Caption This Competition Winner Announced!

Posted by (Retired Employee)
23rd Sep 2015, 3:54pm

We received so many fantastic and creative entries to our 'Caption This' Competition to win either the new Samsung Galaxy Note 5 or S6 Edge+ it was really tough to pick one!


Congratulations to our winner @Dontevenjoke with his entry:


caption this comp winner.png


We reached out to Dontevenjoke to find out which phone he'd choose and he's decided on the Note 5!


Congrats again, you'll have your brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 5 coming your way shortly!


Galaxy Note 5.png

by Occasional Contributor Dontevenjoke
‎2015-09-22 04:02 PM

Woo Hoo! Yeah Baby! You little ripper! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!


Absolutely Stoked!


Thanks to Optus, Optus Community, the judges, my parents, my manager and of course, my wife and my son.


Woo Hoo!

by Esteemed Contributor
‎2015-09-22 04:06 PM

Congratulations Smiley LOL

by Occasional Contributor AndromedaGalaxy
‎2015-09-22 04:17 PM

Congrats very orginal.  cough.  

by Occasional Contributor Juuliciously
‎2015-09-22 04:20 PM

Congrats mate! Glad to see someone who worked hard on the entries winning this, you earned it Smiley Happy

by Occasional Contributor AndromedaGalaxy
‎2015-09-22 04:25 PM

Congrats Dontevenjoke.  You forgot to thank your source for the caption thou


Thanks Optus nd Any for the competion was fun!!!!

by Occasional Contributor Dontevenjoke
‎2015-09-22 04:37 PM

 @AndromedaGalaxy  Ok Thanks to the Internet meme...and I hope you can get rid of the cough. [Cough]


by Occasional Contributor Dontevenjoke
‎2015-09-22 04:38 PM
by Occasional Contributor AndromedaGalaxy
‎2015-09-22 04:58 PM

@Dontevenjoke lol.  No points for originality.  Dinosaur Caption.  Even try to copy the font.  Rolls eyes.  Had way too much fun.  Hello, Optus I think I swalllowed a Samsung Galaxy Note 5.  Any advice?

by Occasional Contributor Dontevenjoke
‎2015-09-23 05:30 PM

@AndromedaGalaxy Now, now. We all borrow from here and there? (Eccl.1:9)


What about "I will survive" - Gloria Gaynor? [Cough]


Where other phones "bite the dust." - Queen [Cough]



I only thing I would take "to the end of time" would be a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ from Optus.

-J.Timberlake [Cough]


How did the T Rex "time travel"? - Back to the Future 1-4 [Cough]


Hello Optus, I'm corned (sic) by a T Rex. "The only thing that can turn it back into a sparrow is in its' stomach."

Advice? - Red Dwarf 8x7 - Pete: Part 2

 [Cough, Cough, Cough!]



Hey, no hard feelings man. Just going to celebrate my win. Thanks for the laughs. Smiley LOL

by Occasional Contributor AndromedaGalaxy
‎2015-09-23 05:39 PM

Yeh damn got into a 70'/80's time loop.  Thou still 80% original with 20% inspired by 70's/80's. Verse 99% borrowed.  Yeh I know the Red Dwarf was borrowed was watching it and wasn't original.  Was just having fun.  Pete II season 8 to acknowlege the source.  Classic!!!

by Occasional Contributor AndromedaGalaxy
‎2015-09-23 05:47 PM

No the time travel reference was Doctor who.  First episode with the 11th Doctor.  Madam vastra Smiley Happy    

by Occasional Contributor AndromedaGalaxy
‎2015-09-23 06:04 PM

@Dontevenjoke Same no hard feelings.  Thanks Andy, the competition got me to finally register my Optus account and join the Optus Community.  God that was an effort working out why I couldn't post.  

by Contributor bobby_x_m
‎2015-09-23 08:19 AM

@Dontevenjoke Do you think you're being fair to the judges and other contestants, in accepting a prize for creativity for an entry that appears to be cut and paste from the web?  Is that even being honest?  Surely if the judges knew this they would not have chosen this entry? Are you not obtaining a benefit here by being dishonest - holding out to the world that you have come up with the caption?

by Occasional Contributor AndromedaGalaxy
‎2015-09-23 09:38 AM

@bobby_x_m +1 for that.  I'm struggling to see what creative input there was in good faith of ALL participants that attempted to be creative, and the T&Cs.  Can anyone explain how that is original/creative and not blanant plagiarism?



by Occasional Contributor Dontevenjoke
‎2015-09-23 10:12 AM

@bobby_x_m Bobby, Bobby, Bobby. We live in a world that has very blurry lines around IP, mashups and content. 


 In a brief review of your entries, let's look at some of the pop culture references that may have influenced you, and the possibility that these references have been "cut and paste (sic) "from the web.


 "Is that even being honest?"


 For example - You yourself used- "I'll be back" - Swartzenegger


  "Come with me if you want to live" - ditto Terminator


by bobby_x_m 8th Sep ‎2015 at 6:45pm
 I'm texting this guy to get directions and you'll never guess his last message - “y u call me lunch?”

See the Internet meme here -


 Smack! Bobby - same use of internet meme with adjustment?


"Not exactly bucket-list material" - 2007 Movie The bucket list (


by bobby_x_m 14th Sep ‎2015 at 6:10pm

 Tempting, but as I've spent nearly seventy million years hiding alone in the Lost World, who exactly would I call? - Movie Reference


So Booby, if you had won, I would have to say that I would have just accepted that you were the most creative on the day...

Hey, no hard feelings, little guy...just a bit of fun.


Sent from my (soon to be) Optus Galaxy Note 5



by Occasional Contributor AndromedaGalaxy
‎2015-09-23 10:34 AM

Argh fingering pointing doens't cut it sorry.  I see another of yours 100% movie tagline.  That's irrelevant! Talking about the "winning" caption.  Do you feel the "winning" caption was creative?


Yes combinatorial creativity may be acceptable.


Question is should blantant plagarism be rewarded?  What the judges decide is another matter wether it's acceptable under their own T&Cs.



Don't shoot the messager for pointing out the obvious.







by Contributor bobby_x_m
‎2015-09-23 10:43 AM


- I think cut and paste is pretty clearly crossing a line.

- The Terminator references are meant to be recognised, it's called parody.

- The meme you link to is 'Y U No Call Me On Your Break or Lunch?' - that's not my caption, and no I did not find this or any other of my entries by reworking web tools like that.

- Using the phrase 'bucket-list' in this way makes the caption a rip-off??

- A movie reference makes the caption a rip-off??

- If you actually mean phrases like 'no hard feelings' then name calling ('Booby', 'little guy') hardly seems the way to go.  

- Trying to paint my captions as cut and paste rip offs - are you really trying to be honest here? Or are you angry and throwing misleading claims at someone else's work?

by Occasional Contributor Dontevenjoke
‎2015-09-23 11:08 AM

 Direct quote - Bobby Boy.




I'm texting this guy to get directions and you'll never guess his last message - “y u call me lunch?”

Is a clear ripoff of -  

Internet meme here -


How can you possibly deny that one? You are dreaming if you think you can rationise, justify, ignore or deny that this is not a direct cut and paste ripoff! 


You have done exactly what you are accusing me of...


Which, by the way, I don't think is in any way wrong. If you had won, I would have been totally cool with it, even if your blatant internet meme ripoff won... ha ha.


NEXT- "I think cut and paste is pretty clearly crossing a line."


Call it parody, or whatever you want, but despite being a blatant user of pop culture references, you didn't win...but please accept my heartfelt condolances on your loss.


And I really did not mean to call you B@@by... so I definitely apologise for that one.


Sorry Bobby. Big guy.


The anger is all yours. Actually you and @AndromedaGalaxy.


I'm not angry...I'm having some of the best laughs I've had this year...


C'mon boys - you've both been exposed as pop culture junkies...and a wee bit hypocritical...


Still thanks for the belly laughs...again no hard feelings...


Sent from my Galaxy Note 5


by Occasional Contributor AndromedaGalaxy
‎2015-09-23 11:32 AM

lol.  Try, not make it personal.  Got me in my cricket umpiring mode.   I don't feel the "winning" caption has any creative input apart from the pic supplied.  Just too much of a coincidence and similarity with an existining pic and caption.  Virtually exact!  Not in the spirit of the competition.  I think a polite msg to Andy to question wether it warrants to be called 'creative'.


Maybe if enough partipants question this it might need a rethink.


I'm liking the Oprah post "You all get a phone". Smiley Happy 



by Contributor bobby_x_m
‎2015-09-23 12:19 PM


- The following caption of mine is not cut and paste of 'Y U No Call Me On Your Break or Lunch?' or any other captions on the link you provide: 'I'm texting this guy to get directions and you'll never guess his last message - “y u call me lunch?”

- I wrote the caption so I know it's not cut and paste and I think it's pretty clearly different.  Why do you keep hiding behind a posted link rather than quoting directly - are you afraid a reader will look it up?

- The first step to not infringeing other's intellectual property is to understand acceptable use, and your persistent attempts to conflate, e.g., a reference to a movie title, with cut and paste copying make me wonder if have even attempted this first step.

- It's quite possible that the social or mainstream media will pick up on a story of someone winning a creativity prize for cut and paste copying; and your real life name may well go into the public domain on this.  Enjoy your phone if your happy to be known for that behaviour.

by Occasional Contributor Dontevenjoke
‎2015-09-23 02:15 PM

I am crying with laughter..thank you guys...i have won twice. Actually the truly creative thing about my entry is that it is a brilliant twist on an established concept. Like your entries. Us three should start an advertising agency. I'll do creative and you guys can be legal. Bwah ha ha ha...

[Tears rolling down my face]

Thank you thank you thank you.

@andromedagalaxy @bobby_x_m



Sent from my Optus Samsung Galaxy Note 5 -this thing is no dinosaur...hee hee 

by RetiredModerator Hollie
‎2015-09-23 04:10 PM

Congrats @Dontevenjoke! It was definitely a tough choice but I did giggle when I read that caption Smiley Happy Enjoy the new phone buddy.

by Occasional Contributor Dontevenjoke
‎2015-09-23 04:12 PM

 @Hollie So are too kind. Many thanks, dontevenjoke. (You can call me "dont")

by Occasional Contributor AndromedaGalaxy
‎2015-09-24 08:49 PM

Nothing brillant about the caption.  It would be great to say wow that's original/creative,  wish I had thought of that.  Leaves me feeling wish my creative fingers should have just googled for an existing caption!!  Plagiarism is not creative!!  There's no creative input or transformation of an existing idea. 

by Occasional Contributor AndromedaGalaxy
‎2015-09-24 09:58 PM

@Andy  I wish to draw to your attention the choice for the 'winning'  caption.

If you compare IF OIL IS MADE FROM DECOMPOSED DINOSAURS to the caption chosen you will see an exact match.


I'm not suggesting it may be a good caption.


How is this regarded as creative?  There is no transformation of an existing idea.  It is clear where the caption selected was obtained. Isn't this just plagiarism?  Should plagiarism be acceptable or rewarded?


According to the terms and conditions of the competition:

8.The valid entry judged to be the most creative


In good faith to all participants who attempted to be creative and had fun there needs an appropriate response and/or action!


Kind Regards,



by Occasional Contributor Dontevenjoke
‎2015-09-24 05:50 AM

14. The Promoter’s decision is final, and no correspondence will be entered into, including in the event of a dispute. 



by Occasional Contributor AndromedaGalaxy
‎2015-09-24 06:49 AM

Thanks I've read the T&C's. I go to the heart of the T&C's.  In the good faith of the spirt of the competition for a creative/original entry, and respect for all particants.  As a PR exercise to consider a plagiarised entry it should deem it unsuitable and invalid.  I assume it was an oversight not to check the originality and creativity input for the entry by doing a simple google.


If other participants feel the same I can fully understand.  Plagiarism isn't creative.  It should not be tolerated, encouraged or rewarded.


What Optus decides to do is up to them, for what's acceptable and the appropriate action to remedy this oversight.



by Contributor bobby_x_m
‎2015-09-24 06:53 AM

@Andy I also am pretty disappointed that a prize for creativity has been awarded to entry that is apparently cut and paste.  I'm surprised that the person who does this responds to objections by making false accusations of copying at others and uses this website to try to insult and belittle other users.  I'm gobsmacked that after this behaviour a site moderator (an optus employee?) congratulates the individual. This is very poor form.  


Under the terms, the promoter has the right to use the winners name - how about it? Would the individual concerned really want to own up to this behaviour if you stopped allowing them to hide behind a pen name?

by Contributor bobby_x_m
‎2015-09-24 09:26 AM

Anyone interested in organising a class action against Optus for breach of contract over this?


As I see it:


- The Terms and Conditions are a contract between the Promoter and each Entrant;

- We as Entrants offer Captions in exchange for a right for the Caption to be assessed as a winning entry;

- An implied term of that contract with us is that the Prize shall not be awarded to an entry that is invalid – that would deprive contestants who have submitted valid entries of a right awarded to them under the contract;

- The prize has apparently been awarded to an entry that is not valid – the Terms require that 'All entries become the property of the Promoter.', implying that the entrant is in a position to pass ownership (which clearly the winning Entrant is in no position to do, if they have simply misappropriated someone else's intellectual property).

- I would only seek peppercorn damages to establish the principle that agencies conducting these types of promotions shouldn't abuse natural justice in this way (it is pure farce for the judges to claim a cut and paste entry is the most creative).

- With any luck someone might consider doing this pro bono.

- How sad that the competition has ended in this dreadful outcome.

by Occasional Contributor AndromedaGalaxy
‎2015-09-24 09:38 AM

I think the diplomatic first step is try Optus Public Relations and get their opinion.  I'm sure it wouldn't look good from a PR point of view once aware of the facts.

by Contributor bobby_x_m
‎2015-09-25 12:12 PM

@AndromedaGalaxy You are very patient and optimistic!

I take Hollie's response as a clear statement of the Optus position.


Looks like another case of Volkswagen corporate culture - apologise if the regulator catches you, but otherwise take the customers for mugs and play them like fools.  (Can we even be confident that Dontevenjoke isn't Hollie's husband or brother etc?  Sure, the Terms say that's not allowed, but does Optus care about that?)


I'm looking at chaning my ISP, letting my friends know about Optus's interesting take on integrity, and serving a cease and desist letter on Optus in relation to their infringement of my intellectual property (since the contract is null and void, they have no authority to publish my captions).  

I'll look into breach of contract a little later.

If you want to still deal with Optus - good luck and take a long spoon.

by Occasional Contributor AndromedaGalaxy
‎2015-09-28 02:44 PM

@bobby_x_m  lol.  Sums me up.  I umpire cricket put it that way.  Sorry been preoccupied will logde a formal complaint with the relevant department.  Optus have been slow to get back to my initial enquiry.  Well I don't think Hollie speaks for all of Optus.  Comes down to integrity of the competition and respect of all participants.  Caught up with a good friend on the weekend.  Forgot they had the highest connections.  

by Frequent Visitor ButlerDidIt
‎2015-09-28 03:14 PM

Not sure, but I thought the winner was a giggle too. Funnnnnny...

by Occasional Contributor AndromedaGalaxy
‎2015-09-28 03:20 PM

It's not the point whether the caption was funny or good.  The point is it too heavily relies on existing work.  Therefore in my opinion it may not be original/creative.  


by Occasional Contributor filoguy2012
‎2015-09-28 04:59 PM

@AndroidDaGalaxy - You are right! I saw your link (or someone else's link) and it is exactly the same caption. So someone change it and make it his own. It looks like cut and paste caption.

by Contributor bobby_x_m
‎2015-10-02 10:34 AM

@AndromedaGalaxy Nice! I'm a little busy now, but I'd like to get some social media discussion going about who owns the caption Dontevenjoke has taken Maybe the owner will come forward and take some action. They've clearly earned a phone at least.