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App Spotlight - Adobe Photoshop Camera

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App Spotlight - Adobe Photoshop Camera

Adobe has made another fantastic addition to their existing catalogue of apps with Adobe Photoshop Camera (PsC). Whether you’re an amateur or skilled photographer, you’ll be thrilled to add another camera tool to go with your existing collection with Adobe Photoshop Camera.

If you’re a social media influencer or simply one who loves to play around with and share photos, this is the app that’ll get your followers tapping ‘like’ on Instagram, and turn even the most amateur shot into a professional looking one.

What is Adobe Photoshop Camera? 

Basically, it’s a camera app with a stack of filters and effects, who doesn’t love those? And the most amazing part is, aside from being free, it lets you see the finished product in real-time as you’re taking the money shot!

With filters including ‘Studio Light’, ‘Supersize’, ‘Interstellar’, ‘Dreamcatcher’, ‘Mixed Media’ and ‘Blue Skies’ (just to name a few), your photography will look next level on Insta.

Portrait Controls including Bokeh, Face Distance, Face Light and Face Relighting give you the tools and optimisation features to make your selfies pop and have model agencies sliding into your DMs.

Want to shoot just like your favourite influencers? PsC also has influencer inspired custom designed lenses allowing you to channel your inner celebrity.

Adobe PsC Blog Images.jpg

Using the Adobe Photoshop Camera app

I’ve been fairly content with the existing editing features and filters in Samsung’s ‘Gallery’ app however since using PsC, I’ve been converted! It feels like I went from getting C’s for my high school art work to being given a VIP tour of the Lourve!

While Samsung Gallery has less than twenty filters, PsC has around thirty. Most of the filters have at least five variations so we’re talking well over a hundred to play around with! From Soft Glow Filter to Studio Light Lense and Cartoon Filter to Pop Art Lense – there’s more than enough variety to get your filter fix.

Here’s just some of the amazing features I experienced firsthand:

1. Manage filters your way

You begin with several in-built familiar filters in PsC which are called ‘Lenses’ including Food, Scenery and Pop Art.

Once you’re ready to expand your imagination and creativity tap on the circle in the top left hand corner (it looks like a bit like a grenade to me) to be taken to the cleverly named ‘Lens Library’. This will make your photos explode!

Here you can choose and download more to add to your existing options and even conveniently manage them in your order of preference. This nifty feature will save you scrolling to the end to find ‘Valencia’, like with Instagram.

Adobe has even managed to bring in Billie Eilish to have a limited edition featured lense and the ability to add her signature ‘blohsh’.

Here’s a look at the Food lense in action, my other favourites are ‘Supersize’ and ‘Reverie’.

Food Blog Images.png

2. Social media friendly

If your main purpose of editing photos is to share them on your Social Media then a fantastic feature of PsC is it does the work for you to compress the image into a file under 1MB.

Once ready to upload, tap on Share and select your Social page and/or Messaging apps. Easy!

Instagram Blog Image.png

3. Be Mother Nature

It’s happened to pretty much all of us. You head outside to the great outdoors, smart phone/camera in hand, hoping to take some shots of nature in all its glory. Throw in some selfies of you or with your entourage soaking it all in.

Your go-to weather app said it was supposed to be a bright, sunny day but these unexpected grey and gloomy clouds put a bit of a dampener on your plans. Well with PsC, simply apply one of the several options in the ‘Blue Skies’ lens and replace gloom with boom!

Who following your social page will ever truly know? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Blue Skies Blog Images.png

4. Glam up your existing gallery

If only I knew about this amazing app earlier, my current snaps of my dog and Masterchef creation would be on my social media instead of my camera roll! Fear not Photoshopper, you can go in apply your special touch to your existing camera roll! Simply tap on the icon to the right of the shutter and then ‘Albums’ to choose your photo(s).

PsC will apply its magic wand to auto enhance it, which you can undo if preferred, then preview and apply your desired Lense. Here are a couple of my art pieces (Go Galaxy FC and Go Roosters!):

Glam Gallery Blog Images.png

What are the minimum requirements to use Photoshop Camera?

For Android users, your phone will need to be installed with at least Android 9 or 10. Supported devices include:

• The Samsung Galaxy range from the S9 and above.
• The Google Pixel range from the Pixel 3XL to the Pixel 4XL.

As for those with iOS devices, PsC app is compatible with iOS 12 or 13, with device support for the iPhone SE and above.

Final thoughts

Time flew by as I had a blast checking how all the different lenses make your photos look. I spent half an hour or so pointing my phone up at the sky using the ‘Reverie’ and ‘Celestial’ lenses and noticed my battery had dropped 20-25%.

Before becoming immersed in the whole new world that is PsC, I would recommend making sure your device is charged up as much as possible.

I had a blast using the app that it got me thinking more about photo editing and keen to learn more about it in general. I liked reading about photo software options on Photo Review's site.

I used a Samsung Galaxy S10 for this article.
If you’re looking for a new device, head over to our online shop.

Have you tried Adobe Photoshop Camera? Let us know your thoughts and we’d love to see your photoshopped pics! 😀



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Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Great article Ray, I've been using the Adobe Photoshop Camera with my Pixel 3 and love it. Really cool effects.

Although, I've had some trouble with the edge protection. It only happens here and there, did you come across this when using the app?


Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Thanks, ScottyGotty! Oh that's not cool, I can report I had no issues with the edge protection.

Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Great article!

That food lense looks amazing, I just applied it to my home cooked meal last night and it really made it pop! Food looked much more delicious.

I struggled to use some of the Supersize images to work outside. Was hoping I could add some of these to my IG.

Occasional Visitor
Occasional Visitor

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