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Epic New Prepaid Plans for Mobile and 10GB Bonus Data on Prepaid MBB

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Online Community Manager
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From 4 June 2018, Optus will be launching two new Prepaid plans along with a new Prepaid Mobile Broadband offer!

Make every day epic with every recharge on the new Optus Prepaid Epic Data and Optus Prepaid Epic Value plans.

Optus Prepaid Epic Data

An ideal plan for data users that includes 5GB of MyData on $30 recharges and up to 10GB streaming data only on Netflix, Stan, ABC Kids, ABC Me and ABC iView. Positive MyData balance and subscriptions required. All for use in Australia within 28 days.* 


Optus Prepaid Epic Value

Get epic value and a longer lasting recharge with 42 days expiry. Also with included data, unlimited standard national talk and text, and up to 50GB Data Rollover on $30+ recharges (when you recharge before expiry), this plan is perfect for those who desire simplicity.*

Pre-paid Epic Table 2.png

New Prepaid Mobile Broadband Offer

Receive 10GB bonus data on your first eligible recharge, when you activate from 4 June 2018. Bonus data applies on first recharge only, when that recharge is $30 or more (excludes $45 and $85 recharges) and is made by 2 September 2018.  

Bonus data may take up to 72 hours to be applied. Excludes SIM swaps. Not to be used with any other offer. Limit once per customer.**


Epic Data FAQ


Optus Prepaid Epic Data FAQ’s

International Calling

What destinations can I call with the international calls offer?
When you recharge $50 or above until 3 Feb 2019, you will receive up to 200 minutes (charged per minute) of standard calls to 35 destinations: Argentina, Bangladesh, Brazil, Brunei, Cambodia, Colombia, Czech Republic, Egypt, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Indonesia, Iran, Italy, Jordan, Kuwait, Laos, Lebanon, Mexico, Pakistan, Paraguay, Philippines, Poland, Puerto Rico, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, UAE, Uruguay, Venezuela and Vietnam. This is in addition to a standard plan inclusion of unlimited standard international calls to 15 destinations: Canada, mainland China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Japan, Malaysia, NZ, Singapore, South Korea, Sweden, UK and USA.

What happens if I would like to call other destinations?
You can call other destinations that aren’t part of the offer or your standard inclusion by using the Extras Credit included in recharges that are $30 and above on Optus Prepaid Epic Data. To check calling rates for other destinations, head to

Can I make calls to these international destinations from anywhere?
The unlimited standard international calls inclusion and international calling offer is valid for calls made from within Australia. You can use the included Extras Credit for roaming or calls made from outside of Australia.

How will the international calling offer appear on my recharge balance?
When you check your balance, you will see your remaining international calling offer minutes under “MyTalk Selected Intl”.

How do I redeem the international calls offer?
It’s simple. Any new or existing customer who recharges $50 or above by 3 Feb 2019 will be eligible for the offer. Offer includes $50 SIM Starter Kits.

When will the international calling offer minutes expire?

The international calling offer minutes will expire within 28 days or on your next recharge, whichever is earlier.

Can I get this offer on other Optus Prepaid plans?
No, this offer is only available to customers who recharge on Optus Prepaid Epic Data within the offer period.

Is this offer available on all $50 and above recharges on Optus Prepaid Epic Data?
Yes. This offer is available on all $50 and above recharges on Optus Prepaid Epic Data during the offer period.

If I buy a $50 SIM Starter Kit will I be eligible for the international calling offer?
Yes. New customers who purchase a $50 SIM Starter Kit and activate on $50 Optus Prepaid Epic Data will be eligible to receive the international calls offer on activation within the offer period, because these SIM Starter Kits are a SIM plus recharge

Video Streaming Data

What can I use my video streaming data for?
You can use your video streaming data to stream content on Netflix, Stan, ABC iView, ABC Kids or ABC ME apps downloadable from the App Store or Google Play. Positive MyData balance and subscriptions required.

Will my video streaming data roll over if I recharge before expiry?
No, only your standard data inclusion will roll over if you recharge before expiry.

Can I use my video streaming data for downloads or tethering?
No, you cannot use the data for these purposes.

How many gigs are consumed in one hour of video streaming?
The amount of data consumed varies depending on various factors such as the streaming service you’re using, network traffic, device and the streaming quality you select. We recommend you select Standard Definition (SD) /medium quality to maximise your MyVideo Selected Apps data. You should check with Netflix, Stan and the ABC for more information on how to adjust your stream quality settings and data usage. You can check your usage at any time via the My Optus app.

How do I receive video streaming data?
Any customer (both new and existing) who recharges on Optus Prepaid Epic Data will receive video streaming data.

Is video streaming data available on all recharges on Optus Prepaid Epic Data?
Yes video streaming data is available on all recharges of $5 or more.

When will the video streaming data expire?
Video steaming data will expire at the end of your recharge period or on your next recharge, whichever is earlier. Video streaming data will not roll over.

How will the video streaming data appear when I check my Prepaid balance?
Your video streaming data will appear in your balance as “MyVideo Selected Apps”. You can manage your usage by downloading the My Optus app.

Can I recharge the MyVideo Selected Apps data allowance?
No, MyVideo is an included extra in your recharge and cannot be topped up separately.

Can I use my video streaming data if I don’t have any MyData left?
Unfortunately not, a positive MyData balance is required in order to use your video streaming data.

*For terms and conditions and more information on the Prepaid plans, you can visit here

** For terms and conditions and more information on the Prepaid Mobile Broadband offer, you can visit here


If you have any questions about the new prepaid plans, please comment below Smiley Happy