Brand new channel packs to choose from on Yes TV by Fetch

by Online Community Manager ‎2017-02-27 01:59 PM
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27th Feb 2017, 1:59pm

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From 27 February, you’ll be able to tailor your Yes TV by Fetch Channel Pack subscriptions based on the content you and your family or friends like to watch.


There’s a huge range of content for you to choose from, all neatly bundled up in five exciting new Channel Packs: Kids, Knowledge, Vibe and Variety for just $6 each per month or the combination of all four in the Ultimate Pack for $20 per month.


Kids - $6/month


Offering the very best in children’s entertainment, this pack provides non-stop fun and learning for kids of all ages. Filled with characters they’ll love and stories that’ll ignite their curiosity, enjoy kid-friendly favourites including CBeebies, Nickelodeon and Disney Junior, plus loads more.


Knowledge - $6/month


The Knowledge pack brings you the most compelling documentaries, the best lifestyle content across home, travel and food plus the latest news from around the globe. Access BBC World News, National Geographic, The Food Channel and more.


Vibe - $6/month


Filled with music, sport, comedy, reality TV and fashion, Vibe is the pack for the latest games, shows, songs, looks and laugh from top channels including MTV, eGG and ESPN.


Variety - $6/month


Packed with top TV shows from around the world, Variety is a tantalising mix of crime drama, classic picks, action and comedy. Get more of the TV you love with channels such as BBC UKTV, Universal Channel, SyFy and more included.


Ultimate - $20/month


Enjoy endless entertainment for the whole family, all together in one great value pack that includes every channel from Kids, Knowledge, Vibe and Variety.


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If you’ve already got Yes TV by Fetch, you can easily purchase the new Channel Packs through your set-top box. Not a Yes TV by Fetch customer yet? To check out or purchase our Yes TV by Fetch set-top boxes or for more information about the exciting Premium Channel Packs, head here


Please note:


On 27 Feb, the new Premium Channel Packs can only be subscribed to via your Yes TV by Fetch Gen 2, Yes TV by Fetch Mighty or Yes TV by Fetch Mini set-top box. Please head to Menu > Manage > Subscriptions to subscribe. Once you subscribe to any of the new Premium Channel Packs or the Ultimate Pack, you won’t be able to resubscribe to the Entertainment Pack.

by Occasional Visitor cherrie220
‎2017-04-06 10:31 PM

@CliveDMate Fox news is owned by Rupert Murdoch, as well as Foxtel - hence the same news. You're asking for something owned by the owners of Foxtel - there is no way on Earth Fetch would be able to get it. The same applies for Sky News, which is also owned by Murdoch.


I agree with CNN being Fake News, but unfortunately, it is not possible for anyone else but foxtel to get fox or sky. The only other less worse, but still okay options are BBC and maybe Russia Today. Start a petition to get RT instead!

by Contributor RONALD106
‎2017-04-06 11:38 PM


CliveD cannot agree with you about the BBC  it is one of the worst   I have found the only ones that can be trusted  are  RT  &  Press TV.  & CEC  REPORT  at the present time you can only watch them on line  or You Tube , Foxtel now has the CEC REPORT  but would not hold my breath  with Fetch  adding them  as they are not customer orientated  that is shown by them  feeding you so many Foxtel Adds , advertising  shows and Channels you cannot receive unless you also spend a fortune by having Foxtel  as well  then you pay to duplicate what you receive on Fetch not receive unless you also spend a fortune by having Foxtel  as well  then you pay to duplicate what you receive on Fetch  and being  pay TV  the quantity  and Quality  of   the Advertisers they target  such as the Loan Sharks  (pay day lenders  and  all these New Personnel  loan companies telling you their interest rates are cheaper  or compatible with the Banks  but then they have huge fees as well .

by Occasional Contributor sincere
‎2017-04-19 12:19 PM
Screw the new channel packs that I already get for free on Foxtel. How about you guys sort out YouTube Access for Fetch TV instead as it's the only reason I got the damn service in the first place and can't use it!
by Frequent Contributor
‎2017-04-19 12:44 PM



get a chromecast mate .. will work every time

by Frequent Contributor
‎2017-04-19 06:51 PM

Seriously Clive, you want to get Fox News because you think CNN is biased and shallow. Fox , more right wing than Attilla the Hun. But I guess they must be OK - they supply the Donald with all his "facts".

by Occasional Contributor sincere
‎2017-04-19 07:50 PM
@TezzaP I may just do that mate.. The "only" useful thing on the Fetch TV box that I've got is that it provides me with access to Netflix - I don't recall ever watching anything else on it as I get all their content and more from my Foxtel IQ3.