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Clever camera meets smart phone: order your Sony Xperia Z5

2 4 1,999

You can now order the shiny new Sony Xperia Z5.


When we saw the specs for the Xperia Z5, we honestly weren’t thinking about what it could do… we were thinking “what doesn’t this phone do?”.


If you’re a Sony fan, you’ve probably been waiting for this. If you’re not a Sony fan, you might be once you see what the Xperia Z5 brings to the table.


Sony’s created a handset that’s both a smart phone and fully-fledged camera. It’s the perfect phone for bloggers, photographers or those who want to capture crystal clear memories on the go.


Now to the features... Sony has included a 23MP camera with ultra-fast autofocus, up to 2 days of battery life and a power button with integrated fingerprint sensor.


It also boasts technology which helps you take great photo in low-light or from a distance.


The Sony Xperia Z5 is tough and talented. A good mix if you ask us.


Order your Sony Xperia Z5 now in the Optus online store.


Sony XPeria Z5 banner.jpg

Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

Dang, I guess the question would be is that a phone with a camera or a camera with a phone. Smiley Very Happy


Now I have just finished my Sony Z1 contract (phone cost $899) which was $7 handset payments on a $60 plan.  Now its $19 handset payments for a phone thats $100 dearer.  I work that out to be $7 a month too much for handset repayments.  

So how do i come to that.  $7+3%p/a =$7.42.  100/24 = $4.16/m in handset increase This works out at 11.58 so I will round it to $12 making the handset payments $7 too much.


But I do want it I just think it is overpriced compared to some others.

Occasional Visitor
Occasional Visitor

Are you guys going to stock the Sony Xperia Z5 Premium?  I am looking to upgrade my Sony Xperia Z1.


Hey jdpkart18 - no word at this stage, you can register for our smartphone alerts here.