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App spotlight|JustWatch app review: Find what’s streaming on a TV near you

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Last month we discussed what the future of search will look like with Google Lens . For November’s pick, we look at an app designed to answer the first question on any would-be binge watcher’s lips…


"Can I watch it on Netflix?"


 JustWatch not only answers the question above but has widened the scope to incorporate all the major players in the streaming game. With JustWatch, you can search through digital content libraries across a huge number of content streaming platforms.


So, what is JustWatch and how can it can help you find your next binge-worthy favourite?


The concept is really simple – search JustWatch for the title of a movie or TV show you’re keen on watching and filter by the streaming services you use.


If you don’t quite know what you’re looking for, a large number of filters are available to help narrow down your search. Filter by review scores given by Rotten Tomatoes and IMBD, recommended ratings, and traditional filters like genre and year. What does that mean for you? Well, no more flipping between streaming apps to find the movie or TV show your mates can’t stop talking about.


Now this idea isn’t entirely new, infact JustWatch originally emerged a few years back, but with far less content. In 2018, that library has grown to include Aussie streaming services such as Stan, SBS On Demand and ABC iview. To its  much-deserved credit, JustWatch is one of the few content search engines to shows you content based on what’s available in your region.


Below, we show you how easy it is to set up, browse through content and create watch lists so you can save your favourites for later.


Getting started – choosing your location



  • When you launch the JustWatch application for the first time, you’re prompted to select    your country.


  • JustWatch will only display search results for content available on streaming services in    your country, for example – Stan, Netflix, iview + heaps more.


  • Once you’ve selected your country, you’re ready to start searching .









Using the app – Filtering your search queries 


                                    Filteringsearchqueriesintheapp.png        filtersearchingqueriesintheapp2.png  


  • Searching for titles in the JustWatch app is super simple. You can search by actor or director, or if you already have the TV show or movie title in mind – you can plug that into the search bar.


  • Find exactly what you’re looking for by filtering your search. JustWatch has all your must-have filters, like genre, year, quality and paid or free content.


  • What I love are the additional filters that really help cut through the clutter. JustWatch allows you to filter by IMBD and Rotten Tomato ratings, all streaming platforms available in Aus and even age rating (in case you want something the whole family can enjoy).



Save your favourites for later – Setting up watch lists




  • Set up watch lists so you can access all your favourite titles. This rids the need of maintaining separate lists with each streaming provider you use.


  • If you’re signed in on your mobile or tablet, you can launch streaming apps such as Netflix and Stan directly from your watch list, how easy is that?











Other cool features we loved


Find new release titles at the lowest price


  • If the movie or TV series isn’t available to stream on your favourite streaming service, JustWatch presents you with list of places to purchase or rent titles. You can also find titles at bargain prices using the apps’ price drops tab.


Find cinema session times for summer’s biggest blockbusters


  • JustWatch allows you to find session times at your local Hoyts cinema.


Search through a curated list of content.


  • Select from titles rated by the JustWatch community.



Where can I find the app?


Just Watch is available on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.


downloadtheapphere.pngdownload the app on Google play.png 



 Well that’s it guys, I hope you enjoyed reading our second app spotlight.



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Crowd Champion Davelew
Crowd Champion

I like it @Dan_C.  Really easy to use.  Also saves arguments when your wife says she has seen that a show is available to screen but doesn't know on which streaming service (often).