Changes to Optus’ data free Music streaming partners

Posted by (Online Community Manager)
14th Jul 2017, 3:35pm

Pandora has announced that their service will no longer be available in Australia or New Zealand from Monday 31 July 2017 (AEST). After this date, Optus customers will no longer be able to access the Pandora app and it will be removed as one of Optus’ data free Music streaming partners.


Don’t worry though, Optus customers are still able to enjoy our data free Music streaming offer with Google Play Music, iHeartRadio and Spotify.


For more information about our data free Music streaming offer, head here or to read our Music streaming FAQs, head here.

by Occasional Contributor Dan7784
‎2017-07-13 04:48 PM

How about bringing Apple Music on board 

by Trusted Contributor
‎2017-07-14 10:12 PM

Apple has an agreement with Telstra, somewhat an exclusive.

Its up to the music companies to sign up to the Optus "data free streaming" setup. so if Apple has an exclusive deal with Telstra it wont be available for free data streaming.

by Occasional Visitor Daniel1998
‎2017-07-20 02:55 PM

Since spotify joined with optus, is there any chance of premium being avalible as a optus exclusive aswell?

by Contributor GeoffreyL
‎2017-07-22 12:36 AM

At first I used Pandora as I thought Spotify was a bit difficult. But after a while I got to know some of the ins and outs of Spotify, and I can say I won't miss Pandora. True it's maybe a little expensive(for an old pensioner like me) but the free version isn't overly intrusive. A 30 sec ad every 4 or 5 songs.

by New Member DIgitalTechTron
‎2017-07-28 08:47 PM

Apple Music Please! $35+ (AUD) Plans whatever. Just do it for us Aussies Optus!