Android Software Updates - 18/04/2016

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18th Apr 2016, 4:30pm


When a new Android Operating System update is announced by Google there are a few steps that take place before it becomes ready for your device.  The manufacturer receives the update and customises the software for the device and mobile carriers in each country.  Once this is completed they’ll send the update to the carriers for testing.


For more info on this process check out our page:

Android Device Updates - What's The Process?


The below table provides info on the latest Android updates we’ve received for testing and approval as of 18/04/2016. If no info is listed, it means we haven't received the build or any new details from the manufacturer.


When a version is marked as completed it means testing has been finished on our end and approved.  Each manufacturer has a process for releasing updates to devices & once we approve the update, it’s sent back to the manufacturer to be released through their standard update processes. Generally, updates are rolled out progressively, where it’s made available for a small number of users (5% for example) initially. If no unforeseen problems pop up, it’ll be gradually made available to more & more users over a period of a couple of weeks.


Manufacturer & Device
Current Version Next Version & Latest Information
Desire 816 5.0.2  
Desire 820 5.0.2  
One M7 5.0.2  
One M8 6  
One M9 5.1  
Nexus 6P 6.0.1  
Ascend P7 4.4.2  
LG G2 5.0.2  
LG G3 5  
LG F70 4.4.2  
LG G4 6.0  
R7 5.1.1  
Galaxy Core Prime 5.1.1  
Galaxy Ace 3 5  
Galaxy A3 5.0.2  
Galaxy Nexus 4.3.0  
Galaxy Note 2 5.1.1  
Galaxy Note 3 5.0  
Galaxy Note 4 5.1.1  
Galaxy Note 5 5.1.1  
Galaxy Note Edge 5.1.1  
Galaxy S3 I9300 4.3.0  
Galaxy S3 I9305 4.4.4  
Galaxy S4 I9505 5.0.1  
Galaxy S4 I9507 5.0.1  
Galaxy S4 Mini 4.4.2  
Galaxy S5 5  
Galaxy S6 5.1.1  
Galaxy S6 Edge 5.1.1 New Version 6.0 currently testing. Expected completion before end of April
Galaxy Note 10.1 4G 4.4.2  
Xperia SP 4.3.0  
Xperia Z 5.1.1  
Xperia Z1 5.0.2  
Xperia Z1 Ultra 5.0.2  
Xperia Z2 5  
Xperia Z3 5.1  
Xperia Z3 Compact 5.1  
Xperia Z5 5.1.1  

by Contributor Pommster
‎2016-04-18 05:02 PM

Any idea when the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 when Android 6 update?

by coggibird
‎2016-04-18 06:33 PM

Still nothing on Galaxy Note 4.....Smiley Sad

by Chris_Breezy237
‎2016-04-18 07:17 PM

I can't see the S6 Edge Plus. Any idea when that is getting upgraded?

by coggibird
‎2016-04-18 07:37 PM

S6 Edge Plus?? Isnt the S6 Plus iPhone??

by Contributor savage01
‎2016-04-18 08:17 PM

Still nothing on the galaxy s5 sm-g900i? 

We didn't get anything over 5.0 and now we have to wait how long for 6.0?

Any indication would be nice, are you testing it yet?

by Contributor Pommster
‎2016-04-18 08:21 PM

The Galaxy S6 Edge Plus isn't the iPhone 6S Plus. 


It's like a large Galaxy S6 (or a Note 5 with no Stylus and curve on the other side of the phone) 

by Ptknguyen246
‎2016-04-18 01:27 AM

Yeah right, S6 Edge gets update but note 5. Typicalet Samsung move 

by Thomas1
‎2016-04-19 08:32 PM

 Marshmallow for the Xperia Z5? Telstra is testing their update but there's no news or indication of any kind here :-( 

by junw
‎2016-04-19 11:53 PM

What the.......

Not 6.0.1 for S6 Edge?

Samsung doesn't even have 6.0 Marshmallow for S6 edge...... How did you guys even.....

If this firmware doesn't contain Samsung pay...

I will be pretty mad.....

by Contributor savage01
‎2016-04-19 04:45 PM

It would appear optus doesn't even monitor this page let alone worry about updates.

by moberts
‎2016-04-23 10:41 AM

What about the latest software for s7 and s7 edge? 

by Ravisinghg
‎2016-04-26 01:18 PM

While world has got 6.0 for note 4 but optus hasn't even got the test version!

by bigcrocodile
‎2016-04-27 06:14 AM

OKAY. It says there HTC M8 has gotten Android 6 but I ain't see nothing!!! Explain! Explain! Explain! 


I've been waiting since Christmas and excitement has turned into anger! Optus better get someone to your website forum to answer your customers. #badservice

by garvani
‎2016-04-27 01:40 PM

The Note5 model that optus uses N920i has received the marshmallow upgrade in Singapore and can be downloaded via samsung.


How long until optus push this update out?

by junw
‎2016-04-28 11:05 PM

Lol, optus is sooo funny.....

They've written they are expecting update will be done before the end of April.

And there we are on 28th of April..... Still waiting for the new news about the update for S6 series......

by Contributor anthony
‎2016-04-29 09:37 PM

Just received the update for Galaxy Note 5 6.01 Marshmallow. Thanks Optus! Huge download file 1.3gb.

by garvani
‎2016-04-29 11:15 PM

thanks anthony, ive been cheeking religously and missed it!

by owen2
‎2016-04-29 01:09 AM

I am excited and I thought id share the excitement, Android 6.0.1 is now available for the optus Note 5. Props to Optus for pushing the updates put a lot sooner compared to the previouse Note line up, however, it is still not soon enough haha we need you to strive for perfection!!!


by Contributor anthony
‎2016-04-29 05:30 AM

6.01 is fantastic, one thing I did notice that was missing & should have been included is support for WiFi calling. Why wasn't this included as part of the standard 6.01 release Optus? 

by jason2
‎2016-04-30 06:34 PM

Probably because native/standardised wifi calling isn't available on the Optus network yet.


Re the update list, Optus is really only testing ONE device update at present? That can't be right. Where's the S7/S7e update?? This thing is still on the original shipping firmware, with plenty of hotfixes and enhancements Samsung have issued !!