Celebrating 300K Yes Crowders – WIN a Google Home

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6th Aug 2018, 2:57pm

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This competition is now closed. Thank you so much to all those who entered! Entries are being judged and a winner will be announced soon.

We can’t thank you enough for helping us reach 300,000 Yes Crowders.. but we’ll give it a crack. To celebrate Yes Crowd and all our incredible members, we’re giving away a Google Home device!


Google Home is a voice-activated speaker that acts as your personal, hands-free Google. Ask it questions, or allocate it tasks – Google Home will be there at your beck and call, and having one could make your life just that much easier.


To enter this competition:

  1. Sign up to Yes Crowd or log in if you already have an account.
  2. Leave a comment below telling us in 25 words or less if you were to invent a piece of tech that would make your life easier, what would it be and why?
  3. For extra consideration, get a friend who is also an Optus customer to join Yes Crowd, @ tag their username in the comments and invent a piece of technology you could both use.

Once the competition closes we will judge all entries, and the person with the entry we deem to be the most entertaining will win the Google Home device.


The Yes Crowd 300K Yes Crowders competition runs from 06/08/18 at 3:00 pm AEST and you must be an Optus Customer to enter.


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by Occasional Contributor ozybum
‎2018-08-22 05:31 PM

A device that stocktakes your pantry and fridge that you can access via app on phone. So I can do away with shopping lists.

by Occasional Contributor Huei
‎2018-08-22 05:35 PM

A car that flies! Like the ones in Back To The Future. Avoid all traffic congestion. And the need for tyres! Smiley Happy

by New Contributor RustyK
‎2018-08-22 05:40 PM

I would love tech that washed and ironed my uniform then lay it out for me. 

by New Contributor ProudWindowsUsr
‎2018-08-22 05:41 PM

I would love an internet enabled wardrobe! When I wake up I just want to say "hey Google, what am I wearing to work today?" and the Google Assistant responds with something like, "Good morning, today is Wednesday August 22nd and the weather in Melbourne is 15 degrees and raining. I've selected your charcoal suit with brown shoes and belt and your pink tie. Is that okay?" and the clothes selected will move to the front. When I respond with "Yes, thank you" the Google Assistant will reply, "You're welcome. Don't forget your umbrella". That'd be pretty awesome 😏

by New Contributor austwhite
‎2018-08-22 05:41 PM

I would invent something to automatically do my work for me so I don't have to do it.  What can I say.  I am lazy.

by Occasional Contributor HuStLaZ
‎2018-08-22 05:42 PM

I would invent a device which allows me to translate my dog's barks into english. 

by Occasional Contributor ozJOHNau
‎2018-08-22 05:43 PM

I would invent something that would make a person wake and feel good , with the spray of a can 

by Occasional Contributor lyn60
‎2018-08-22 05:44 PM

I'd invent a machine that can make it rain whenever and wherever rain is needed. 

by Frequent Visitor frankymokbel
‎2018-08-22 05:47 PM
I'd invent a device to enter all competitions/surveys in my place so that I could spend more time Defeating bad guys
by New Contributor wrchau
‎2018-08-22 05:52 PM


Can you wake me up tomorrow 4am, honey?   Please turn your alarm on.

What is the degrees on tomorrow morning?    I'm not too sure, i think is 11, 13  or 15 degrees

What the exchange rate 1 Aud to US dollar now? I guessed $0.76

What is the date today? 21 August... oh no no is 22 August 2018.

What is the chinese zodiac this year?    Dog? Dragon? Wait me a sec, let me check....


If you asked the above questions to someone, most of them, they will provide you those unsure answer. If you asked google home. It will tell u the exact correct and the updated answer because this is technology and it is the powerful of the internet nowadays.

by Frequent Visitor mikerawlins
‎2018-08-22 05:53 PM

I would have a transporter machine - Friday in the pub in England,  Saturday go to football and pub (again), then back home to Perth to sleep all day Sunday

by New Contributor Judy999
‎2018-08-22 05:55 PM

I would invent a device that would give me sexy eye brows each morning 😲

by Occasional Contributor Mudsy360
‎2018-08-22 05:58 PM

A hat that reads your mind and makes actions possible. To help with getting a drink when I don't want to get off couch

by New Contributor Littleasia
‎2018-08-22 06:00 PM

I would invent a phone that you can call your loved ones that have passed.. Smiley Sad

by Occasional Contributor MrPatt
‎2018-08-22 06:09 PM

As I am responsible for cooking dinner every night, I would invent a device to read my wifes mind. 
This would save me a lot of lectures. 

by New Contributor Mcoulson
‎2018-08-22 06:09 PM

I’d invent a electric driverless car share scheme so no one has to own a car that sits at work all day. Shared costs and less resources being taken

by Frequent Visitor Edgedancer91
‎2018-08-22 06:10 PM
I would invent a robotic tray table to bring drinks and food while lying in bed. It would support voice control and serve alcohol.
by Frequent Visitor Mstrom
‎2018-08-22 06:11 PM

I’d make an AI/robot that was a clone of myself to deal with the kids, there’s only so much a sick mum can hear her name being yelled out. And if it can fool the kids I’d even send it to work for me. No more sick days! Winning!

by New Contributor kingtol
‎2018-08-22 06:20 PM

i'd invent a pram that moves backwards and forwards to rock the baby to sleep

by Occasional Contributor SmashAshby
‎2018-08-22 06:26 PM

I work in IT, so I'd invent a device that would automatically turn things off and on again whenever someone thinks there's a fault.

by New Contributor ciano1
‎2018-08-22 06:32 PM

I would invent a computer that never broke down!!

by New Contributor mydoona
‎2018-08-22 06:36 PM

I would invent a device to change the language I speak so I could say something in English and the device would translate it into the language of the person hearing it.

by New Contributor MelGreen
‎2018-08-22 06:41 PM

A device in my pantry I could scan items when finished and it would make a shopping list of what I need!

by Frequent Visitor h4zey
‎2018-08-22 06:43 PM

I'd reinvent smart tv and put all the the available and applicable technology into it

by New Contributor Pui619
‎2018-08-22 06:49 PM
If I can invent a teleportation device I would. I am all about efficiency! Something that Google aids me with on a daily basis.
by New Contributor nitrosticks
‎2018-08-22 06:53 PM

Bluetooth coffee machine, put mug and coffee pod in it the night before and have it activated via remote as you get up so you can stumble into the kitchen and your coffee is ready.

by New Contributor SheyleD
‎2018-08-22 06:55 PM

Need tech to replace our Federal politiians in this country where for once it wouldm't be about beating each other or stopping others from gaining power

by Member RonnieDe
‎2018-08-22 07:08 PM

Rhonda the robot, breakfast ready for the family, lunches packed as well, housework done while we are away, and dinner ready too.......

by New Contributor Sirk123au
‎2018-08-22 07:09 PM

Jack my 6 year old says that he would create a robot with an AI that can do his homework, chores, and fix his laptop, make his bed and make his breakfast too.

by New Contributor Guilli87
‎2018-08-22 07:14 PM

I would make a device that stops pain and anything that can cause pain, I suffer pain daily and I'd love one day pain free

by New Contributor gembrook
‎2018-08-22 07:23 PM

I'd need a junk mail app with a bit of AI to help get rid of real junk mail. 

by New Contributor Philwc85
‎2018-08-22 07:27 PM

 I would invent a device that would auto clean my home and do the washing and fold and put it away 

by Occasional Contributor Mooch
‎2018-08-22 07:32 PM

Hey Google. Call my boss and tell him I won't be in today. I have dengue fever. I'll be back in Monday.

by Occasional Contributor AlbertYu
‎2018-08-22 07:37 PM

I would probably try to invent a teleportation system.  I don't enjoy driving cars!

by Occasional Contributor Kitiara
‎2018-08-22 08:03 PM

Something that would enable me to exercise/lose weight that I could use when doing other things and be inconspicuous. 

by Occasional Contributor BillyBaroo
‎2018-08-22 08:09 PM

I'd invent a BS detector that verifies all statements made by the wearer and shocks them with 20,000 volts if it's BS.
My dad would be the ideal tester.

by New Contributor Didgeridea
‎2018-08-22 08:36 PM

I’d invent an automatic witty response generator in order to win competitions such as this one.

by Frequent Visitor Kian
‎2018-08-22 08:39 PM

@SillyGogo ha ha,

That's really cool gadget. My wife invented one that you'd put your baby with a wet nappy in, and get a clean one.

by Frequent Visitor bluebird1457
‎2018-08-22 08:40 PM

id like to invent something that helps us to know how to work all the new technology!!!! lol

by Occasional Contributor paulp2018
‎2018-08-22 08:52 PM

My own intelligent bot to interact with your chat bots so I have more time to do other things.

by Occasional Contributor Gnfan
‎2018-08-22 08:54 PM

I would like to invent a device to understand a female s way of thinking. Would be a very handy device!

by New Contributor Prasuk
‎2018-08-22 09:04 PM

I'd invent a device that allows my pooch to speak or translate his thoughts. Will pre order if someone else releases it first.

by New Contributor Kim1256
‎2018-08-22 09:05 PM

I would invent a machine to do all my house hold chores for me.

by Crowd Champion SillyGogo
‎2018-08-22 09:13 PM

@AlbertYu You haven't find the right car...I enjoy driving car just not the traffic. Give me a good car, open road and a playlist of music .... ofcourse to share the journey with my love ones. 

by Crowd Champion SillyGogo
‎2018-08-22 09:15 PM

@Didgeridea Hey how did you pass the Captcha test?

by New Contributor Ninoa15
‎2018-08-22 09:17 PM

I think i would invent a automatic back scratcher and full body massage becuase after a hard day at work why not relax and treat yourself to something very special.

by Crowd Champion SillyGogo
‎2018-08-22 09:18 PM

@Gnfan Lets not start a gender war...I am sure someone can invent a device with a switch to do translation for all 

by New Contributor salandpaul
‎2018-08-22 09:25 PM

A device to help me get to sleep!

by New Contributor Telingbone
‎2018-08-22 09:27 PM

I invent a device that would allow the google home to control the coffee machine and toaster so it is ready when I get out of bed

by New Contributor Del202
‎2018-08-22 09:31 PM

morning Hub’   Personal user settings.  Coffee turns on, Vibe music, reminders for the day, hooked to a pulley that reefs you out of bed, gently.

by Occasional Contributor sarcasticgirl
‎2018-08-22 09:38 PM

Having an idea of opening a portal and travelling to any place through the portal would be awesome to make it a reality.

by New Contributor kuni
‎2018-08-22 09:44 PM

I will invent a device that will fix 'My Account', as it has been broken over 20 days, and very inconvenient, while Optus IT team seems to have given up. 

by Occasional Contributor slinkster
‎2018-08-22 09:46 PM

Something to warn me when any of my tech was in danger. Too many airpods through the wash.

by Occasional Contributor viewer
‎2018-08-22 10:41 PM

My tech invention would be one to stop me growing older, so I can see new inventions and use them.

by New Contributor madchops
‎2018-08-22 10:42 PM

I would create a device that could predict what the best device to invent would be

by Occasional Contributor michaelg24
‎2018-08-22 10:58 PM

i would invent an app that allows me to type in what resources i have in my fridge/pantry and then give me a recipie that includes them all!

by New Contributor Glendon
‎2018-08-22 11:17 PM

I’d invent an artifitial stomach that only absorbs required daily amount of nutrients and rejects all extras then I can eat as much as I want! 

by Occasional Contributor dlan4327
‎2018-08-22 11:49 PM

A panic button in cars that activates the hazard lights whilst gently braking the car to a halt. Bonus points if it pulls over.

by Occasional Contributor jackie23
‎2018-08-22 12:06 AM

i am that far behind i don't know what a google home is

by Contributor Mr_Windows
‎2018-08-22 12:08 AM

I’d build a PA device that analysed my weekly trends,

meetings, schedules, tasks etc and booked my week for

me,including telling me on a daily basis what was outstanding and needed urgent actioning. It would look like a Sony Discman though, but the size of a 50 cent coin.


Its magnetised so you’d need to attach it to the back of your phone for it to “activate”


if its it’s not attached, you’re on your own!

by Occasional Contributor tanya75
‎2018-08-22 12:10 AM

Iwould invent a machine that would get my kids ready for school quicker lol I can dream cant I ?? more like wishful thinking lol 

by New Contributor Bevin_Watson
‎2018-08-22 12:10 AM
Some tool to manage my email - using a little more intelligence to weed out spam, and retrieving messages from systems like this one.
by New Contributor Gareth77
‎2018-08-22 01:20 AM

A device that eradicates fat from yummy food without altering the taste haha!!

by Visitor Katwa16
‎2018-08-22 05:33 AM
An automatic weight loss system. Why is it the "bad" food that tastes the best?!?! (Chocoholics anonymous here I come!)
by Occasional Contributor Aquafeel72
‎2018-08-22 06:04 AM
A Doctor Patient interface. Both doctor and patient are connected so the Doctor can acurately diagnose the patients symptoms. Who'd want to be a doctor?
by New Contributor Scallywag
‎2018-08-22 06:22 AM

A front door camera to mobile phone to see who is arriving during the day

by New Contributor Coilmango
‎2018-08-22 08:01 AM

I’d invent a machine to tell me where to go even when driving  .... hang on ... that would be my wife ! 

by Frequent Visitor Fedupnow
‎2018-08-22 08:11 AM

Not sure what it is but I am sure one of my kids will explain it to me. Pretty sure it makes coffee yay.

by New Contributor Dumbo469
‎2018-08-22 08:13 AM

I'd invent something to make things better.

by New Contributor Queensland53
‎2018-08-22 08:18 AM

I’d invent a means to clone myself via virtual reality or other means, to enable me to go to work whilst I really stay home and relax. 

by New Contributor Manya70
‎2018-08-22 08:40 AM

I would invent a device that would force Politicians and Members of Parliament to say what they really think...

by Occasional Contributor Rhino4
‎2018-08-22 09:21 AM

A device that helps Optus transition new customers over from Virgin without leaving them without phone service for a week or so would be awesome.

by New Contributor Cindytalk
‎2018-08-22 09:43 AM

A "hologram creating machine" that would send a version of me to work while I'm tucked up in bed watching the Premier League Football #holomegram

by Occasional Contributor Kitzyy
‎2018-08-22 09:57 AM

I’d invent a robot to help get my son ready for school. It’s such a hassle some mornings. If it also did the complete laundry cycle I’d be extra happy too. Happy mum, happy child = happy life! Right?! 

by New Contributor GlennE
‎2018-08-22 10:08 AM

I’d love a google home device. I’d invent the personal collection of data about myself, not in the hands of governments and corporations. 

by Trusted Contributor
‎2018-08-22 10:11 AM
Yeah, I was going to say a device that makes politicians do what the people actually wanted. But I'll settle for a solar panel device that makes carbohydrates and proteins. Elon Musk will need this for his Mars mission.
by Trusted Contributor
‎2018-08-22 10:12 AM
Also a robot that puts out fires would be good.
by Contributor Onemadgooner
‎2018-08-22 10:26 AM

I would invent a series of (affordable) sensors to help control smart home devices (TV's, lights, heaters etc) with Google home integration support of course Smiley Wink  

by New Contributor lanceheng
‎2018-08-22 10:36 AM

I would invent a device would make certain people of the world stop takk8ng and really start listening in particular areas of conflict and war. 

by New Contributor Bhavik
‎2018-08-22 10:52 AM

I would invent a device that can translate all the made-up, commercialised, personal interest-driven media to real and more humane content.

by New Contributor Philbo
‎2018-08-22 11:12 AM

Rap Translation Service - even when I can hear the words clearly, they don't mean what I expect. So many pirates, so much booty?

by Occasional Contributor Alanj12
‎2018-08-22 11:23 AM

Maybe a device that reminds me of the jobs my wife wants me to do before she does




by New Member zdan
‎2018-08-22 11:44 AM

i'd like to invent a translating device which not just translates language but also language habbit. People will get hint on the joke, slang, gesture and so on from targeting language as face-in-face talk. Love to talk with people from different countries but can get the their point.

by Occasional Contributor roly14
‎2018-08-22 11:58 AM

I would love to win a Google Home just to have another person to chat to in my home.  It gets lonely living alone but I would love to hear a different voice occasionally.    My home is a little too quiet somedays.  Smiley Very Happy


by Member chenwang
‎2018-08-22 01:01 PM

INSTANT TELEPORTATION like harry potter's apparate.


no travel times. no more waiting. no more travelling 5 hours to get to perisher. COME ON!

by Occasional Contributor Kitzyy
‎2018-08-22 01:07 PM

I would love nothing than to invent a way to solve those living in poverty and give them access to food, clean water and sanitation. The invention could then also be used in natural disaster areas.

by Occasional Contributor Bella_62
‎2018-08-22 01:38 PM

As we live in the rural area, and this country is vast and remote with lots of black spot areas...... my son manages a vineyard and suffers from blackspot or signal loss whilst making calls from his mobile. I would design a device, similar to a dongle that one uses for internet, so as to a persons availability to full mobile phone coverage regardless of their location.

by Occasional Contributor Peteroid
‎2018-08-22 02:17 PM

A device that would playback part of a song containing lyrics that match a keyword or phrase when it listens to a conversation.

by New Contributor snowboy
‎2018-08-22 02:40 PM

A device that provides me with the left side peripheral vision that I lost when I had my massive Stroke 12 years ago. 

by Occasional Contributor MrPatt
‎2018-08-22 02:42 PM