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Get IF’d: How to make your smart phone… Smarter

RetiredModerator Van10
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IFscreenshot.jpgThere’s no doubt that smart phones have made our lives a lot easier – from taking and sharing photos on social media to paying for a coffee with your Cash By Optus service. But most things require our input and attention. This can leave us glued to our phone screens most of the day.


With the introduction of voice search services like Siri and “Ok Google” things have changed a bit - it’s easier to check the weather forecast or set a reminder to back up your photos that night. But it’s still just a new way of giving your phone your attention.


In comes IFTTT (IF for short), an App and web-based service that allows you to automate a variety of mundane processes and tasks to make your smart phone more personalised to your needs. IFTTT stands for If This Then That, and in short it lets you create ‘recipes' or triggers for automated smart phone tasks.


For example; whenever I’m within 100metres of my apartment or the office my mobile Wi-Fi receiver automatically turns on, but when I’m outside of those 2 locations, it remains off. This allows me to conserve battery and avoid the annoying “Wi-Fi networks available” notifications.


Other useful recipes include; Get a notification in the morning if it’s going to rain today, automatically save any Facebook photos that you’re tagged in to your Dropbox, or set your phone wallpaper to the latest photo from your favourite Instagram account.


Similar apps have been around for a number of years but IF makes things both simple and shareable.


The best thing about IF is that, given the infinite number of possible recipe combinations, there’s always a cool new way of automating your life. Users can submit their recipes so there’s a stream of creative ways that you can explore and add.


With more than 200 different options of Triggers & Actions, you’re bound to find a few ways to make things easier for you. Download the App here for Android and iOS.


Why is Optus blogging about IFTTT? Apps like IFTTT are powered by our mobile network. And we’re keen to see what awesome things you can do with your mobile data.

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I was skeptical at first but this app has come in real handy. Just one example where i've seen people asking occasionally about a service wherein they don't want people to be able to leave a voicemessage. Instead they just want a message to let them know they should try calling again or send a text. Enter IFTTT. Now IF my phone rings for 29 seconds (30 seconds is the mark it diverts to voicemail) THEN the call terminates and my phone automatically sends them a text to let them know I'd prefer a text rather than a voice message. It's simple yet effective.


@SamSam @Yeldarb @caaf @Bubba @MiCCAS @tyson5ek @jabbajaws77 @Andy Definitely recommend giving this a go. If you do, please share your favourite "recipe" with us!

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IF by IFTTT for Apple

RetiredModerator Van10

Thanks @caaf, I edited both links into the post 🙂

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Good spotting caaf. We'll done on the blog Van, keep it coming!

Crowd Champion caaf
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No worries.. Agreed on the blog.. Top right up!

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Hey Peeps


I use the app IF however find it a little hit and miss sometimes.


Personally the only recipes I have it set for are:


1. Notify via SMS if rain tomorrow - As I ride a Motorbike everyday its good to know early if I need to take the car instead


2. Silence phone at 9pm - As I have a 21 month old daughter her bed time is about 10 so I make sure the phone is silent so that she doesn't get woken


Other people I know use Tasker which is a paid version and much more stable.

RetiredModerator Esther

Very interesting Jabba 🙂 Thanks for sharing with us!