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Android Software Updates - 21/03/2016

Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager
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When a new Android Operating System update is announced by Google there are a few steps that take place before it becomes ready for your device.  The manufacturer receives the update and customises the software for the device and mobile carriers in each country.  Once this is completed they’ll send the update to the carriers for testing.


For more info on this process check out our page:

Android Device Updates - What's The Process?


The below table provides info on the latest Android updates we’ve received for testing and approval as of 21/03/2016. If no info is listed, it means we haven't received the build or any new details from the manufacturer.


When a version is marked as completed it means testing has been finished on our end and approved.  Each manufacturer has a process for releasing updates to devices & once we approve the update, it’s sent back to the manufacturer to be released through their standard update processes. Generally, updates are rolled out progressively, where it’s made available for a small number of users (5% for example) initially. If no unforeseen problems pop up, it’ll be gradually made available to more & more users over a period of a couple of weeks.


Manufacturer & Device
Current Version Next Version & Latest Information
Desire 816 5.0.2  
Desire 820 5.0.2  
One M7 5.0.2  
One M8 6  
One M9 5.1  
Nexus 6P 6.0.1  
Ascend P7 4.4.2  
LG G2 5.0.2  
LG G3 5  
LG F70 4.4.2  
LG G4 6.0  
R7 5.1.1  
Galaxy Core Prime 5.1.1 New Version 5.1.1 - Testing completed
Galaxy Ace 3 5  
Galaxy A3 5.0.2  
Galaxy Nexus 4.3.0  
Galaxy Note 2 5.1.1  
Galaxy Note 3 5.0  
Galaxy Note 4 5.1.1  
Galaxy Note 5 5.1.1  
Galaxy Note Edge 5.1.1  
Galaxy S3 I9300 4.3.0  
Galaxy S3 I9305 4.4.4  
Galaxy S4 I9505 5.0.1  
Galaxy S4 I9507 5.0.1  
Galaxy S4 Mini 4.4.2  
Galaxy S5 5  
Galaxy S6 5.1.1  
Galaxy S6 Edge 5.1.1  
Galaxy Note 10.1 4G 4.4.2  
Xperia SP 4.3.0  
Xperia Z 5.1.1  
Xperia Z1 5.0.2  
Xperia Z1 Ultra 5.0.2  
Xperia Z2 5  
Xperia Z3 5.1  
Xperia Z3 Compact 5.1  
Xperia Z5 5.1.1  
Frequent Visitor romek7
Frequent Visitor



What is happening with 6.0.1 for Galaxy s6 and s6 edge?  Internet is full of articles about upgrades happening all over the world, has Australia been forgotten?





Member Trentmp

Clearly, Optus are more inclind to have us fork out $500+ to get out of our contracts to only get a new one with them for the S7.

New Contributor junw
New Contributor

Of course they don't have S6/S6 egde updates, again!

Australia has seriously slow speed of updating firmwares, I don't know wheter it is Optus' fault or Samsung's but this is taking so long! Hope we could see some good news on April

Frequent Visitor ados
Frequent Visitor

Hi everybody,


Like you all I got sick and tired of waiting for the Marshmallow update for the Samsung Galaxy S6 (SM-G920I) so I am manually downloading the Marshmallow update released for this model on the 19th in India. It's all official firmware so nothing dodgy you just have to be familiar with using Odin but please keep in mind you do this at your own risk. I've manually updated the firmware on my phone before, always making sure to carefully follow the instructions. Never had any issues.  When the Australian firmware is finally released I will be manually applying it from the same website.

If this isn't for you then you'll just need to wait for it to be released in Australia (who knows how long that will be given that we're nearly at the end of March and still no word.)

Frequent Visitor ados
Frequent Visitor

Me again, I forgot to warn you that you will need to sign up for an account on the sammobile site and the free account has restricted download speed so it would be an overnight download. I'm downloading the update as I am typing this right now. Happy to let you guys know how I go after the update 🙂 See you on the other side!

Frequent Visitor romek7
Frequent Visitor

Thank you for the hint, Ados


This is worth considering, that way you eliminate at least half of the delay.



Occasional Visitor PuGZoR
Occasional Visitor

Hey there, what's the latest on when the Note 4 will get Marshmallow? It should be due pretty soon, right?

New Contributor gtim108
New Contributor
Hi, What about 6.0.0 for Sony Xperia Z5 ? Thanks, Tim.
Frequent Visitor ados
Frequent Visitor
The update went without a hitch and I'm now enjoying the Marshmallow update on my Galaxy S6 (SM-G920I)! 🙂
New Contributor junw
New Contributor

Oh just additionally saying that Galaxy S6 Edge India firmware works perfectly on my GS6 Edge. Also, remember model number for GS6 Edge is SM-G925I. If you use GS6's firmware it will just hard-brick your phone. Instructions are smae with the one ados had said, it is pretty straight forward job so you won't have any problem updating your phone. Enjoy your Mrashmallow

Member Trentmp

 Thanks ados, worked a treat!

Super Contributor
Super Contributor

Anything for the BlackBerry Priv?

Visitor itsmepraki

Hi, I havent got the February and March security patches for Nexus 6P running 6.0.1. Apparently there is a vulnerability in 6.0.1 that enables hackers to take control over the phone permanently and this has been fixed in the March security patch. Does Optus need to test the updates on Nexus devices too?If yes, how often does it happen for security patches?


The sales person that sold the device to me said it comes OTA direct from Google and not via Optus. I'm still stuck with the stock baseband version with Jan'16 level patches.


RetiredModerator Marcel

Heya, all software updates or security patches are pushed out by the manufacturer of the phone once the relevant testing has been approved and completed. Security checks or upgrades are done from time to time but I wouldn't be able to confirm how often that happens. 

Occasional Contributor pissed
Occasional Contributor

Amazing how the s4 is running 5.01 and the s5 is still on 5.o what a bloody joke?