over time.



Onto the Android play store it was time to set up my bookmarks, contacts and apps. The phone comes with a Bluetooth transfer program however those who have a Google account will know it’s simply a matter of signing in to transfer or sync content from a previous device. The Bluetooth transfer program gives you additional options to transfer content such as text messages and photographs.



After setting up my apps and home screen it was time to fire up the camera. There is something special about taking those first couple of shots and the HTC 10 did not disappoint. It was an extremely overcast day when I started taking pictures and even with the low light level every picture came out clear and detailed. The front camera would have to be the the king of the selfies as the picture quality was just as good as the rear camera on some of my other phones. Firing up the video camera for short 30 second video returned simular excellent results. The video was clear and detailed but I was unable to play the video back on my antiquated laptop.


Other features

Sitting outside at my local café with heavy traffic going by it became evident to me that the volume on the speaker phone was outstanding.  For the first time I could actually hear all of the conversation in a noisy environment without having to plug in a headset.


Android Marshmallow

The new version of Android compliments this phone perfectly with further improvements to already excellent features. After several weeks of trying to trip the phone up I am yet to find any bugs or glitches.


Note: One of the internal packaging boxes had what I thought was a fancy metallic HTC badge. It was only after wasting half an hour searching through my car did I discover that the metallic badge happens to be the sim eject tool.


I think I had a blonde moment with the sim eject tool....




To sum up…


The Good

  • The phone looks and feels fantastic.
  • The phone is lightning fast at every task.
  • The phone charges quick.
  • The new Android version works flawlessly and is probably the best version yet!
  • The front and rear camera are brilliant.
  • Speaker phone volume and quality is outstanding.
  • Expandable micro sd storage will always be an iPhone killer.


The Bad

  • The back of the phone scratches easy.
  • The amount of Google bloatware that comes with these phones is getting out of hand.


The Ugly

Amazingly, nothing to report.


The HTC 10 really is a winner in every area. It looks good, feels good and works brilliantly. The speaker phone is by far the best I have used and the latest version of Android complements this phone perfectly.


Disclaimer: The views expressed in the above review are my own and do not represent those of Optus or its staff.

RetiredModerator LucyS

Thanks for the great review @Yeldarb! Off the back of your comments about the amazing camera, I just tried taking a photo with @Kazwalla's HTC 10 and it is so good. The front cam is a selfie-takers dream.Heart

Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

Detail is scary when doing portrait style pics. You can even see my casual one handed photo action in the reflection of her eyes.



Contributor danz207

The bloatware on this phone is relatively low compared to other flagships (ahem, Samsung).

RetiredModerator LucyS

WOW @Yeldarb! I'm so tempted to get one. My only gripe was that I don't think you can send photos via message/email straight from the camera roll. Instead you have to open messages/email and add the photos once you're there - is there a way around this that I'm missing?

Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

Open the camera roll and then open the image you wish to send. Click the icon at the bottom then select your how you wish to send it.



Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

Hey To make matters worse many of these updates are foreign language packs. I should say a lot of this are coming from HTC as well as Google.



Occasional Visitor LindaC1978
Occasional Visitor

I am trying to decided between upgrading my current HTC one to the new HTC or Samsung Galaxy 7... Which would you recommend.  I have been told they are pretty much the same Smiley Happy

Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

They are both excellent phones however the sound quality on the HTC10 speaker phone has won me over. Smiley Happy


Ya got to love phones with expandable memory and for a measly $29 I have just updated my HTC10 from 32GB to nearly 100GB.





RetiredModerator LucyS

@Yeldarb have you taken any photos in low light yet? 

Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

Nope Smiley Very Happy



Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

Hmm the HTC10 has panorama.



Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

I must say that both of the sunset shots were taken way past sunset. In other words it was almost pitch black so the camera did well to capture anything. The 2 shots I posted on HTC10 intro page were well past overcast and were outstanding given the lack of light.







Forums Community Manager

Those photo's are crazy good! What are you doing to me @Yeldarb! Making my next phone decision way to hard

Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

Well the HTC10 certainly is a complete package. It has style and speed coupled with an excellent camera and very good sound. The screen appears to have the perfect balance of size, brilliance and depth and unlike all of my other Android devices, the auto brightness control actually works well. Smiley Happy



RetiredModerator LucyS

Hey @Yeldarb, just wondering how you're finding the HTC10 after a few months of use? I'm coming to the end of my contract and am looking into getting it but I'm so torn between HTC10, Samsung S7 and iPhone 7 :/

Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

Hmm give me the power of the HTC and the build quality of the iPhone and everything would be sweet. Maybe rip the camera out of the Lumia 950 XL and you would be the envy of the neighbourhood. Smiley LOL