Cricket 2017: Did You Know?

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9th Nov 2017, 3:48pm



Think of yourself as a cricket fan? See if you can answer these trivia questions.


The Ashes is a huge cricket tournament.  How big is the original Ashes trophy?


Tiny – it’s around 15cm tall, and is apparently made of terracotta.


In 1998-99, a new official Ashes trophy was made.  What’s it made of?


Waterford Crystal.


What’s inside the celebrated original Ashes trophy?


No-one really knows!  Legend has it that it could be charred remains of a ball or stumps.   But another legend says it could be the burnt remains of a wedding veil .


Who holds the record for the most test runs scored against England?


Our Don Bradman!  The legendary batsman scored 5,028 runs against England



Sir Don’s test batting average was 99.4.  How many extra runs did he need to score to average 100 runs per innings?


Only 4! 


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‎2017-11-15 09:57 AM
Cricket is on All Summer Long! Optus Yes Crowd.