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Getting started with Fetch from Optus – What you need to know

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How to get set up with Fetch

Whether you’ve just received your new Fetch box, or you’re a Fetch veteran, chances are you have some questions. From managing your  Fetch account online to troubleshooting, here’s what you need to know.

The first step to setting up your Fetch STB is connecting to the internet. Here are the ways you can connect your STB to the internet. 

Modem to Fetch box via Wi-Fi

Both the Fetch Mighty and Mini are Wi-Fi enabled. Fetch is also compatible with AC Wi-Fi for even faster connectivity.

When to use this option?

Your Wi-Fi modem isn’t close to your Fetch box and you have reliable Wi-Fi connectivity in the room where you’ve set up your Fetch box.

Set up 

  1.   Choose ‘WiFi Connection’ and follow the prompts.
  2.   Select your home network from the list of networks that are in range and confirm the         security settings.
  3.   A prompt on screen will let you know once you’re connected.

Modem to Fetch box via Ethernet Cable

Running an ethernet cable from your modem to your Fetch box is the most reliable connection method. 

When to use this option? 

Use this option if your modem is set up close to your TV. Remember, you’ll need a minimum broadband connection speed of 3-4Mbps (SD stream). If your Wi-Fi speeds aren’t quite up to par, you should notice a difference over Ethernet


Set up 




Modem to Fetch box with Power Line Adapter 

To put it simply, Power Line Adapters convert your existing electrical outlets into ethernet. Power Line Adapters do away with the need for messy cabling and offer a considerably more stable connection than Wi-Fi.

When to use this option?

Power Line Adapters are super handy if your modem isn’t set up close to your TV. If you’re after an experience closer to that of a hardwired Ethernet connection, Power Line Adapters are your best bet.

You can purchase a single or twin pair of powerline adaptors online via your My Account. Download speeds and WiFi performance in your home can be affected by your equipment and local area network performance, settings, hardware, software, internet activity, the location of the content you’re accessing and network capacity.

A WiFi connection may not be as fast or reliable as a wired device, and in some instances PLA devices may be required instead of WiFi to effectively deliver the service.

You can purchase a single or twin pair of powerline adaptors online via your My Account. Powerline adapters are not included in the Fetch Mighty or Mini packaging we send you.

Set up


connecting to Fetch with PLA.JPG

Finding your Fetch activation code online

Are you being prompted for an activation code? Find your Fetch activation code online by logging into your My Account.

Note -  for customers with account numbers that begin with the number 6, please contact our team on Live Chat.


Fetch Activation code image - set up fetch.JPG


  1. Scroll down until you reach the service that your existing Fetch box is attached to (mobile number or Fixed broadband username).
  2. You’ll be presented with a menu on the right side of your My Account Dashboard, click the Fetch icon.
  3. Your activation code will be shown on this screen. It’s a combination of numbers and letters.
  4. If you have more than 1 Fetch box on the same account, you can use any of the activation codes listed on any of your boxes. However, if you are using the activation code to pair the Fetch Mobi app to your Fetch box, you will need to use the specific activation code for the box that you want to pair your mobile with.

Picked up your Fetch box from an Optus store? 

Before you get started with setting up your new Fetch box, you’ll first need to register it via your My Account.

  1. Scroll down until you reach the service that your existing Fetch box is attached to (mobile number or Fixed broadband username)
  2. You’ll be presented with a menu on the right side of your My Account Dashboard, click the Fetch icon.
  3. Register your Fetch box
  4. Enter the serial number. You can find the serial number on the bottom of your Fetch box
  5. Click submit
  6. You’ll receive your activation code by SMS once your Fetch box has been registered.

Adding or removing channel packs

Subscribe to a premium channel pack(s) via the Fetch subscriptions menu.

  1.  Press on the Paw button in the centre of your Fetch remote
  2. Press the right arrow until you reach the, “Manage” option
  3. Select “Subscriptions” from the drop-down menu
  4. Select the channel pack or packs you wish to subscribe to

Note : If you have an Optus broadband plan that came with one Fetch premium Channel Pack included and you didn’t select it at point of sale but you’re receiving a subscribe prompt.

Subscribe to one of the following channel packs: Vibe, Variety, Knowledge or Kids by following the instructions above as the cost of 1 of these Channel Packs is built into your broadband bundle that includes Fetch.

Adding an additional Fetch box – Fetch Multiroom

Multiroom is a nifty feature that allows you to connect up to three Fetch boxes on one account in your home. That means you can share channel pack subscriptions, movie/TV show purchases and recordings across all your Fetch boxes (Gen 2, Mini and Mighty).

Adding an additional Fetch Box to your account is simple 


Adding an additional Fetch service.png


  1. Login to your Optus My Account 
  2. From the main dashboard, scroll down until you reach the service you've linked your Fetch set top box to, (that's your mobile or broadband username
  3. You’ll be presented with a menu on the right side of your My Account Dashboard, click the Fetch icon.
  4. Scroll down to,"want another Fetch service?" 
  5. Select the type of Fetch set-top box and quanity 
  6. Enter your preferred delivery address (if it's a business address, please include the name of the business)
  7. Click, "Add set-top box."
  8. You'll receive an SMS once your new set-top box is out for delivery 

Out with the old in with the new - upgrading your Fetch box

You can upgrade your Fetch Mini or Gen 2 to a Fetch Mighty at any time. To organise an upgrade, reach out to us on Live Chat and we’ll pop through your order. There are a couple of things you’ll need to remember:

I already have a Fetch Mini or Gen 2 set top box, can I upgrade?

For customers with an existing Fetch device, if you re-contract to the Optus Ultra Entertainment or Optus Reach Entertainment you can upgrade to a Mighty – a $99.00 charge will apply. We’ll also allow you to upgrade without recontracting by paying a $99.00 fee.

You’ll need to return your current Fetch box to us, we’ll send out a pre-paid return kit along with your new Fetch box.  Not returning your old Fetch box to us may result in a non-return fee.

Any recordings saved to your existing Fetch box will not be available on your upgraded Fetch box.  You’ll still be able to access all the content you’ve purchased from the Fetch Movie and TV Stores.


If I sign up to a plan that includes a Fetch Mini, can I upgrade to Mighty?

 If you sign up to the Optus Ultra Entertainment plan (available on Optus DSL Direct, Cable & NBN), or Optus Reach Ultra Entertainment plan (available on Optus DSL) , That’ll come to a total monthly cost of $95.00, or $85.00 when bundled with an eligible mobile plan).

I need a to replace my lost or faulty Fetch remote control

Lost or need to replace a faulty Fetch Remote control? No sweat, message an expert and we’ll arrange for a new remotes control to be sent out to your preferred address. A new remote can be purchased for $14.95 + a $15.50 delivery fee. Upfront payment isn’t necessary as we’ll simply add the charge to your next bill.

I need to cancel or return my Fetch set top box

If for whatever reason you need to cancel or return your Fetch set top box, contact us over Live Chat. It’s important to remember that if you decide to leave Optus or cancel your plan, you will need to return your Fetch set top box.

To make things easier, we’ll send out a prepaid return satchel. We’ll also send your instructions, so you know how to return your Fetch set top box. If we don’t receive your Fetch STB within 30 days of having cancelled your service; a non-return fee may apply.




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