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Fetch Software Release v2.21

Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager
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Fetch Software Release v2.21:  Share your FTA signal with Multiroom, plus Bluetooth Private Listening


From Monday 19 November 2018 Fetch began rolling out new software across Fetch boxes from Optus. Check out the new features this software release will bring below.


If you don’t see these updates, simply restart your box.


What features will the new software bring?


1. Share DVB-T (Free-to-Air) to Multiroom Mini boxes

Customers with a Mini box on a Multiroom set up will now be able to watch Free-to-Air TV in any room. Simply connect an antenna to your Fetch Mighty or Gen 2 box to watch Free-to-Air on your connected Mini boxes. Keep your main box and Wi-Fi switched on, and Fetch will do the rest.


Note: this feature is only currently supported on a Mighty to Mini or Gen 2 to Mini Multiroom set up. It is not currently possible to share out from a Mighty to a Gen 2 or from a Mighty to a Mighty.


2. Bluetooth Private Listening and Streaming

If you have a Mighty or Mini box you will now be able to pair your devices, such as headphones, speakers, and mobile phones with your Fetch box via Bluetooth.


Private listening via headphones will allow you to watch TV at any volume without impacting the rest of your household (handy for those late night EPL matches). This feature will also assist the hearing impaired by allowing sound to be delivered via both the Fetch box and the paired headphones at the same time, so different people can listen and watch together at different volumes.


This update will also allow you to transfer audio from your Fetch box to your external speakers without the need for wires. You’ll also be able to play music from your mobile phone via your TV speakers through Fetch.


To pair a device: go to Menu > Manage > Settings > Audio & Visual > Bluetooth and select the device to be paired.


If you have any questions about the software release, let us know in the comments below 😊

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Crowd Champion
Crowd Champion

 Pleased with the bluetooth update, a really great feature.



New Contributor
New Contributor

This software update has RUINED the ability to stream media over the network from another device! I know you have a fix in place early 2019 for this issue but something needs to be done about it now. I know the work around is to play the media from a USB or external HDD however the Fetch box has average media compatability than streaming via Plex server etc. Please roll back the software or release a fix now, not in 2019.

Occasional Contributor
Occasional Contributor
I have spent 2 days trying to figure out the issue with playing content from my media server. After plenty of googling finally came across the quick start guide for the media hub which has been updated to reflect the fact that the latest software update has broken streaming content. I cannot believe that this has been allowed to happen. Its a core functionality of the box. Who tested this update? if at all... very poor. There should be a software patch for this ASAFP.
Occasional Contributor
Occasional Contributor

I wonder if Optus will respond to these comments and advise everyone when the fix has ben made? Surely they realise that theirfuture depends on happy customers and they have made a great number unhappy with this stuffup?

Occasional Contributor
Occasional Contributor

Have taken away ability to fast forward on the mighty box if a programme recorded in another room - tech support useless (as usual) just saying use skip button instead - I don't WANT to skip FIVE MINUTES, I want to run throgh the ads quickly.

Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

I am really not sure how these people can stomach to call themselves "Thought Leader", when they so obviously lacked the "Thought" to delay this software update until it was properly tested. Maybe it's a result of that collective single-brain that Optus "Thought Leaders" so obviously use all the time.

They also cannot seem to respond to these comments - Maybe they have hearing problems?