Falls Festival Optus Perks Pre-Sale

by Online Community Manager
Posted by (Online Community Manager)
22nd Aug 2017, 9:47am

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Falls Festival is back in 2017 with an amazing line-up to celebrate their 25th anniversary. Thanks to Optus Perks you can buy tickets for up to 6 people before the general public.

Pre-sale is from 9am Friday 25th August until 9am Sunday 27th August 2017 (event local time). 

To grab your pre-sale code, please visit Optus Perks or redeem via your My Optus App.

Event dates:

LORNE – Dec 28, Dec 29, Dec 30, Dec 31 2017


MARION BAY – Dec 29, Dec 30, Dec 31 2017


BYRON – Dec 31, Jan 01, Jan 02 2017/18


FREMANTLE– Jan 06, Jan 07 2018



1. If you don’t have a Falls Festival pre-sale code, login or register to Optus Perks to redeem your unique pre-sale code. 

2. Click ‘ADD TO CART’ button below and check out, you will then get an email with your unique pre-sale code. 

3. Use your code and the ‘BUY TICKETS’ link below to buy tickets from 9am (event local time) 25th August.

You can click here for more info.

Tickets are strictly limited, available from 9am 25th August until 9am 27th August 2017 (event local time) or until allocation exhausted. Limit of 1 pre-sale code per Perks customer allows purchase of up to 6 tickets. Pre-sale code is for single use only and all tickets must be bought in one transaction.

This offer is exclusive to Optus customers who redeem a unique code to access the pre-sale at or via the My Optus App or Optus customers who receive a pre-sale code from Optus via SMS or email.


Please note: Your unique pre-sale code can only be used once. Please enter your pre-sale code into one tab in one browser. Entering your pre-sale code into multiple tabs/browsers will result in your code being suspended for 10 minutes.

by Occasional Visitor sbiggs
‎2017-08-23 02:39 PM

Unsure what 'local time' means. I will be purchasing tickets in Adelaide. Will the presale begin at 9am Adelaide time? or 9am at the local time zone of the event, eg. Lorne?

by Content Editor AlistarS
‎2017-08-23 03:42 PM

Hi @sbiggs this will be for the ' event local time ' so that would be correct, if selecting Adelaide as the venue it would be for 9am Adelaide time Smiley Happy If you need anymore info please let me know! 

by Occasional Visitor sbiggs
‎2017-08-23 03:44 PM

The events venue is Lorne, Victoria so would it be 8:30am Adelaide time if tickets go on sale 9am Victorian time?

by Content Editor AlistarS
‎2017-08-23 04:59 PM

That's correct @sbiggs Smiley Happy Let us know how you go in the morning. 

by New Member Aimsb
‎2017-08-24 08:37 PM

Do the 6 tickets including camping or is it 3 festival tickets + 3 camping tickets that make up the 6?

by Moderator Alistar
‎2017-08-25 09:16 AM

It would be up to 6x Camping tickets @Aimsb Smiley Happy

by Content Editor LucyS
‎2017-11-06 03:38 PM

Hey if anyone missed the pre-sale/sale, there are 8 x VIP passes up for grabs for each Falls Festival event thanks to Optus Perks! Details on how to enter here

by Occasional Contributor Adamgrantclarks
‎2017-11-21 01:43 PM

I hope tickets are not to $$$