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Changes to our Premium Services offering

Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager
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Notice - 17/10/18


We’re undertaking a comprehensive review of customers affected by this activity and will be providing refunds to those customers affected, taking into consideration the fact that some customers may already have been refunded.


Customers that want to raise a complaint regarding a premium SMS/direct carrier billing service, please use our online complaints form →


  1. Enter your name and preferred contact method
  2. Tell us when you’d like to be contacted
  3. Please make sure you answer, “direct carrier billing,” under the question “which account are you experiencing issues with.”
  4. Leave us with a description of your issue
  5. Submit your complaint 



We've made some new changes. For the most up-to-date information on Premium content services, check out our Third-Party content closure for Optus Postpaid and Prepaid customers article. 


From 31 January 2018, we’re suspending certain subscription-based Third Party Content to give you a better experience.


Third Party Content charges can happen when someone subscribes to online content such as mobile games and quizzes. And we know it can be frustrating when an unexpected Third Party Content charge appears on your Optus mobile bill.


In 2016 we introduced a strict set of consumer safeguards for Third Party Content Providers to follow. We constantly review our relationship with content providers to ensure we’re offering our customers the best mix of services and content offerings. But we’ve also listened to examples that you have experienced in regard to Third Party Content so from 31 January 2018, we’re suspending certain subscription-based Third Party Content providers on all mobile services that use the Optus network (except Virgin Mobile Australia customers).


What does this mean?


Certain Third Party Content providers will no longer be permitted to charge new mobile content subscriptions to customers on the Optus network (except Virgin Mobile Australia customers).


For customers on the Optus mobile network, this will not affect one-off third-party content purchases such as charity donations, TV voting and TV competitions. The changes will also have no effect to existing subscriptions or new subscriptions made prior to 31 January 2018.


There will also be no change for customers on the Optus mobile Network to any subscriptions and purchases via Google Play, Netflix or Spotify.


For Mobile Broadband and Home Wireless Broadband customers on the Optus network, one-off and subscription purchases (including subscriptions set up prior to 31 January 2018) to all Third Party Content providers will cease entirely.

If you wish, customers on the Optus mobile network (except Virgin Mobile Australia customers) can continue to purchase subscription mobile content using alternative payment methods made available by the Third Party Content providers.


By suspending certain subscription-based Third Party Content providers, we’re working to reduce the number of customers who find they’ve been charged unexpectedly.


If you have any questions about these changes, please leave them below.

Crowd Champion
Crowd Champion

About time, the only problem is this will reduce the posts on yes crowd forum by at least 25%. Great news and I am sure Optus customers will be relieved and their wallets a little plumper.

@petergdownload for comment.



Blog Author

@Davelew, I think so too! I'm sure it'll be a welcome change. I did have a little chuckle at the first line however It will give us an opportunity to focus on content with a little more value.

Honoured Contributor
Honoured Contributor



I'm a little lost for words.Smiley Surprised


I know Optus (as an international Telco) has legal obligations to this system, so blocking some (rogue) content providers is not trivial. Presumably MIA SPHERE complaints will disappear by 2018. I'm a little concerned a small tweak could see an uptick in SPIA MERE premium SMS services causing complaints. IMO though the best approach would be for Optus to allow customers to opt in to premium SMS services.


Still, if I never see another MIA SPHERE???!!!! post it will probably be to soon. Step taken. Direction right. Kudos Optus.




Peter Gillespie

Blog Author



Amazing right! We actually do listen to the feedback customers provide us with! Haha. Those threads will not be missed. ..not one single bit. 

Crowd Champion
Crowd Champion


I think you may still have a busy Christmas and New year until the change comes at the end of January.. If you want I will compose your reply to the MIA SPHERE posts, but on the other hand, you might not want to accept if you want keep your job with Optus.



Blog Author

@Davelew, well if you're offering....haha. I'm sure they'll keep me round for a little longer. Feel free to take centre stage with that one. 

Occasional Visitor
Occasional Visitor

Hi i just read about how u r stopping third parties i just checked my account they ripped me off $14.94 am i able to get my money back or should i just wave goodbye to it


Hi @Jleekrake, sorry to hear that this happened 😞 We'd be more than happy to help, please get in touch with us via Live Chat HERE if you still need assistance. 

New Contributor
New Contributor

This news came too late to protect me:   I've been ripped off $55.05  by JAMSTER for services I never authorised from 1 January to 31 January 2018!   


I don't understand why you don't give customers an option, when they sign up, to set the premium/ content limit to zero. If you had, I would have been protected.




Jamster victim

Blog Author

By default the premium SMS monthly spend limit is to $200.00


Completely get that reducing the limit from the get-go would be ideal. I'm sure that it's something that's been discussed in the past.


Have you contacted us on Live chat to have your spend limit set to $0.00 and dispute raised with Jamster? 

Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

I just checked my usage this month and find out i have been billed by MIA sphere live for $15. I have never subscribed any of their service. I have contact the optus, they clocked the 3rd party content for me and said MIA Sphere live will contact me within 48 hours talk about the refun.

Not sure if so many peopel already conplianed about MIA Sphere live as a scam why they still manage to change peopel?

Honoured Contributor
Honoured Contributor

Yes Mia Sphere Live is the worst of the worst scammers. 

Yes Optus have announced they are not accepting any more charges from Mia Sphere Live (after about a decade)

Yes it appears Optus are still facilitating this scam and passing on Mia Sphere Live charges to their customers.

No Mia Sphere Live will not contact you in 48 hours (they are scammers)

Yes Optus will after 48 hours without confirmation from Mia Sphere live recredit the amount to your account (on request only).

Yes Optus benefit financially from every one of their customers that is scammed by Mia Sphere Live

Yes Telstra has admitted its complicity in this scam and is currently refunding millions to affected 'customers'

No Optus have yet to act in the best interest of their customers in this matter.




Peter Gillespie 


PS Yes you should tell Optus to set your Premium SMS limit to $0 to prevent further shake downs

New Contributor
New Contributor

"What does this mean?


Certain Third Party Content providers will no longer be permitted to charge new mobile content subscriptions to customers on the Optus network (except Virgin Mobile Australia customers)."


It means Optus has changed nothing.


You have done nothing to solve the scams you are involved with.


  1. Set the Premium Services default dollars in all new plans to Zero. 
  2. Write to all customers on how to set their plan for Premium Services default to $0.
  3. Admit you are involved in premium content partnerships and name who they are

In your very forums I see companies that have a partnership with you scamming customers, Optus gave out the phone numbers on its network to provides like Gamifive Mobivillage, you cannot de...


This is a completely absurd announcement, as you can see there are still users under this very announcement getting scammed and the only reason Optus will not set the default for premium services to zero is they cannot let go of the massive profits they make out of it.


This is a appalling announcement and solves nothing, you were better off not making this announcement at all.


Show some backbone and tell us you are actually going to fix something.


Who wrote this anyway? One of the novices from the sales department?


It is terrible. No proof, no bite, no action, no change.