Celebrating 300K Yes Crowders – WIN a Google Home

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6th Aug 2018, 2:57pm

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This competition is now closed. Thank you so much to all those who entered! Entries are being judged and a winner will be announced soon.

We can’t thank you enough for helping us reach 300,000 Yes Crowders.. but we’ll give it a crack. To celebrate Yes Crowd and all our incredible members, we’re giving away a Google Home device!


Google Home is a voice-activated speaker that acts as your personal, hands-free Google. Ask it questions, or allocate it tasks – Google Home will be there at your beck and call, and having one could make your life just that much easier.


To enter this competition:

  1. Sign up to Yes Crowd or log in if you already have an account.
  2. Leave a comment below telling us in 25 words or less if you were to invent a piece of tech that would make your life easier, what would it be and why?
  3. For extra consideration, get a friend who is also an Optus customer to join Yes Crowd, @ tag their username in the comments and invent a piece of technology you could both use.

Once the competition closes we will judge all entries, and the person with the entry we deem to be the most entertaining will win the Google Home device.


The Yes Crowd 300K Yes Crowders competition runs from 06/08/18 at 3:00 pm AEST and you must be an Optus Customer to enter.


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by Member deevajo
β€Ž2018-08-21 03:44 PM

Called "Hind-Sight" preventing stupid decisions and you would ask the operating system who would be called "Re-Gret" if your choice is a bad one!  Smiley Happy

by Occasional Contributor allyssa95
β€Ž2018-08-21 03:44 PM

I will defo invest in a Google Pixel XL smartphones cz it’s way cheaper than iPhone and they hv kinda same function.., and I personally prefer the resolution on the google phone than the iPhone (I am using).. 

by Frequent Visitor wazman21
β€Ž2018-08-21 03:46 PM

Oh man, easy - I'd invent a replacement dish rack for my dishwasher that makes it easy to load tupperware in my dishwasher so they don't flip over and fill with water!

by Member Teddancing
β€Ž2018-08-21 03:46 PM
I'd invent a unified android architecture so that all phones would run from a standardized version of the OS.
by Frequent Visitor ShaneG
β€Ž2018-08-21 03:47 PM

Something that would make people understand how my Autistic Daughters brain works so they could understand

by New Contributor anddou
β€Ž2018-08-21 03:48 PM

I would invent a machine that folds and put away the clothes once they're washed... laundry chores can drag for weeks in this house

by New Contributor Nhorls
β€Ž2018-08-21 03:49 PM

HI, I would love the Home device to help me with handling my hearing Impairment by delegating tasks automatically, and answering functions that place a textual alert to my phone/tv/ etc..

Neil Horley

by Frequent Visitor Fatalmez
β€Ž2018-08-21 03:53 PM

Good luck one and all πŸ˜€

by Frequent Visitor SUDEV
β€Ž2018-08-21 03:55 PM

I would a camera which can be palced on my index finger and connect live view on my specs. That way i dont have to turn around or bend or jump to see what ever i want.

by New Contributor BedelphiA
β€Ž2018-08-21 03:58 PM

I'd invent body organs that match organ recipients so there would be 0 rejection and no donor waiting lists!

by Frequent Visitor Zaldyp
β€Ž2018-08-21 04:04 PM

Would invent a way to clone myself so the clone would do the hard work while i can relax with google home answering my questions.

by New Contributor clairea1991
β€Ž2018-08-21 04:07 PM

I'd invent a teleporter! For those nights when you want your favourite meal from a restuarant but don't want to drive, to the nights when the traffic is so bad you just wish you could "pop" home. Plus, how good would it be to Teleport to Europe as opposed the the long haul flights!

by New Contributor Fd
β€Ž2018-08-21 04:09 PM

I'd invent something that put together a menu plan for two weeks at a time, ordered the groceries required and had them delivered then showed the corresponding recipe each night. No fuss, no waste and no more decisions about what to eat - how easy would that be?

by New Contributor isaacl
β€Ž2018-08-21 04:10 PM

A music player playing music when in bed and can tune the volume down and turn it off automatically by monitoring the sleeping status.

by New Contributor Buggins
β€Ž2018-08-21 04:10 PM

They need to invent a machine that records your dreams. Then you can watch them at will. Imagine starring in your own dream!!

by New Contributor End258
β€Ž2018-08-21 04:10 PM

I need a google home so I can organise my life! Yes please. 

by Occasional Contributor HoochieMamma
β€Ž2018-08-21 04:10 PM

Robot monkey butlers! Do I really need to describe why??

by RetiredModerator Felicity_YC
β€Ž2018-08-21 04:12 PM

I am LOVING all these entries! Thanks @wazman21@clairea1991@Fd@Zaldyp... too many to tag/mention Cat Happy


Don't forget that for extra consideration in the competition, you can get a friend who is also an Optus customer to join Yes Crowd, and then @ tag their username in the comments and invent a piece of technology you could both use.

by New Contributor Dunc
β€Ž2018-08-21 04:14 PM

I'd invent software that would automatically enter competitions and generate witty comments of 25 words or less, sit back and let the prizes flood in.Smiley Wink

by New Contributor TonyJC
β€Ž2018-08-21 04:14 PM

Id invent a way to add an extra 2 hours to my day-  used for work, sleep or time with my family - on a pro-rata basis!

by New Contributor manosaurus
β€Ž2018-08-21 04:15 PM

I'd invent something that would decide on menu items for me when I get decision anxiety. No more food envy!

by Frequent Visitor maccamob
β€Ž2018-08-21 04:16 PM

A thermal generator to deliver power from all the hot air and political friction in Canberra!

by Visitor Bloke
β€Ž2018-08-21 04:17 PM
I'd invent an Interdimensional Portal Gun with access to infinite realities. (anyone who's seen Rick and Morty will get it)
by New Contributor millsey24
β€Ž2018-08-21 04:18 PM

A device that summarises speech into well formatted written text, e.g., case notes or reports. Hate writing reports.

by New Contributor Scott99
β€Ž2018-08-21 04:18 PM

How about a iRobot without the iNag routine embedded like the real model?  The iRobot would bring the beer, dinner, etc asked for it

by Occasional Contributor MaddyyMoo
β€Ž2018-08-21 04:19 PM
I would invent a device that can read minds, because I'm nosy and want to know everyone's secrets lol.
by Occasional Contributor lanegd01
β€Ž2018-08-21 04:19 PM

I'd invent a device that made Tradies turn up on time!

by New Contributor Dogtired
β€Ž2018-08-21 04:19 PM

I would invent/develop a program for credit card companies (ANZ, AMEX, etc.) that would SMS me notice/invoice/bill every time I spent money on my credit card. This would specify the date, time, vendor, purchase items and amount spent thus giving me an immediate and up-to-date record. It would also mean I could easily download this info into my accounting system (Xero or MYOB, say) to reclaim GST and expenses.

by Occasional Contributor yapa
β€Ž2018-08-21 04:19 PM

I would invent a toaster that would spread butter for me...

by Occasional Contributor AbeS
β€Ž2018-08-21 04:20 PM

Would love to invent a service that pre-screens calls for me via AI/ML to weed out telemarketers around services I’m not interested in hearing about. 

by New Contributor Shimon
β€Ž2018-08-21 04:20 PM

I would invent something like a mini floating robot where you control with your mind to float around and do most of the thing around you (basically like a partner/ friend) 

by New Contributor tdahutch
β€Ž2018-08-21 04:21 PM

An app that sends my husband notifactions on exactly what to do when "mum" decides she's on strike for the day.


by Contributor giri26
β€Ž2018-08-21 04:21 PM

If I had to invent a device, I would invent a teleporting device. I love travelling and it would be great to go to any place anytime without spending too much time. Smiley Happy I am an immigrant and stay away from family, so going home and coming back in a jiffy will be great. 

by Contributor Barfly
β€Ž2018-08-21 04:21 PM
I'd invent a device that stops companies like Optus from using the private messaging system to spam their members.
by Member OzHammer
β€Ž2018-08-21 04:21 PM

How about a spouse/partner mood detection early warning system to head off troubles and arguments before they begin?



by Occasional Contributor The_Milesy
β€Ž2018-08-21 04:21 PM

Id invent a piece of tech that can come up with clever answers for 25 word or less competitions!  I need a google Home!.  

by Occasional Contributor Sithlord
β€Ž2018-08-21 04:22 PM

If I could invent a piece of Technology it would be an AI Prime Minister, an advanced AI Robot has a better chance at leading this nation at the moment lol

by Occasional Contributor aendi
β€Ž2018-08-21 04:22 PM

It's not so much a new piece of tech, but a tweak to existing tech - voice assistants.

I'd add the ability to set the verbosity level - eg when you make a request to create a new reminder to buy milk; at the low end they would just respond 'done', or at the other end they would respond 'I've created your reminder to buy milk'

Sometimes I just want something done, not to have a pseudo-conversation Smiley Happy 

by Moderator Dan_C
β€Ž2018-08-21 04:23 PM

Agreed @Felicity_YC


Some awesome/hilarious idea! 


I concur @HoochieMamma, this reminds of the Simpsons, "Homer gets a helper monkey episode....Pray for Mojo."

by New Contributor mrgains
β€Ž2018-08-21 04:24 PM

I would invent a translation Ear piece device, That listens to foreign languages and converts to your preferred language. The device would also be able to take your words and convert it back for them seamlessly to understand as well. 

Props for if it can decifer what my girlfriends wants for dinner too πŸ˜…

by New Contributor Bekstar123
β€Ž2018-08-21 04:24 PM

A point system for game play for kids- when points run out, play stops...parents can add/take away depending on behavior and chores done!

by Occasional Contributor Pauly__
β€Ž2018-08-21 04:24 PM

A device to bring me beer, because god damn its a disruption to relaxing getting up and getting a cold one. 

by Occasional Contributor Briggzy
β€Ž2018-08-21 04:24 PM
I’d invent an invention machine! And get all the credit for my machines brilliant new ideas 😜
by Occasional Contributor Satchmo
β€Ž2018-08-21 04:24 PM

A device can help me to release tense and anxiety but not cause any problem to others or society.

by Occasional Contributor CKBenz
β€Ž2018-08-21 04:24 PM

I would like one so my wife could ask it endless questions instead of bothering me. 

by Occasional Contributor TomZorro
β€Ž2018-08-21 04:27 PM

Do the house-cleaning, laundry, etc., without any complaining.

Smiley Wink

by Occasional Contributor daveysmallz
β€Ž2018-08-21 04:27 PM

I'd invent a device that could write 25 words or less about why I want something, everytime I wanted to enter a competition. 

by Frequent Visitor cammo40
β€Ž2018-08-21 04:27 PM

Something that is able to tell the difference between a spam phone call and a helpful/important call.

by New Contributor goldenbrown21
β€Ž2018-08-21 04:28 PM

I'd invent T.R.I.S.R.E.M, stands for Turning Rubbish Into Safe Renewable Energy or Material. Its a device that can help reduce landfill, prevent contaminated recyling and remove the need for fossil fuels!


by New Contributor trent083
β€Ž2018-08-21 04:28 PM

Id invent a year round soil so we could grow an endless supply of food

by Occasional Contributor GMC100
β€Ž2018-08-21 04:28 PM

I'd invent a means to have my wife's make-up done quicker so it doesn't take her an hour to get ready.

by New Contributor architxt
β€Ž2018-08-21 04:28 PM

By wearing an Augmentables device, children would see their vegetables as pink, fluffy and cartoonish-like fun pieces of food on their plates, with sparkles on top, and looking like chocolate cake too.


As they consume the vegetables, mermaid princess unicorms would appear, singing Wiggles and Frozen songs.


by Occasional Contributor Sithlord
β€Ž2018-08-21 04:29 PM

Dear Moderators, after making my comment here my inbox is getting hammered with new comments made by others, please stop this behaviour. Its really not helpful. Cheers.

by Contributor Meincranbourne
β€Ž2018-08-21 04:29 PM

Room cleaning/ uncleaning application used to control bots designed to clean up and mess up your room! 

by Occasional Contributor sjw74
β€Ž2018-08-21 04:30 PM

I would invent some tech to convert thoughts into text to save time typing

by Occasional Contributor Scottitch
β€Ž2018-08-21 04:30 PM

A smart coffee machine/breakfast maker combo.
There's just not enough time in the mornings!

by Occasional Contributor TomZorro
β€Ž2018-08-21 04:30 PM

Stop the spam that followed my entry-comment, please!


by Member pchoith
β€Ž2018-08-21 04:31 PM

A robot-vacuum-style lawnmower... to get the weekends back!

by New Contributor Bryonx
β€Ž2018-08-21 04:31 PM

I'd invent the device that would give me access to the internet, everywhere, including the Australian outback, as we're travelling on the road, full-time.

by Occasional Contributor EnegueWeil
β€Ž2018-08-21 04:32 PM
Tech that can be implanted into our own bodies. Receiving a call in your head talking with your mind would be very private, for example. @Zyniz
by Occasional Contributor Tukknan1983
β€Ž2018-08-21 04:32 PM

A device that can change my babies' nappies when they have been filled with you know what. I'd call it the 'Poop Fairy'. πŸ˜†

by New Contributor o0spyder0o
β€Ž2018-08-21 04:33 PM

Something that takes the dishes in the sink and puts them in the dishwasher! The kids haven't worked out you need to put them in for it to work!



(Maybe using a google home I could send them a message to do it now and then!)


Good luck everyone


by New Contributor shazanator
β€Ž2018-08-21 04:34 PM

I’d invent windscreen wipes for glasses. They come out of a side at the hint of rain then disappear again after rain. Nice and discreet. 

by Occasional Contributor jasy
β€Ž2018-08-21 04:36 PM

I would invent an instantaneous teleportation device. No more traffic jam except at the teleportation booth. Doh!

Or a mass reduction device, check out Matt Damon's movie, Downsizing.

by New Contributor Slarti
β€Ž2018-08-21 04:36 PM

The magic alarm clock that will start the coffee and let the shower water run and get warm BEFORE I get in...

by Contributor mrklun
β€Ž2018-08-21 04:36 PM

A clone of myself. One of me can go to work and the other can take a holiday.

by Contributor SteveGee
β€Ž2018-08-21 04:37 PM

Some device that would automatically dispense your prescription meds each morning so you don't forget, order repeats, facilitate delivery and pay the account.

by Occasional Contributor sarcasticgirl
β€Ž2018-08-21 04:38 PM

Hi Team


I would like to explore Quantum Physics and invent a time machine which can be used for time travelling.

by New Contributor digi
β€Ž2018-08-21 04:38 PM

A device that stores my life, access all the worlds information, watch TV, sport, movies and listen to music whenever and wherever I wanted.

by Contributor cdand
β€Ž2018-08-21 04:39 PM

I'd invent a human teleportation device. Can't imagine how much time I spend in traffic every day.


by New Contributor Xz
β€Ž2018-08-21 04:40 PM

I'd invent a robot to invent stuff for me

by New Contributor sidetwists
β€Ž2018-08-21 04:41 PM

I would invent a mother-in-law interpreting / hearing aid, because what I say is never what she hears.

by New Contributor F73tch
β€Ž2018-08-21 04:41 PM

Ok Google, you would be a great starting point to automate my home! As soon as your my hub I can grow the automation.

by Occasional Contributor droll
β€Ž2018-08-21 04:41 PM

We love technology!

We press, we message, we send

Sometimes we need an off...

The ANTI-TECH 15 minute GIZMO

We talk, we see, we touch


by Occasional Contributor Sithlord
β€Ž2018-08-21 04:41 PM

If you're eperiencing a huge amount of updates from this thread in your inbox, go to op of the page and find where it states "Celebrating 300K Yes Crowders – WIN a Google Home" to the right of this is "Option" text, click/tap on it. A drop down will appear and select "nsubscribe" (make sure you're signed in to your account, of course).

by Occasional Contributor pauliking
β€Ž2018-08-21 04:42 PM
I would love a piece of tech that can translate what my wife REALLY means when she says "It's ok" or "Don't worry about it" and how I should respond.
by New Contributor Optusisincompet
β€Ž2018-08-21 04:45 PM

I’d invent a piece of tech that would enable streaming during peak without congestion.

by Occasional Contributor JMZ10
β€Ž2018-08-21 04:45 PM

I would invent a gyro sphere you could live in, so when I'm right at home, I'm always traveling no matter what terrain or ocean.

by Contributor jimbo5
β€Ž2018-08-21 04:49 PM

l would invent a peice of tech thats smart enough to come up with the correct words for the best answer to win this competition.

by New Contributor hurlator
β€Ž2018-08-21 04:50 PM

I would invent a device that entered competitions for me with winning comments. πŸ‘

by New Contributor Emccombie
β€Ž2018-08-21 04:52 PM




An automatic dirty nappy changer. No more slipping down pop valley during nappy changes for the squid! Fresh bums all day.

by New Contributor Emilyhakanson
β€Ž2018-08-21 04:54 PM



A contraption that pats tiny baby bums endlessly so they’ll go to sleep. Save my arm muscles.

by Occasional Contributor Matias
β€Ž2018-08-21 04:57 PM

A tele-transporter and a timeachine Smiley Happy

by Occasional Contributor Rockets
β€Ž2018-08-22 05:02 PM

A device that can come with witty 25 words or less comments so I might finally win one of these competitions....

by Occasional Contributor Ante
β€Ž2018-08-22 05:04 PM

I would help you guys invent Visual Voicemail for iPhone πŸ˜‰

It would make my life easier 

by New Contributor KadeBass
β€Ž2018-08-22 05:04 PM
I would invent a device that gets me ready in the morning so I don't have to
by Frequent Visitor QueenBeeMJB
β€Ž2018-08-22 05:06 PM

If I could invent anything it would be a device that changes teenage grunts into meaningful conversation- I’d wear it like an earpiece

by Occasional Contributor bretthood
β€Ž2018-08-22 05:07 PM

I'd invest a food replicator like in Star Trek to make the preparation of food easier when I get home from work late 

by New Contributor luanneadrie
β€Ž2018-08-22 05:09 PM

I would invent nano tech material. Which would then be made into clothing that changed according to your environment. 

by Occasional Contributor Jules356
β€Ž2018-08-22 05:09 PM