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Five reasons SMBs choose Optus

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Creating and managing a small business isn’t easy. Throughout my career I’ve had some challenging experiences myself but for a small and medium business owner there are always problems to solve and fires to put out.


When you’re stretched for time and trying to attract new customers whilst maintaining a healthy cash flow and managing your team, the last thing you need to worry about is your telco provider. So that’s where we come in.


In 2015 and 2016, we won the Canstar Blue ‘Most Satisfied Customers’ award for providing mobile phone services to small and medium businesses. Against fierce competition, we were awarded the maximum five stars for overall customer satisfaction, based on Canstar’s survey responses of more than 600 small business owners and key decision makers across Australia. Why did we win? I believe there are five key reasons:


1. We listen


We are deliberately different to our competitors because we always start by listening to our customers. Whenever we come up with a new proposition, we’ll invite SMB owners to the Optus campus and ask them questions so we can get feedback on our ideas and adapt our proposition accordingly.


2. We offer incredible value


Whether you’re a tradie, an architect or an advertising agency, we have specially developed a mobile or broadband business plan that will suit your needs and budget. Our latest My Business plans let you upgrade* to a new phone after 12 months and our SMB customers can save up to 20% on plans fees by adding selected eligible new plans to their business bill.


3. We understand your problems and we solve them fast


Our dedicated SMB support team is based in Australia so if you ever have a problem, it’ll be dealt with quickly and efficiently by people who specialise in SMB care. Half of all Optus stores specialise in small business and we always talk to our customers like human beings rather than using complicated technical jargon that can be confusing.


4. We offer bespoke help and support


We recently launched our Business Care Hub so business customers could have a dedicated space where they can find help and support and network with other SMB owners. In the hub, you’ll find a complete suite of information, advice and help and support for Optus Business services as well as a dedicated forum where you can ask and answer questions, 24/7 Live Chat support and exclusive business blog content. We also offer premium support for eligible customers plus access to our team of business specialists who can offer tips, expert advice and information on our products and services and what they can do for your business.


5. We have the most dedicated team you’ll ever come across (if you ask me)

Last year we held an awards ceremony to celebrate small and medium businesses across Australia. I was one of the judges awarding the grand prize to the company crowned Small Business of the Year 2016. It was my job to introduce the winner, present them with the award and give a small spiel on Optus before they got on stage. In the audience were 15 members of the Optus SMB team and after my speech I called them all up on stage – cue lots of red faces! I did that, not to embarrass them but because I wanted people to see the team behind SMB at Optus. I wanted people to know that in my experience, you will not find a more dedicated team than the people standing beside me on that stage. I have genuinely never worked with a group of people so focussed on SMB and getting it right for customers than at Optus and I wanted the SMB owners in the audience to know that.


At the end of the awards ceremony the person who won came up to me and said, “I really liked that you called your team up on stage, I wish I’d done the same but I was too excited. Either way, it shows me that there must be a great culture at Optus”. And they were right, there is a great culture here, which is why we’re already gunning for our third Canstar Blue award and more in 2017.


If you have any questions I’d love to hear them. Just leave a comment below.


Ts & Cs


*New Phone Trade Up


After 12 months you can pay a one-off fee of $99, return your current device in good working order to Optus and buy a new device on a new 24-month plan. Alternatively if you wish to keep your original device simply pay out the full remaining cost of your device including any amount that Optus was going to cover, then upgrade to a new device on a new 24-month plan. For more info visit


** Optus Business Builder


Available to new and existing customers who sign up to, or recontract, two or more new selected Business Plans from 5 September 2016. Eligible services must be added under one account. Discount will appear from the second bill after activation of each eligible service. Discount is dependent on the eligible number of services. Discount will be forfeited or reduced if services are cancelled or removed from account. Not available in conjunction with any other offer unless specified.

New Member zpm
New Member

 Really? I have had nothing but poor customer service from Optus this month. From rude staff to double standards and inconsistency; from contact numbers not working to an online chat system that has never resulted in anyone chatting to me, and promises of contact timeframes that never result, it feels like you actually want to frustrate us. 

3. We understand your problems and we solve them fast - Who are you talking to? Apparently not us in the real world.

5. We have the most dedicated team you’ll ever come across (if you ask me) - Well, you must be the wrong person to ask. I've experienced better customer service from 15 year olds at MacDonalds. 


You might have a 'great culture' at Optus, but it is not translating to the real world, or of any use to us if you cant provide basic service and keep to the terms that YOU set. Very disappointing.

New Contributor PegF
New Contributor


COMPLAINING TO OP FOR BEING OVERCHARGED FOR LAST 3 -4 months $95 per month since upgrade on the 12mth up grade.. Mobile no : xxxxxxxx. ( son using this phn please do not call this number )!!!⚠⚠⚠
Smiley Tonguelease contact me via PHN NO ..xxxxxxxxx



Please .. Please ...please...🙏🙏🙏 HELP ME ...


COMPLAINT RE:: BEING OVER CHARGED $95 per month for last 3 months since upgrade to iphone X !!
Mobile no : 0xxxxxx. ( son using this phn please do not call this number )!!!⚠⚠⚠
Smiley Tonguelease contact me via PHN NO ..0xxxxxxxx
I upgraded from Samsung S7 and since upgrade i have been paying for 2 phones on the same service !!
This is Just. Outrageous!!!
I did the upgrade on the 12 month upgrade at no time was i told i would be paying for 2 phones on the one service !!!
Can you please email me at
Thank you
I wait in anticipation to get thus resolved ASAP

Moderator Shauna

Hi @PegF - we've responded to your other thread and your post on Facebook. 

Visitor Pinkie7

Hello Mr Ball

You need to know the service provided by your team is disgraceful and I am a writer, but words fail me; simply put 'there is no service'.  I am a small business owner and for the first time in my life I said yes to Optus; the biggest mistake I have ever made.  They switched off my existing internet and didn't send a modem and I was 4 days without anything.  Beyond frustration and multiple attempts to speak with someone who could do something and all efforts delivered no resolution to anything.  No one called back and I ended having to go and pick up the modem so I could have a service!  I was told so many someone would call back and no one has ever called back.  I chose the $60 plan unlimited data the link sent to my phone went nowhere and was told I would receive the details by email, but it didn't come for days so I had no idea of exactly what I was agreeing to, just going on what I was told and it seemed to be what I was reading on the website.  My Account wouldn't set up and it took 2 hours to work through the Optus problems so I could actually eventually see what I was being charged for.  Optus charged me for days when I had nothing.  It has cost me an enormous amount of lost time that I should have been spending on running my business and also lost revenue because I had no internet and today, every business must be online!!!!!!! 

I want to know; what Optus are going to do about this terrible 'no service'?

I am supposed to be receiving a call from someone in 2 to 10 days.  I doubt I will hear a thing as I have never had a call from Optus.  The only thing that will make me happy now would be to move back to Telstra with no costs incurred to Optus.  

Do you have the 'balls' to reply to me Mathew Ball?

Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

@Pinkie7, it doesn't sound like we're off to a great start.


From the contact time-frame you've quoted us, it sounds as though we've referred you across to our customer relations group?


As far as the connection itself is concerned, how are we looking? I presume that you're now up and running?


As it stands now, you're waiting on a representative to address your concern in relation to the trouble you've had throughout the activation process and the charges you've received despite not having access to the service you've signed up for?


I'm sorry for all of the questions but I just want to make sure that we're completely across this one.


You're welcome to send myself or one of our other moderators a private message.


We can discuss the matter in a little more detail.

Visitor Pinkie7

Hi Dan

It has taken a long time to actually be able to get this drop down to comment, for some reason.  I think the service has been dropping in and out.  Yes I would welcome a further discussion with you for the purpose of getting a resolution to the problems.

To answer your questions - I have been transferred to so many people over the past week I can't tell you actually what teams I have spoken to.  I think it is everyone in the world as I have been around the world with Optus!

How are you looking?  A little slow unfortunately.

Up and running?  Yes we are up because we always look on the bright side and Optus is providing internet but no service ie I now call you the 'no service' provider.

I am waiting for a person in some sort of position of power or control to be able to make a decision about what Optus are going to do about my level of dissatisfaction and the fact I have been grossly disadvantaged by the mismanagement of my business with Optus.  This was yesterday, but of course I haven't heard and not really thinking I will because no one has ever contacted me.  

Happy to speak privately with you or publicly, I will attempt yet again to find the message tab at the top of your profile page, as it wasn't there earlier.  

I do thank you for commenting and I am hoping this wasn't just a response that actually takes me nowhere, but looks good or looks like you are trying to assist but privately it goes absolutely nowhere.  This has happened with Optus, I have been told so many times someone will come back to me and I have sent emails and no one has ever come back to me.  How's that for service or 'no service'.

Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

I've just replied to your private message @Pinkie7.

We'll chat there Smiley Happy

About the Author
Hi I’m Matt, Head of SMB at Optus. I joined the team here last year to drive the establishment of SMB specific products and services while building sustainable profit and growth. I have experience in the telecommunications sector having joined Optus from Blackberry Australia and New Zealand where I was the CEO.