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Digital Trends That Will Transform The Customer Experience

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In my line of work I come across some really exciting innovations and trends that move across the digital space.


Things have changed a lot over the years and I’ve noticed a shift taking place in access to technology. When I started out in this field, there was a huge discrepancy between the amazing technology I had access to at work and the computer I used at home. Today, my home setup is pretty amazing and on par with a lot of the tools I use in my work environment. Technology is moving forward exponentially, and that pace is bringing powerful systems and great capability to everyone – not just big business.


I’m always searching for trends and ideas that are moving across other markets and looking for opportunities to bring them into the Optus digital space. When I come across these ideas I have to understand whether we need to build new capability or leverage the capability already out there to bring it to life.


I thought I’d share some advancement and trends that I’ve come across recently that I believe will make a difference to our everyday lives and give you an idea of our innovation roadmap at Optus.


Virtual Reality

This is a game changer. Imagine being able to walk into a store, hold a handset and explore its features without leaving home? This kind of experience isn’t far away. Products like the new Samsung Gear VR are already bringing virtual reality into our homes plus the affordability now means it’s no longer a luxury.


Predictive functionality
This advancement is making technology more intuitive.  I recently had my phone warn me about bad traffic on a route I take every Sunday. It wasn’t information I requested, but it was a useful notification that I didn’t even realise I needed.


The next step for digital technology is finding more ways to tailor our service to suit your needs. We’re moving beyond responsive tools and seeing our smart phones and wearables surprise us with proactive notifications to make life easier.


Cross-linking platforms

This is a trend we’re seeing across all industries. Our partnership with Stan through Optus TV with Fetch is a perfect example of this. We partner with services you want to access and bring them to you all in one place. Platforms are working to be more connected so your digital experience is more seamless.


As you can see, advancements in the digital space have a lot of potential to be applied to our services. There’s more to come for Optus customers. Right now we’re working on advancements in payments, personalisation and security. Looking ahead, we’re working on creating an even better experience for customers – one that is seamless across all channels and is utilising the best that technology has to offer.




Awesome 😄,


Can't wait to see what Optus has in store for its customers!



Occasional Contributor
Occasional Contributor

Why is it then that if I change plans mid plan - the on line my account AND the my Optus app tell me I have more data than the live chat, billing and sales people?? A cunning plan by Optus to get that $10 for every gig you go over?

Occasional Contributor
Occasional Contributor

Hi, Now knowing that the EPL matches are NOT always On have the Spurs v Burnely match listed as a 'Replay' and NOT on demand , can you advise when at what time this game will be replayed.

Your 'Blog' schedule does NOT show it. 


Thank you



Retired Employee
Retired Employee

Hey @Phil281, this in reference to round 18? We have Brighton Vs Burnley which was replayed at 3:00AM this morning.