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Android Software Updates - 21/09/2015

Retired Employee Andy
Retired Employee
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When a new Android Operating System update is announced by Google there are a few steps that take place before it becomes ready for your device.  The manufacturer receives the update and customises the software for the device and mobile carriers in each country.  Once this is completed they’ll send the update to the carriers for testing.


For more info on this process check out our page:

Android Device Updates - What's The Process?


The below table provides info on the latest Android updates we’ve received for testing and approval as of 21/09/2015. If no info is listed, it means we haven't received the build or any new details from the manufacturer.


When a version is marked as completed it means testing has been finished on our end and approved.  Each manufacturer has a process for releasing updates to devices & once we approve the update, it’s sent back to the manufacturer to be released through their standard update processes. Generally, updates are rolled out progressively, where it’s made available for a small number of users (5% for example) initially. If no unforeseen problems pop up, it’ll be gradually made available to more & more users over a period of a couple of weeks.


Manufacturer & Device Current Version Next Version & Latest Information
Desire 816 5.0.2  
One M7 5.0.2  
One M8 5.0.1  
One M9 5.1  
LG G2 5.0.2  
LG G3 5  
LG F70 4.4.2  
LG G4 5.1  
Galaxy Core Prime 4.4.4  
Galaxy Ace 3 4.2.2  
Galaxy Nexus 4.3.0  
Galaxy Note 2 4.4.2  
Galaxy Note 3 4.4.2  
Galaxy Note 4 5.0.1 New release 5.1.1 + Stagefright Fix, expected completion early October
Galaxy Note Edge 5.0.1  
Galaxy S3 I9300 4.3.0  
Galaxy S3 I9305 4.3.0  
Galaxy S4 I9505 4.4.2  
Galaxy S4 I9507 4.4.2  
Galaxy S4 Mini 4.4.2  
Galaxy S5 5 Stagefright fix only, expected early October
Galaxy S6 5.1.1  
Galaxy S6 Edge 5.1.1  
Galaxy Note 10.1 4G 4.4.2  
Xperia SP 4.3.0  
Xperia Z 5.1.1  
Xperia Z1 5.0.2  
Xperia Z1 Ultra 5.0.2  
Xperia Z2 5  
Xperia Z3 5.1  
Xperia Z3 Compact 5.1  


Forums Community Manager

@AndWhat @Anokin @rc211e Note 4 Update is in testing now 🙂

Contributor anthony

This is great news regarding the Note 4, thanks for listening Optus. 

Contributor AndWhat
GREAT NEWS!!! I had a feeling we would hear something by the end of the month. Cannot wait !!! Good Job Optus 🙂
RetiredModerator Esther

Thanks for your patience with this one guys 🙂

Contributor adamhumphrey

As always it states "expected" for October for the Note 4 I wont be holding my breath to see it before christmas.

Moderator Marie

Hey adamhumphrey,


We're certainly working on testing at the moment & if all goes well will be on track for release in October.


If anything changes we'll keep you all posted.

Respected Contributor
Respected Contributor

Of course it says expected. The very nature of testing means they don't know how long it's going to take. They need to use language like "expected" because it's never going to be definite

New Contributor Anokin
New Contributor
@adamhumphrey 5.0.2 if i remember was delayed a while but it wasn't that long. I hope they do test it well so when we finally get it there's no unexpected bugs. I would be happy to see it sometime in October and can't wait 🙂
Frequent Visitor TheStens
Frequent Visitor

Any news on the Samsung Galaxy S4 either models? Mainly I9507 as I have the I9507. I really want Lollipop, Can I even expect an update ever again? The S4 is still a very capable powerful device, I know personally that it can easily handle Lollipop...

RetiredModerator Raz

No news at this stage I'm afraid, we'll be sure to update this page when we have progress to report though.

New Contributor kaso486
New Contributor



Any news on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4?

I can't see any Tablets in the list?

I have a Note 4 with Lollipop but was hoping the Tab will get some updates.




RetiredModerator Pete

Hey kason486, I've just checked and we have no update on this as of yet. Once we have an update, we'll update this space.

Visitor MEnotYOU

Why is there no update for galaxy s3. Optus sold me the phone 11 months ago and still has kk4.3. The tab s that optus sold me isn't even listed. Optus customer service and support is almost none existent for my devices that are not even 1 year old.

Contributor adamhumphrey

The galaxy S3 would no longer receive updates as per the Google 24 months thing as the device was released in May 2012.

Member Stevenj

Please update s6 edge waiting for apps edge when will the update be sent out

Contributor rc211e

@Wassim_1I am experiencing issues which may or may not be stagefright related.


My Note4 has started freezing and dropping out of calls often. Were there network issues in Sydney CBD last week? Has anyone used the stagefright exploitation to attack phones yet? How does stagefright present itself?


Hopefully the update will give me back some stability.

Frequent Visitor chuongpham
Frequent Visitor

For those who cannot get an update to their Samsung mobile devices, go to one of the following sites and download a firmware of your choice. Of couse, you will need to know how to use Odin to flash an Android firmware onto your mobile device. Sites distributing Android firmwares for Samsung mobile devices are:


  1. (No registration required)
  2. (Registration required)

For each firmware, look for Region with the following codes:


  1. XSA (Australia - Vanilla firmware with no Optus' bloatwares attached)
  2. OPS (Australia Optus - Has Optus' bloatwares)

If you wish to remove telco's bloadwares, just root your Samsung mobile device and use Titanium Backup to remove any system apps or Optus apps you don't use.


Own your device by only have Android apps you need.

Member Stevenj


Dosnt that trip the knox and void warranty though 

Ps optus takes way to long to release updates i dont know why they cant just release the updates with minimal bloatware it would make the update process so much faster and i know what the reply is we need to test it even know samsung test it already

Frequent Visitor caddayes
Frequent Visitor

As Galaxy Note 4 is in testing ... does that mean that us Galaxy Note Edge owners (virtually identical phone to the Note 4) can expect a new release around the same time as the Note 4 release?



Contributor rc211e

Thanks for the info  @chuongpham. Interesting, I checked both the download sites you mentioned for Note4 updates and neither had a 5.1.1 for Note4 so if Optus get this out in early October as suggested they will be ahead of the pack. Might have to click kudos if that happens.

Contributor adamhumphrey

The Note 4 in the U.S has rolled out the 5.1.1 update but its a different variant to ours in Australia.

Ours is the G variant where they have different variants for each carrier.


Contributor rc211e

Thanks @adamhumphrey as you say different variants, that's a CDMA variant.

Frequent Visitor chuongpham
Frequent Visitor

@Stevenj: Install Android firmware via Odin (Samsung's own firmware flashing tool) does not trip Knox. Otherwise, Samsung engineers will trip their own mobile devices. The only time you will trip Samsung's Knox is when you root your Samsung mobile device (i.e. devices built approximately after 2012). Any Samsung mobile devices built before 2013 will not have Knox and there are tools like TriangleAway to remove the annoying bootup triangle warning and reset the firmware trip counter. See TriangleAway in XDA forum ( for more info.

@rc211e: The sites I posted release the Samsung Vanilla firmwares as soon as they get it. Whereas, Optus will customise Samsung Vanilla firmwares and add their bloatwares on top of it. So, these sites release the Android Samsung firmwares much faster and sooner than Optus.

Also, you don't have to use Australian firmwares for your Australian Samsung Android mobile devices. As long as the Android firmwares support the same mobile baseband as Optus (i.e. UMTS 900 / 2100 MHz), then that firmware can be flashed onto your device. For example, I have used European Open (Code: XEU) firmwares on my Australian Samsung Galaxy S2, S3 and S4, and I have no problem making calls or sending and receiving SMS/MMS messages within Australia. Of course, if I can get my hands on an XSA (Australian Open) Android firmware, then I use this instead. For a list of compatible UMTS mobile baseband frequency, see for more info.

One last thing:
Flashing Android firmwares via Odin will NOT void your warranty. Same rule applies to mobile devices as desktop computers. So, if I can install Linux or Windows on a desktop computer without breaking hardware warranty, I can do the same with my mobile device with different Android firmwares. I think rooting, under Fair Use ("Laissez-faire") Australian law, may also keep your warranty with your manufacturer. However, I can't seem to recall an Australian court case ruling I have read in the past that talk about such issue. If you want to be sure, talk to a lawyer friend to see if you can get some free advice about this ruling.

Rooting gives you freedom and complete ownership of your device. With a rooted Android mobile device, you can remove all the telco's bloatwares and any system apps you will never use (e.g. Google Music, Google Books, Google Photos, Hangout, Yahoo Finance, Samsung Music Hub, etc), and only have the Android apps you use or want for your device (e.g. Android Firewall, AdAway, Titanium Backup, Mobile Odin, etc).


Contributor adamhumphrey

@rc211e One question about flashing firmwares via odin. Will my phone be reset to factory settings, if I for example install the 5.1.1 update for the Note 4 (XSA) when its released?

Frequent Visitor chuongpham
Frequent Visitor

@adamhumphrey: Sorry, are you referring to me, or @rc211e in your last comment?


Anyway, flashing a new Android firmware is a full wipe. So, make sure you back up all your settings and purchased apps first.


It's also good practice to reboot your device into Recovery Mode and perform a "wipe data/factory reset" and then reboot again after each Android firmware flash. This exercise will ensure that your new Android firmware will work flawlessly on your Android mobile device. Note: The hardware combo buttons used to boot into Recovery Mode is different for each manufacturer and device, so I won't post them here. You can find out what they are via a simple Google search.


For purchased apps, use Google backup service via the Settings | Backup option in your mobile device. Do not backup your purchased apps from Google Play, etc, with a third-party app as you will not be able to restore them and get them to work. Any purchased apps not restored from Google servers are considered sideloaded apps (apps installed from unknown sources) and therefore may not work once restored. For example, most purchased apps have licence check to Google servers and these checks will fail if the apps are deemed as not being purchased via Google Play, Amazon Store, etc. So be careful when you backup your purchased app.


Free apps downloaded from Google Play, Amazon Store, etc, can be backup and restored from third-party apps if you don't mind losing update capability from these online stores. With Google Play, Google has removed the update capability from apps that are deemed sideloaded- apps that did not originate from a Google Play's installation.




Contributor rc211e

@chuongpham yes I think @adamhumphrey was meaning you rather than me. 


Regardless thank you for the detailed explanation about Android software releases. Just to confirm "Odin" does not root the phone right? It's just a tool to help you install different official releases. Have I got that right?

Frequent Visitor chuongpham
Frequent Visitor

@rc211e Odin can also be used to flash a rooted kernel onto your Samsung mobile device, too! See for a list of rooted kernels support for Samsung mobile devices. You simply download the correct rooted kernel for your Samsung mobile device and install it with Odin [via the PDA option] to get root. Pay close attention to the Model, Platform, Android and Link columns as these columns provide information about particular Samsung device a rooted kernel will support.


Important: If you flashed the wrong rooted kernel, you can brick your Samsung mobile device. A bricked Samsung mobile device means you cannot use it again without getting it fixed by Samsung, or fixed by a third-party software engineer with knowledge and experience with JTAG. So, please be careful and select the correct rooted kernel for your device.


Note: The rooted kernels are developed by a Dutch Android developer, who goes by the name of Chainfire. If you've downloaded, installed a rooted kernel and it worked for you, consider buying Chainfire a beer [via PayPal donation] to support his work. Smiley Wink Disclaimer: I'm not Chainfire.


New Contributor icanfly
New Contributor

Do we have any eta yet for Note 4 5.1.1 if the update has been approved yet with a tentative date please?


Telstra already state theirs is done and being deployed today



Contributor adamhumphrey

Sorry @rc211e I tagged you incorrectly I meant to aim the question at @chuongpham.

Contributor adamhumphrey

According to Sam Mobile it has been released for telstra. 

Has Optus finished testing??

Contributor adamhumphrey

If I could work out how to edit the last message I would have. Its really a pain after Optus changed the forum to a blog style site. Anyhow I just forced the update check on my note 4 and the 5.1.1 update is there.

Contributor anthony

5.1.1 note 4. Update now available, great work optus! 

Frequent Visitor chuongpham
Frequent Visitor

@adamhumphrey I agree: Blog style commenting is really poor- should have remained a forum format. Anyway, hope I have answered your question about Odin.


For those getting Optus 5.1.1 update for the Note 4, can you test the Stagefright bug to see if it has been fixed. To test, just enter an insanely, very long string in the lockscreen to see if Android 5 will crap itself with a buffer overflow and land you smack into the Home screen and bypass the lockscreen in the process. If the bug is not fixed- however unlikely seeing that Samsung and Optus have both tested it- I might download the Optus ROM (firmware) for the Note 4 myself [before I go on a much-deserved holiday] then pull it apart and see if the fix has been implemented correctly. Note: Stagefright does not affect Android mobile devices locked with a PIN or pattern- only ones locked with a password-type lock.


Please let me know your test result.


Disclaimer: I don't work for Samsung or Optus. Just an Android programmer interested in making Android fun to own and safe to use for everyone.



Contributor rc211e

@chuongpham updated to 5.1.1 on Note 4 and ran Stagefright Detector which confirmed device was Not Vulnerable 





Thanks Optus @Andy @MattJ

Frequent Visitor chuongpham
Frequent Visitor
@rc211e: Thanks for the feedback.
New Contributor Mathew
New Contributor

So where is today's post. Moderators have said it gets updated every 2 weeks and its been 2 weeks since the 21st os september

RetiredModerator Van10

Hey Mathew, this info comes straight from our friends in Sydney and due the limited resources available on a public holiday, we'll get this up tomorrow. 

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