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Farewell to 2G

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Following our announcement more than a year ago, Optus has been busy planning and preparing for the closure of our 2G mobile network from 1 April 2017.


Although it’s an exciting time to push forward with our newer and faster 3G and 4G networks, it’s also an important time to reflect on what life with 2G has been like for over 20 years for Optus customers and Optus Wholesale.


In 1993 we launched Optus’ 2G mobile network, providing basic voice and text messaging services to Australian customers and wholesale partners and their customers. While lots have changed since then - moving from analogue to digital – we have worked tirelessly, and continue to do so, to put basic voice and text message services into the hands of as many Australians as possible.


So it begs the question, why after more than two decades of reliability are we closing down our 2G services? 


When comparing the life-cycle of modern technology, the longevity of 2G services has been incredible. But with the current pace of change – 3G first introduced in 2007, 4G in 2011 and 5G scheduled to come in around 2020 – there has been a steady decline in 2G traffic. Customers want new devices, more mobile data and faster speeds.


Despite there being a natural migration to newer services, we know there are still a few of our customers and wholesale partners’ customer base using 2G services with no concrete plan to move on. With this in mind, our focus now is on supporting those 2G customers and helping our wholesale partners prepare their own customers for this change, whilst ensuring they have sufficient time to upgrade their service.


It’s critical that our customers - both the general public and wholesale - understand the benefits of upgrading their service and utilising the Optus network. Optus has a proud history of delivering quality network services across Australia and in recent years we’ve made substantial investments in technologies such as 1x FDD + 2x TDD carrier aggregation, 4.5G and 1800 MHz spectrum bands to continue to provide the level of coverage customers demand and expect.


As we look towards next year’s 2G closure, the priority for us now is to prepare customers and our wholesale partners and their customers for this change and ensure they have sufficient time to upgrade to newer devices. For our wholesale partners, this means they’ll need to pre-emptively start providing new SIM cards to customers still using 2G SIMs and we need to continue to listen and help our partners and their customers make future-proof hardware purchases. Optus and Optus Wholesale will continue to have open lines of communication to reassure and support our customers and our wholesale partners and their customers during this transition.


But even if the next few months provide a level of uncertainty for 2G customers, it’s vital we remember and reiterate the exciting opportunities and capabilities 3G and 4G services present. In today’s digital world, both customers and enterprises view mobile as their primary device and want to be connected at any place, at any time. 3G and 4G enable voice and video calling, secure-file transmission, internet browsing, online high definition streaming, online gaming and much more.


Optus’ mission is to be at the forefront of mobile technology and mobile service provision, which is why both our customers and wholesale partners and their customers can have confidence we will continue to invest in building and scaling our network for the future so we can all grow together.


No matter what the future holds, we will see all our customers through the 2G transition and many more exciting changes to come. 


If you have any questions about what I've written here, I'd love to hear them - just leave your comment below.


For more information on Optus Wholesale's latest projects, head here.

Occasional Contributor
Occasional Contributor

They Don't say "YES" they REALLY SAY " SORRY I CANT HELP I WILL JUST PUT YOU ON TO THE NEXT OFF SHORE WORKER THAT WILL PASS YOU TO THE NEXT ONE AND THE NEXT FOR AN HOUR OR MORE THEN WE PROMISE SOMEONE FROM OPTUS WILL CALL YOU BACK SOON !!!!! My Optus experience changing from Telstra (and has cost $785 income lost by day one !!!!! Because I said "YES" !A OPTUS CON ARTIST called on the 17 and PROMISED a better sevice connection in three days if I signed a bundle iPhone 6s and internet $124 per month ($3000 of "Yes" over 2yrs ) well after TRUSTING HIM I and asking what about internet for three day pre paid Optus cards x2 $10 would be the thing to use !!! The convection after 11 days and $200 in prepaid and within my first 3 hours of use my 70mbs cable speed I ALSO WAS PROMISED BY OPUTS has gone down to 4mbs and I'm told by Optus technical because in my area there a so many Optus cable connections they haven't been able to service demand and during the day when I'm at work I can expect 70mbs however when I get home it's peak as weekends and I can only get the unusable 4mbs until they can fix the problem maybe in two months! While Optus still will want the contact amount of $80 for 4mbs !!!
Meanwhile the iPhone for my daughter after being PROMISED delivery in 3days after calling Optus EVERY DAY spending at least one hour each day ($65 for that hour that I can't charge my clients for !!! That's 9hrs total having to tell the whole story to and being told by each person ok I can't help you sir I will put you through to someone who can .??? Until I get to the last person telling me the same But PROMISING someone will call back they can't help !!! (Probably at this stage they are out of script )THAT CALL NEVER HAPPENS AND STILL NO IPHONE FOR MY DAUGHTER WHO is missing out on work and having to go out at night with NO PHONE which every call I have said her without a phone for a Father is sleepless nights well done Optus PLEASE FIND HER PHONE SHE HAS 70,000 Facebook followers which I have told her to do a shout out on OPTUS THERE CON ARTIST SALESMAN AND THERE UNBELIEVABLE CUSTOMER SERVICE that passes you around and promises call backs AND NEVER DELIVERS ONTOP OF THEIR 4mbs cable internet they have locked her into a 2yr contract along with a phone they haven't delivered and no one at OPTUS can find topped off with Dads cost of 9hrs @$65 per hour on top $200 odd in prepaid for saying "YES" if there is anyone at OPTUS in Australia 🇦🇺 that could And as and update NOW NO ONE AT OPTUS AFTER SPENDINGS ANOTHER 2.45 hous talkin to their person IN MANILA CAN TELL ME MY HOME PHONE NUMBER after calling me and saying the install guy gave me the wrong number and gave me another number and THATS NOT IT EITHER,!!!!!! 

Trusted Contributor
Trusted Contributor

Really sorry to hear that's been your experience Shea88 😞 I can see that Hannah has warned you about posting this multiple times yesterday across several threads. 


We are here to help and would be happy to look into this for you.


You're welcome to PM through your mobile number, full name and date of birth & we'll check out what's going on with the mobile order.


We can also discuss your internet account further too.





Occasional Visitor
Occasional Visitor

We have had a very similar situation with optus recently, our internet was so slow it was basically unusable for 3 months and it was impossible to deal with them, after over a month of redirected calls and many lost days of work waiting for technicians that done nothing we managed to cancel the service but overall we lost plenty of money and the service was horrible. Every day you would call and although apparently they are taking notes we had to start from scratch explaining and getting re directed and even hung up on. Also they never called back each time they said they would. Our new internet is great from a new company. We are still with optus for our phones, hopefully we dont have any trouble with them as its a tragedy dealing with these poeple.

"Really sorry to hear that's been your experience Shea88 Smiley Sad I can see that Hannah has warned you about posting this multiple times yesterday across several threads." Maybe just maybe, that is the only way to get any response out of Optus. It is far too late now to do anything about offshore call centres. But it would be a help if those call centre people could UNDERSTAND and CLEARLY SPEAK English. Not too much to ask for the money we pay, is it?

Hey @GeoffreyL, feel free to shoot me a PM if you need assistance. I'll do my best to help out.

Occasional Visitor
Occasional Visitor

the future is GSM its a basic voice and text service that has worked great in rural ares for 2 decades. but its all about money and power. they want to move people to smartphone full of spyware and identity theft. in any area in australia if you switch your phone back to gsm you will see your reception inprove by 2-3 bars unless these corpral bosses get of there bums and really start to look at how the technology works we will be stuck in a world with crappy coverage and phones full of spyware. maybe moving 4g down to the gsm bands will inprove coverage or even better move it down even lower.  stop using microwave freqncys and go back to vhf/uhf but its all about the radio specrum. our 3g and 4g network sucks its sad that many people get faster internet speeds on gprs than hspda wake up fix the issues dont bandaid it


That's really not the case vkcpolice and I'm sorry to hear you're not to fond of the evolution within the GSM technology. It's a fact customers want to be able to do more on their phones, use it in more places and be able to do this all in high quality. As a business we are required to continually invest and upgrade our own infrastructure to meet demand in service and quality. The beauty with 3G & 4G, is you're able to use your phone as you currently do without the internet (we can disable this) and be able to take advantage of having better signal strength. In cases where you have hardware that isn't compatible with the network improvements, let us know so we can help look into your options. I can appreciate everyone has certain expectations and requirements; however in cases were we can service more customers and improve our service offerings, these are avenue's we will take to better service all our customers. I'm not going to neglect what you've advised  though and I will be passing on your feedback.