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App spotlight – Google Lens

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The apps that are catching our attention. 

We’re spoiled for choice when it comes to mobile apps, we’re not exaggerating… we’re talking an average of over 6000 new mobile applications released each day -that’s through the Google play store alone.

As @Megan_YC, has discussed in the past, mobile apps form an integral part of our daily lives. Some apps are purely intended for fun, like SUPERMOJI (who doesn’t love a good face filter in the form of a horse, or Grim reaper), others help us with deal with the monotony of everyday tasks, such as banking.

Then there are those apps that give us a taste of what the future of tech has in-store. Google Lens is one of those apps.

 The way we search for information is in a state of constant change. Voice search is still gaining traction amongst consumers, but thanks to Google’s choice to expand Google Lens to an increasing number of Android phones, we’ve been given another brand-new way to search.

What is Google Lens?

To put it simply, Google Lens scans the information around you, giving you contextual information about your surroundings.

The technology relies upon your smart-phone camera. Using the camera on your handset, Google Lens can scan a product, animal, text or something else in your environment and tells you what that object is. Want to know the know breed of cute dog that just pranced by? Easy, point your camera and let Google perform its magic.


Google Lens app preview.jpg

Point your camera and Google Lens presents you with surprisingly accurate results.

Here's what happened when we shot a photo of our desk plant.


What can you do with Google Lens?

There’s a whole heap of things you can accomplish with Google Lens. Here’s a couple of highlights:

Become in a connoisseur in the arts

So, you’re in the midst of your spring cleaning, maybe it’s time to sort through the junk in the shed that’s been gathering dust for years. But wait a minute, you’ve just stumbled upon would could be a priceless piece of art. There’s only one way to be sure. Point your camera and let Google tell decide if you’ve found a winner.

Be your own tour guide 

New in town? Maybe you’re visiting and want to know a little more about that iconic landmark. For those with a real interest in the architectural significance of that quirky looking structure, just point and fire away! You’re presented with all the details and you’ve also scored yourself a photo souvenir of your trip. 

Review restaurants

That fancy looking eatery you’ve just walked past sure looks tempting, but what do others think, is it worth the hefty price tag? Pull up reviews of restaurants and other hot spots with a quick snap of your camera.

Scan text in real-time

Scanning applications have existed for years now, but Google Lens makes things that much easier. Not only does the Lens scan text, but immediately copies that text to your phones clipboard/note page. The Google Lens is also capable of scanning business cards, in-turn adding contact details as a new address-entry.

Personally, I haven’t received a business card in years. But hey, if they’re still filling space in your wallet, you’ll love this feature.

Which devices are compatible with Google Lens?

Google Lens is now available on selected Android handsets. We’ve recently announced The Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL to our range of supplied handsets. The Google Pixel 4XL is now available at Optus.

What do you think? Have you tried Google lens? We’d love to hear thoughts from the Crowd.

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Respected Contributor
Respected Contributor

@Dan_C Didnt think they let you IOS types near google apps Cat Surprised


Just installed it on my Note 8 and its working really well.

Scanned things like my Mentos tin - and found more in search results, my Keyboard etc.


It could not work out my can of "Bacon Soda" but I gave it a pass on that as it offered me a selection of meats as results instead!

Blog Author

I'd love to scan my dog! She's a mixed breed (cavalier king charles x maltese terrier) but doesn't really look like either, so it'd be interesting to see what it comes back with.

@Megan_YC Stella would be good to scan too! Smiley Tongue

Respected Contributor
Respected Contributor



Just scanned my wallpaper of my blue heeler. 



Blog Author



Wow pretty good!

Your dog is so cute, what's it's name?

Respected Contributor
Respected Contributor

Her name is cookie and she is nearly 10 years old!

Trusted companion and lives listening to free spotify during the day when im at work . 

New Contributor
New Contributor

I tried out this app a couple of months ago and although interesting I thought it struggled to identify many things. So a good reminder @Dan_C to have another go with it.

Seems to have improved greatly with its recognition and the more it is used the better it will become.


Blog Author

Cookie is lovely Smiley Happy I wonder if she has a favourite song on Spotify!


My dog Mia is 10 years old too - going on 11 in December

Blog Author

Haha, that's great @Paddylee


I haven't always been an ioS guy. Contracts up and I'm still leaving my options open. 


Two big Android releases, Mate 20 Pro and Pixel 3. 


Now there's too many good options. 


I'm glad! @Withy, I'm interested to see whether the in-built version of  Google Lens in the Pixel differs to the app.







Haha @Kara_YC great idea!!


Aw @Paddylee she's gorgeous Smiley Very Happy 

Respected Contributor
Respected Contributor


She is a fan of classical music, though has been known to enjoy Black Sabbith on occasions and AC/DC when a storm rolls overhead (Thunderstruck!!!)

Crowd Champion
Crowd Champion

I'm disappointed with the app. I was hoping it would have an aggression score when it recognised the breed of dog.  One bark for docile and loving and ten for stay well clear.  All your lovely dogs would be a one bark, but you would be surprised when we are on caravan sites the number of times the smallest sweetest looking dogs want to bite my hands off or worse. I know, I know, it's the owners not the dogs.

@Dan_C i think the chances of you buying an Android phone are practically zero, you just love that little Apple with the bite out of it.




Blog Author

Haha. An aggression score.


Submit that one to Google for feedback, I've got your back.


Don't be so pessimistic @Davelew, I might just surprise you. 


@Dan_C stole my phone @Paddylee Cat Wink

Respected Contributor
Respected Contributor


That falls under "Teamwork" by chance?

Surely @Dan_C was just curious about Android after too long in the "i zone"