Celebrating 300K Yes Crowders – WIN a Google Home

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6th Aug 2018, 2:57pm

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This competition is now closed. Thank you so much to all those who entered! Entries are being judged and a winner will be announced soon.

We can’t thank you enough for helping us reach 300,000 Yes Crowders.. but we’ll give it a crack. To celebrate Yes Crowd and all our incredible members, we’re giving away a Google Home device!


Google Home is a voice-activated speaker that acts as your personal, hands-free Google. Ask it questions, or allocate it tasks – Google Home will be there at your beck and call, and having one could make your life just that much easier.


To enter this competition:

  1. Sign up to Yes Crowd or log in if you already have an account.
  2. Leave a comment below telling us in 25 words or less if you were to invent a piece of tech that would make your life easier, what would it be and why?
  3. For extra consideration, get a friend who is also an Optus customer to join Yes Crowd, @ tag their username in the comments and invent a piece of technology you could both use.

Once the competition closes we will judge all entries, and the person with the entry we deem to be the most entertaining will win the Google Home device.


The Yes Crowd 300K Yes Crowders competition runs from 06/08/18 at 3:00 pm AEST and you must be an Optus Customer to enter.


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by New Contributor Burgo91
‎2018-08-23 08:31 PM

A device that disables all telstra devices 


by Occasional Contributor SurferPup
‎2018-08-23 08:45 PM

Clone myself and send my close to work then I could retire.

by Frequent Visitor subarb
‎2018-08-23 09:28 PM

I'd invent a device that can pull the kids out of bed in the mornings.


by New Contributor logilnk2
‎2018-08-23 10:26 PM

I’d love a device to securely store my plastic cards so I don’t have to carry them. Then make it easy to update my details on each.

by Member Graycen
‎2018-08-23 10:28 PM

HANDBAG STRAP REPELLER. Mine always catches on the gearstick when leaving the car. The tech may use opposing magnetic poles or bursts of compressed air!

by New Contributor furythree
‎2018-08-23 11:45 PM

id invent a clothes folder

we have dishwashers and washing machines. but still have to fold laundry manually!

by New Contributor firefly-au
‎2018-08-23 12:37 AM
I would invent an intelligent device to gently encourage us to get up and make the most of our day, when when we have no real reason to leave a warm comfy bed in cool weather until nature calls.
by Occasional Contributor SusanneH
‎2018-08-23 07:34 AM

My daily turmoil is what to wear. My ideal solution , a device where I can enter/record all my wardrobe and in the morning I ask it what to wear and it would show me suggestions of a full outfit using the items I have in my cupboard. That would also eliminate the items that just won't match with anything and can be thrown out. Wishful thinking.



by New Contributor hooppjs
‎2018-08-23 08:32 AM

I would like a gadget that gets beers from the fridge and puts them in my hand.

by New Contributor el2y
‎2018-08-23 10:42 AM

I would invent a device to organise reminder and schedule for my 3 children, time to shower, homework, music, sleep, laundry etc. And help with housechores if possible. 

by Visitor satroon
‎2018-08-23 11:33 AM

I will develop a patch in the software to give an option to the customers to opt out of getting extra 1GB data for $10 if they dont want /cant affort to pay extra and will graciously donate the patch to Optus  . No matter how fascinating piece of technology you build ,it will only be an Innovation if it improves customer's experience .

by Occasional Contributor S-tronic
‎2018-08-23 11:49 AM

Why invent the wheel again, I need Google home so I can actually talk to someone who will respond to me. My cat does not help in getting me ready for my daily routine. 

by New Contributor Jupiter707
‎2018-08-23 02:01 PM

A smart bin system which would automatically seperate out the recycleables, compostables and green waste components and process them accordingly.  For the remainder it would take itself out to the curbside for collection, and bring itself back again when it was emptied.  It would also have a sensor to tell it when it required cleaning and turbo jets to do so.  Resulting in a sparkling clean bin and a fail safe waste reduction programme which doesn't rely heavily on everyone in the family putting stuff in the correct bin.  AND I could direct ALL of this from my Gooogle Home.

by New Contributor Winner
‎2018-08-23 02:03 PM

Making my life easier, my device would turn out the lights when someone raises their voices or argues creating a more peaceful home.

by Frequent Visitor Slang
‎2018-08-24 10:06 PM

The need for speed: I’d love a microchip that puts my thoughts directly on computer/device: no typing, no stylus.  

by Occasional Visitor SuzyQ
‎2018-08-24 05:26 AM

I would design an app that could teleport me anywhere I wanted to go, worldwide! Instantly!

by New Contributor cleopatra7777
‎2018-08-24 05:37 AM

I would invent a device to translate my dog's answers to my many questions which primarily relate to his toilet habits because now he just stares at me blankly ,,,

by New Contributor vk7oo
‎2018-08-24 04:38 PM

Have Google Home recognise when young children are talking to it & interact with them in a more meaningful way, instead of "I don't know how to help with that"

by New Contributor djharp
‎2018-08-25 05:10 PM

I'd love a quirky, plucky, savvy lieterary device to enter these comps with 25 words to get a leg in!


by New Contributor glenncogar
‎2018-08-25 08:32 PM

I would invent a device that would go to work for me so I could relax Smiley Happy

by New Contributor CaptJayJay
‎2018-08-25 11:26 AM

I will invent a technology that can invent new technologies. 


by Occasional Contributor SEE
‎2018-08-25 01:03 PM
Would be awesome to try and have Google home. If I could invent something to get my boy off to school hassle free. Happy days.
by Frequent Visitor aj88
‎2018-08-26 07:52 PM

I'd love double plate window glass with remote control filling them with coloured liquid to suit my mood as an alternative window covering! 

by Occasional Contributor Pankaj
‎2018-08-26 12:41 AM

I would like to invent a device which can proxy me Smiley Tongue

by Occasional Visitor Shanefits
‎2018-08-27 05:33 PM

I’d invent an modern mobile phone with a battery that lasts for more than two weeks!

by New Contributor mcwc
‎2018-08-27 05:44 PM
Google Home gets me to work on time with their time saving features on rail, driving and walking information.
by Occasional Contributor Funsky
‎2018-08-27 08:43 PM
I'd invent a device that translates baby talk to coherent sentences! Failing that, I'd invent triangulating invisible lasers that, when they intersect, emits visible lights at that intersection. Imagine easier indicators for motorcyclists or cyclists. Or holographic images! Safe or cool!
by Moderator Shauna
‎2018-08-27 10:48 PM

Loving those ideas, @Funsky
I'd also hope that the device translating baby talk to coherent sentences also works on Pets! Certainly would be helpful when my dog is barking all night Smiley Tongue 

by New Contributor adslcountry
‎2018-08-27 08:15 AM

The perfect device would be something to stop or block Twiter. That service is the most destructive thing man has ever invented.

by New Contributor Max1pain
‎2018-08-27 08:25 AM

A knife that heats up just a little to lightly melt butter so I don’t tear holes in my bread or toast. 

by Contributor rc211e
‎2018-08-27 11:28 AM

Technologies enabling multiple Google Home style devices to allow seniors living independently to communicate seamlessly from anywhere at home with remote family and vice versa 

by Occasional Contributor xquisite_CNX
‎2018-08-27 02:36 PM

A device that can identify smell .


When integrated with a personal assistant such as Google home can provide recipes for a particular meal you're eating and automatically create shopping list to order online. 


by Occasional Visitor jab733
‎2018-08-28 08:06 PM

I would love some tech that after I put my dirty clothes in the basket, it washes those clothes, dries them, folds them and puts them into my cupboard (folded or hanging when needed). That would be amazing for my wife and I!

by New Contributor TPAP
‎2018-08-28 10:53 PM
I would invent a device that sends out a stronger internet connection inside train tunnels.
by Frequent Visitor Rafa68
‎2018-08-28 02:37 PM
I would invent a smart watch that has a an RFI chip with all my cards that require RFI technology loaded. It can only be used once you have used your thumb print to activate on the screen. A simple wrist pass across lets say the Woolworths scanner will add my points for that purchase. OR at the train station, would speed up all queues. No getting mobile out and opening relevant application, or opening my wallet and getting the card out that's required.Just a simple wrist swipe with a thumb print and you good to go.
by New Contributor paloappie
‎2018-08-29 08:33 PM

I'd invent an AI-powered robot chef.  It would ask you simple questions like "How do you like your steak?" and learn your preferences, then cook meals to your taste!

by New Contributor ghadached
‎2018-08-29 03:27 AM

It will be so helpfull for me to remember all important things in my busy schedule & I wish I can control the wifi at my home by giving the order to do so it will be as my dream came true 😉😂

by New Contributor zeeshanahmedk
‎2018-08-29 01:35 PM

I would like to have a device that can keep track of the calories I am getting with every meal and with every snack, sends me alerts via my smartphone/smartwatch, and suggest me the ways to burn that extra calaries during the day. I am talking real-time check and balance here folks !

by Occasional Visitor ngspiration
‎2018-08-29 02:30 PM

I would want a piece of tech that would automatically hang my wet laundry with the push of a button - oh what a dream ^o^

by Member Indoorgirl
‎2018-08-29 02:48 PM

I'd invent a phone that could read my mind so I wouldn't need to text or Google. It would know everything I was thinking!

by New Contributor antscl
‎2018-08-30 05:08 PM

A device that allows me to download my memories to disk (and to my Output calendar!) and upload as required.


No more alzheimers, no more forgetting things!

by Visitor Carimtatou007
‎2018-08-30 09:37 AM

I would invent  a device that would let me travel anywhere in the world at anytime I can magically disappear without anyone knowing hahaha.

by New Contributor jonmic
‎2018-08-30 03:16 PM

Ensuite shower with many tech arms...not only to scrub me clean (ummm, minds outta the gutter peeps) but to give itself the same fun clean treatment i just got! Then to get the oven on board...hmmmmm!

by Visitor Jimmel
‎2018-08-31 01:38 PM

CATEGORISED VOICE ACTIVATED DISPLAY gadjet recording and displaying shopping lists recipes from youtube internet on voice command so I'd never forget anything!

by Visitor Samira
‎2018-08-31 03:11 PM

A ME DO ALL machine where I just click on 1 button and instantly MEDOALL does it. From ironing to blow drying my hair

by Visitor Wahid
‎2018-09-01 11:04 AM

I would invent a system which can efficiently capture moisture from the air and make water for our farmers.

by New Member haiirry
‎2018-09-02 06:50 PM

I'd invent a piece of tech that automaticially changes my newborn babies nappies!

by New Member Otis
‎2018-09-02 11:49 PM

If I were to invent a piece of tech that would make my life easier, it'd probably be an interactive/electronic bathroom mirror so I can visualise my daily schedule (and perhaps maybe weather info or social media notifications) as I get ready Smiley Happy

by New Member KatieMo
‎2018-09-02 10:32 AM

The tech that would make my life easier -- definitely some kind of underocean train to travel from Aus to the States while I sleep Smiley Happy 

by Occasional Visitor DarthJ
‎2018-09-02 01:52 PM

I'd invent a platform that syncs other apps to each other so they can communicate with each other and work in harmony.

by Occasional Visitor NidgeWick
‎2018-09-03 11:58 PM

optical implants overlaying the real world with pop ups to show friends close by, shop specials, directions and reminders and text messages. kinda like google glasses, but better. 

by Visitor bettyboo274
‎2018-09-03 06:41 AM

I'd invent a device that would decide when my son's have used the internet enough to switch it of then take any complaining afterward to leave me in a happy state like I should be. Paula Smiley Very Happy

by Visitor demian91
‎2018-09-04 10:51 AM

I would like a piece of tech that advise me every time I am losing time and/or losing concentration from the work that needs to be done! 


also a Google Home would be pretty handy XD

by Occasional Visitor PHDinSunalin
‎2018-09-06 05:35 AM

A coffee machine that never runs out of coffee, when its low it automatically orders and gets coffee beans delivered to my house, so then I can have coffee whenever I need it. (aka pretty much every hour)


I would love to have a google home, my friend has a couple google home minis and they seem so cool, but I never seem to have enough money for it when its on sale, so I could really use one of those.



Emil SUnil

by Online Community Manager
‎2018-09-11 04:35 PM

Hi Yes Crowders,


Thank you all so much for your time and effort in entering our competition to celebrate 300K Yes Crowders. The entries for the competition were extremely clever and we sincerely hope you enjoyed reading them as much as we did. Choosing a winner was incredibly difficult due to all your fantastic answers Smiley Happy


Without further ado, we would like to congratulate @deevajo for your hilarious “Hind-Sight” invention!


deevajo we hope you love your new Google Home device!


We also have a handful of honourable mentions, (please send a PM to @Felicity_YC if you'd like a keyring) in no particular order:

@Emilyhakanson for your very helpful baby bum contraption



@Akmadaty04 for your time-saving movie mood detector



@TheRabbit for your lie detector



 and @slinkster for your danger-detecting tech


Thank you again to our phenomenal Yes Crowders! Please visit us again if you need help and support, to check out our Blogs, connect with fellow customers and to be involved in future competitions! 


by Member OldGal
‎2018-12-03 04:08 PM
hey Google, whats the oldest known Christmas song?
by New Member me816
‎2018-12-04 10:53 PM

I'd love to see some sort of magnets you could place within your clothes & in your wardrobe & all you would have to do is flick a switch or push a button & all your clothes would hang themselves up

by Online Community Manager
‎2018-12-04 09:57 AM

Hi @OldGal it looks like you've posted in an old competition, the one you are probably looking for is here.

Hi @me816 this is an old competition and entries are closed. You can find the current one here.