Greystanes Network Outage

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24th Oct 2017, 9:47am

Updated 30 October 2017:


Please be advised that our contractors have restored services in the Greystanes area. Optus will monitor all services over the coming days to ensure there is no lasting issues associated with this outage.


All eligible services will be reviewed for the Customer Service Guarantee. Notifications will be sent out as soon as assessments are complete.  


Optus thanks you for your patience during the restoration of services.


Tuesday 24 October 2017:


We are aware of an Optus network outage in the suburb of Greystanes NSW. The outage was caused by damage to overhead cables and the power poles that the cables hang from. For health and safety reasons, we had to remove the damaged Optus cables as they were hanging below the legal and acceptable height that is safe in a public space.


To resume the connection in Greystanes, the power poles must now be replaced by Field Services NSW and Endeavour Energy. Once they are replaced, we can reinstall the Optus cables and get the connection back.


On 24 October, we received an update from Endeavour Energy informing us that work to replace the damaged power poles has been scheduled to commence on 30 October. We have arranged for our contractor to attend on the same day to reconnect the Optus services. We are aiming to restore services by the end of the day on 30 October.


Endeavour Energy have advised that further work will be required at a later date to install extra power poles in the street. Optus will update customers if this will cause any disruption to services.


We’re really sorry for the inconvenience the outage has caused and will work as quickly as possible to get things up and running again.


In the meantime, here are some ways you can stay connected during the outage:


  • Mobile Wi-Fi device

    This is a device that comes pre-loaded with data for you to use at home. You can request a Mobile Wi-Fi device from our Customer Service team.

  • Use a Mobile Hotspot

    Tethering to a mobile hotspot allows you to use your mobile data to access the internet and apps at home if your fixed service is unavailable. You can find out more about mobile hotspots here.

Please note: we will also be crediting affected customers for loss of service during the outage as per our Customer Service Guarantee (CSG). The amount will be calculated once the issue is resolved. 


To contact us, please head here.

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