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Fetch Channel Changes

Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager
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Disney XD, 111 Funny & TV H!TS are ceasing transmission on Fetch

111 Funny and TV H!TS


From Monday 31 December 2018, channels 111 Funny and TV H!TS will be removed from the Variety, Ultimate & Entertainment Packs as they are ceasing transmission on Fetch. Fetch were unable to renew their supply agreements with Foxtel who owns TVH!Ts and 111 Funny, so unfortunately Fetch didn't have an option to keep the channels.


Many of the shows from 111 Funny and TVH!TS are also available on Free-to-Air TV and in the Netflix and Stan Apps on Fetch (subscriptions to these apps are required). If you have a Fetch box that records, you can set Series Tags for the shows on the FTA channels.

Watch this video to find out more.


In other news, we are very pleased to announce that from 1 January 2019, Oxygen, the fastest growing entertainment channel in the US will launch on Fetch as a ‘virtual channel’. Click here to find out more about this new channel.


Disney XD


On Sunday 6 January 2019 Disney XD will be removed from the Kids, Ultimate & Entertainment  Packs on Fetch. The channel is ceasing operation in Australia so Fetch had no option to keep offering it.


Some of the most popular shows on this channel (like Gravity Falls, Spider-Man, Pokemon: Sun & Moon, and DuckTales) will be available for your children to enjoy on Disney Channel CH144.


111 Funny, TV H!TS & Disney XD will disappear from the TV guide on the above dates and any recordings from these channels will no longer be viewable.


Please be aware that none of these changes will affect your billing.


If you have any questions, check out the FAQs below or leave us a comment 😊



Will my Optus bundle with Fetch still cost the same amount each month?

Yes, your service will still cost the same amount. There are no changes to the ongoing cost of your existing channel packs or Optus bundle that includes Fetch.


Will I still be able to watch these channels until they are removed?

Yes, TV H!TS and 111 Funny will still be available to watch until 31 December 2018.

Yes, Disney XD will still be available to watch until 6 January 2019.


If I’ve recorded content from these channels will I still be able to view it after the channels are removed?

Unfortunately, any recordings you may have will no longer be viewable after these dates as Fetch do not have the rights to allow viewing once the channels are removed from the service.


Will I be able to add these channels again once they are removed from the Fetch Channel Packs?

No, these channels are being permanently removed from Fetch.

Member wschuck61

The Variety Pack currently includes 10 channels and it will be losing 2, or 20%, in January 2018.

Our household's current Fetch use is 90% on TVHITS and 10%  on 4 of the other channels in the Variety Pack so we are personally losing 90% of our value. On top of this 90% loss we are also losing everything that we have recorded for our ongoing entertainment. I go to work so these recordings are my View-On-Demand option for TV shows.

Please note that our options for free-to-air are Channel 7 or Channel 7 or Channel 7 or Nothing.

Will any replacement channels be offered or alteration made to the package to compensate for the loss of 20% of the package?

New Contributor sagitox
New Contributor

So annoying that we lose our recordings. I'm up to Season 4 of The Nanny and have two more seasons to watch.

Visitor NickV

Wow! Does that mean the prices will drop as well?! 

Member Wattsy
HaHahahahahah price drop hahahahahahah
Visitor NickV

That was a sarcastic comment! It’s just unbelievable what they’re doing...furthermore, for them to say Netflix and Stan have the same shows, is beyond nasty!! It’s practically saying “f*** off, we are not paying Foxtel, we will continue ripping you morons off while removing channels and adding some other, irrelevant channels for the same price! 

Take it or leave it”

Frequent Visitor VictorJ
Frequent Visitor

Optus you are kidding me?? These two channels with Universal are the main reasons I have just sign up with Optus with Fetch TV 4 days ago. That is like signing  me up on false pretences!!! I still have Foxtel connected (was going to cancel Foxtel/Telstra when all set up and working with Optus) which I may actually keep and say Optus take stuff back, you are not seeing any monies from me!

Visitor NickV

The fact that they dare to mention that the shows are on Netflix Stan and FTA makes my skin crawl! Disgusting! 

New Member All-names-taken
New Member

Shame on you Optus.. I updated my bundle with Optus fetch on the condition that I didn’t loose any of the channels I currently have only 1 month ago.. as if you didn’t know that these channels would be finishing soon and yet still promised me I wouldn’t lose any.. you had better be coming up with some form of compensation (either reduced bill or addition of other channels that have the same content) for everyone who is paying for services you are about to take away..

Occasional Visitor jonschaper44
Occasional Visitor

Hi everyone. Here's what I did:

I went to live chat and was put in touch with an Optus representative. I noted that the loss of channels represented a 15% decrease to the service I was receiving as a subscriber to 20 stations. I asked them how much they were going to reduce fees in the future as a result, or what else they were going to do to address this.

The Optus representative I spoke to obsessively went on instead about how the more popular Disney XD stations would be moved to another Disney station.

I kept repeating my question and asking for an actual answer to my question, and eventually asked to speak to a manager.

As a result I have received a promise from Optus that they will not bill us for the subscription channels for 1 month.

It'll be interesting to see if they hold to this promise. In the meantime, I suggest everyone do the same, expect an actual answer, ask to speak to a manager, demand the same discount.

Occasional Visitor jonschaper44
Occasional Visitor

PS, the person I spoke to said they might eventually get other stations, but it was an extremely noncommittal statement and doesn't change the fact that this is damn poor form.

Frequent Visitor VictorJ
Frequent Visitor

Can Optus rep respond to this please. 

I signed up with Optus on 14 Dec, on Optus website the bundle $90 + $200 setup had 10 channels in Variety pack including 111 and TVHits. These are main channels along with Universal that we are watching (I’m coming off Telstra Foxtel, actually still not cancelled while confirming Optus is good). Optus rep has not mentioned that these two channels will removed from my subscription, no email or text from Optus, nothing. I’ve found out about it by accident while browsing   Yes Crowd. I’m thinking about canceling the whole thing with Optus if I’m treated like this. Please try and convince me to stay and pay Optus. 

Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Hey guys, completely get the concern.


We're subject to the agreements Fetch have in place with their providers. 


As far as price drop is concerned, I don't believe there are any plans for a reduction. Fetch are always reviewing their content offerings, I'm sure we'll see some new additions to their current line up in the new year. 


 I'll be sure to raise this a concern. 



Frequent Visitor VictorJ
Frequent Visitor

Dan, appreciate your quick answer. I understand Optus is being stuffed up by those channels providers, however- I want Optus answers to my particular case, where I Was signed up with Optus, no one else on 14 Dec under impression that all those channels are included. surely Optus knew on that date about this situation as couple of days later Optus removed these channels from their website , still no one has mentioned that to me. It is like signing me up on false pretences, it’s like selling product knowing you the  Optus can not supply it. That is totally wrong and surely against trade practices and surely Telecommunications Ombudsman and Consumer Affaires will have field day about this Optus practices. 

Yes, I want to be compensated to my satisfaction if I was to stay with Optus under this circumstances. 



New Contributor richardchan
New Contributor

Fetch just removed channels without warning, We watch TVH!ts every day now this has been taken away, Bones is one of our favourite shows, thanks for the anti Christmas present Fetch and also have the gall to contuniue charging the same amount for a reduced service

Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

@VictorJ, my team received the comms on the 30/11/2018.

I'm not sure of the exact date the communications were cascaded down to our sales channel.


If you'd like to chat with us privately, we can do that with you. 

You'll need to send us a private message. I need your full name, DOB and account number. 

Occasional Contributor Swaz
Occasional Contributor

I have the same problem as all the Yes crowd posters


Not told channels were going when i signed up i am now stuck with an inferior service that i cannot use for annother 18 months


I rang optus to see if they were offering a discount and basicly got told to F**K Off  like it or lump it we will do what we want and if you dont like it pay a cancellation fee so we can get more money out of you for nothing.


I am appalled at optuses customer service and at there signing practices and i will take it a step furher than all you good people and acyually report them to the telecommunications ombudsman



Occasional Contributor Cyphar
Occasional Contributor

So paying the same price for less? It's effectively a 20% price increase lol.