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App Spotlight - Optus Sport Fitness

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Now that the English Premier League 2020 season has concluded, it does not mean your use of Optus Sport should be relegated along with Norwich City, Watford and Bournemouth until next season. 
If you have an Optus Sport subscription, not only can you continue watching the action in the J-League and K-League, now you also get something extra: Optus Sport (OS) Fitness 
Are you a fan who needs to get up off the lounge this off season? Maybe you’re a customer already into fitness looking for new routines to try either by yourself, with the kids or even grandparents.

You’ll be kicking goals with OS Fitness!

What is OS Fitness? 

OS Fitness is the latest addition to Optus Sport. It gives customers access to different and unlimited exercises, focusing on specific areas, with guidance from a trainer. 

Optus Sport has partnered with Flow Athletic and Virtual Playground (with more to come), to provide workout content with some of Australia's best fitness experts.  
It caters to a wide range of standards, fitness levels and interests with fun and effective video workouts. The range of exercises include Cardio, Core, Dance, Pilates, Tabata and Yoga. 

Where can these exercises be done? 

Most of the exercises can be done at home or in an outdoor area without the need for speciality equipment. These can be replaced by your lounges, chairs, books, towels, broomsticks and other household items. Train with leading instructors wherever and whenever is best for you. 

What devices can access OS Fitness?

OS Fitness can be accessed by any device that can access Optus Sport. This means that it can be watched on Mobile, Computers/Laptops, Fetch, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Chromecast, Xbox One S & Xbox One X. 

How much does it cost to access OS Fitness?

Enjoy free access to Optus Sport with selected Optus plans, or for just $14.99 per month. It’s an affordable way to keep fit without having to spend money on personal trainers and gym membership fees. 

Yoga OS Fitness.png

Using Optus Sport Fitness

OS Fitness Website.png

Headband? Check. Wristbands? Check. Sports brand shirt? Check. Yoga Pants… I’ll leave that for you to decide if you want me to be wearing those or just shorts. Phone nearby in case I need emergency assistance? Check! Alright, let’s give OS Fitness a try! 

1. Pilates workout 

660 OS Fitness thumbnail.jpg








Reading the video preview instantly peaked my interest: “Here’s a great Pilates workout with Fanny Kuhn to stretch out your back if you’ve been sitting all day at work.” This greatly appealed to me as I have found that working from home has resulted in me sitting for longer periods than I would in the office. The other reason is that I have never tried Pilates before and it was only for ten minutes! 
All I needed for this workout was a hand towel. Stretching out my back felt really great! I was already familiar with some of the poses having done yoga before so was feeling comfortable throughout. That being said, even though it was a cold day and a brief workout, the towel came in handy as I worked up a little sweat! 

2. Yoga flex

Yoga Laptop.PNG

As I commented in Dan’s Is now the time to buy a smart watch? blog, I’ve been regularly going for runs since COVID-19 lockdown began so this caught my attention. I discovered this workout was led by the co-founder and director of yoga at Flow Athletic, Kate Kendall and this time was a 37 minute session so I had my water bottle ready for this one. 
Unlike with Pilates, I have done yoga before and was attending classes once a week until the lock down happened, so I was ready to get my downward dog on again! Kate mentioned I’d need a strap and blocks but these were substituted with a tie and books as per her suggestion.

Once again I got a really good stretch, particularly my glutes and IT band. I am not very flexible so there were some poses I couldn’t do, like touching my toes or holding for very long. She even joked about 26 minutes in she could see me pulling faces trying to hold on! It did get me in the mindset that I need to be stretching more often. 

3. Core workout


Four weeks in to my return to playing football, after a decade off, I decided I should do something for my overall core. Better late than never, right? I found this 12 minute ladder with Richard Ivanov workout not really knowing what to expect, but it said it would be perfect for my strength. 
This one started with a warm up which I’ll now incorporate into my own warm ups before training and games. Then I learned what a ladder sequence is (turns out my preparation of going to the garage to get a step ladder was not needed), with this one it involved a mix of lunges, push ups, mountain climbers and squats, starting out doing one of each, followed by two, then three and so on over 12 minutes. 
The thing I most enjoyed about this one was being able to do it at my own pace. As Richard said “You control the tempo.” I also liked how there were clear instructions throughout on where various parts of body should be positioned. I did almost make a call for help when it was over with! With that, it’s time to bring in @AlistarS for his experience on the next workout. 

4. Full Body Workout

With no gym equipment at my house the 30-minute chair fit hosted by Ben Lucas was a lunchtime workout I didn’t know I ever needed. I never thought just having a chair at home could achieve a high intensity full body workout that really hits your quads, upper body and core. 
I’ll be honest, I didn’t get through the first 30-minute session from start to finish on the first day, and I certainly didn’t on the second day as I was still sore from the first workout, haha!  
Ben does a great job at keeping you motivated throughout the workout, counting down the set timers and providing some cheeky inspo throughout the breaks in exercises. I’ve used a fair amount of personal gym apps in my time to try and achieve a PT in my pocket, but I’ve never found one who had enough verbal energy to keep me engaged. I must say Ben has set the benchmark, so I’m looking forward to trying out a few more trainers on the virtual playground.  

Final thoughts

For those who are still looking to buy gym equipment online, or are struggling to find a good enough excuse to get the heart rate up during lunch or just after work, OS Fitness is a great and simple way to get your blood pumping without having to think too much outside of the box. The classes are focused on achieving the goals you want and range from a short and snappy 10 minute challenge to a decent 30 minute adventure to cover all class types. 
I do think there are some improvements that could be made and the beauty of this being an Optus product is I have provided this feedback straight to the team. The main one being that there are a wide range of standards and fitness levels covered but I’d like to see each video have an indicator of who the workout is best suited for.  
It’s awesome how you can access OS Fitness across so many devices, I found choosing the right device for a specific workout does help and takes a bit of trial and error. For example, with yoga I needed to occasionally look up and check I was in the right position and sometimes had my back to the TV screen. Whereas with the ladder workout it was pretty repetitive so just hearing the trainer’s guidance via my phone was fine. 
Obviously a virtual workout doesn’t provide that hands on, personal touch and support, but being able to do it whenever I want and having so many options to choose from, plus in my case being free as it’s included in my Optus plan, more than makes up for it.
Are you using Optus Sport Fitness? Please leave a comment below letting us know about your own experience! 😀


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Nice one @Ray_YC 

I tried 2 of the Pilates workouts this week - Slow Full Body Flow and Cardio Pilates - both with Fanny Kuhn.

Slow Full Body is great if you're new to Pilates! Cardio was a bit more of a challenge but she provides different levels of difficulty depending on how far you want to push yourself.

I used the Optus Sport app on my TV so was really easy to follow on with the instructor.

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New Member

YES!! So excited for this 😁