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Classic Christmas movies to watch on Fetch these holidays

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Online Community Manager
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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. What better way to celebrate the festive season than with a classic Christmas movie on Fetch. Grab a plate of Christmas pudding and nestle in with the family for these holiday faves.


Elf (G)


© 2003 New Line Productions, Inc. All Rights Reserved.


Delightful from start to finish, Elf is one for the whole family. Funny man Will Ferrel stars as the loveable Buddy the elf, who is raised in the North Pole after crawling into Santa’s sack as a baby. When Buddy learns he is actually a human, he travels to New York City to meet his biological dad. The story follows Buddy as he spreads Christmas cheer in a world of cynics.


We’d travel through the seven levels of the Candy Cane Forest and the Sea of Swirly Twirly Gum Drops to watch this one. Buy or rent it now in the Movie Store or watch in Movie Box from 17 December 2018.


Love Actually (M)

Love Actually.jpg

© 2003 Universal Studios - All Rights Reserved.


It wouldn’t be Christmas if Love Actually wasn’t on the tele. Set in London, this romantic Christmas movie follows several very different story lines all interlinking in some way. The story begins a few weeks before Christmas and plays out over the countdown to the holiday, with plenty of tears and laughs along the way. The best part about Love Actually? The all-star cast! Including Keira Knightley, Colin Firth, Emma Thompson, Alan Rickman, Rowan Atkinson and Hugh Grant as the UK Prime Minister. This movie sleighs!


Available to buy or rent now in the Movie Store.


Home Alone (PG)

Home Alone.jpg

© 1990 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All rights reserved.


One of the all-time great Christmas movies, you can’t get much better than Home Alone. Kevin McCallister is accidently left behind when his family flies to Paris for their Christmas holiday. Kevin is initially thrilled to have the entire house to himself. What kid doesn’t want to jump up and down on the bed eating junk food? But things quickly change when two burglars show up. See how Kevin defends his family home – buy or rent now in the Movie Store or watch it in Movie Box from 7 December 2018.


It’s a Wonderful Life (PG)

It's a Wonderful Life.jpg

© 1947 Republic Entertainment Inc.


An oldie but a goodie, It’s a Wonderful Life is sure to bring the tears. George Bailey (played by James Stewart from Hitchcock’s Rear Window and Vertigo) is a desperate business man ready to give up. On Christmas Eve 1945 he is visited by a guardian angel named Clarence, who shows George all the lives he has touched through his life’s good deeds, and what his town would have been like if he had never existed. Will Clarence be able to convince George to return to his family for Christmas? You’ll have to watch to find out… buy or rent now in the Movie Store.


Dr Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas (PG)

The Grinch.jpg

© 2000 Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved.


How can you not love this film? The live-action remake of Dr Seuss’ 1957 classic children’s book follows the story of the Christmas-hating Grinch (Jim Carrey), who lives up in the caves above Whoville and sets out to ruin the holiday for all the Whos. Carrey is a comic genius and his hilarious one-liners and rubber face really bring the Grinch character to life. Get ready to laugh out loud with this one.


Available to buy or rent now in the Movie Store.


The Holiday (M)

The Holiday.jpg

© 2006 Universal Studios - All Rights Reserved


Another Christmas favourite with an all-star cast. If you haven’t seen The Holiday yet, do yourself a favour this December. The film is set in both Los Angeles, US and Surrey, England. Unlucky in love, the two leading ladies (Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet) live on opposite sides of the world and arrange to swap homes for the holiday to escape their heartbreak. *spoiler alert* If you’re looking for a happy ending look no further… over their two-week exchange, both ladies find love (Jude Law and Jack Black). It’s a Christmas miracle!


Available to buy or rent now in the Movie Store.


The Nightmare Before Christmas (G)

The Nightmare Before Christmas.png

© 1994 Touchstone Pictures.  All Rights Reserved


If your favourite holidays are Halloween and Christmas, this is the movie mashup for you. The Nightmare Before Christmas is a not-so-traditional, stop-motion animated, kids Christmas movie, where Jack Skellington, the ‘King of Halloween Town’, stumbles through the portal to Christmas Town and decides to stay and celebrate the holiday. The idea behind the film came from Tim Burton, so you can expect all the darkness and eccentric quirks of movies like Bettlejuice and Edward Scissorhands.


Buy or rent now in the Movie Store.


Die Hard (M)

Die Hard.jpg

© 1988 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All rights reserved.


Perhaps the most controversial on the list, the Die Hard storyline revolves around a gang of organised criminals holding hostages in a New York City skyscraper. Policeman John McClane (Bruce Willis) must free the hostages, including his wife. Despite plenty of debate around this film, we’re here to argue that Die Hard is indeed a true Christmas movie as it features all the hallmarks of a traditional Christmas flick – it’s set on Christmas Eve, it involves a Christmas party, it has a Christmas themed soundtrack and just like Elf and Home Alone, it brings family together in the end.


Available to buy or rent now in the Movie Store.


What’s your favourite Christmas movie? Tell us in the comments below 😊


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