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Android Software Updates - 07/03/2016

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Online Community Manager
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When a new Android Operating System update is announced by Google there are a few steps that take place before it becomes ready for your device.  The manufacturer receives the update and customises the software for the device and mobile carriers in each country.  Once this is completed they’ll send the update to the carriers for testing.


For more info on this process check out our page:

Android Device Updates - What's The Process?


The below table provides info on the latest Android updates we’ve received for testing and approval as of 07/03/2016. If no info is listed, it means we haven't received the build or any new details from the manufacturer.


When a version is marked as completed it means testing has been finished on our end and approved.  Each manufacturer has a process for releasing updates to devices & once we approve the update, it’s sent back to the manufacturer to be released through their standard update processes. Generally, updates are rolled out progressively, where it’s made available for a small number of users (5% for example) initially. If no unforeseen problems pop up, it’ll be gradually made available to more & more users over a period of a couple of weeks.


Manufacturer & Device
Current Version Next Version & Latest Information
Desire 816 5.0.2  
Desire 820 5.0.2  
One M7 5.0.2  
One M8 6  
One M9 5.1  
Nexus 6P 6.0.1  
Ascend P7 4.4.2  
LG G2 5.0.2  
LG G3 5  
LG F70 4.4.2  
LG G4 6.0  
R7 5.1.1  
Galaxy Core Prime 4.4.4 New Version 5.1.1 - Testing expected completion early March
Galaxy Ace 3 5  
Galaxy A3 5.0.2  
Galaxy Nexus 4.3.0  
Galaxy Note 2 5.1.1 New version 5.1.1 - Completed
Galaxy Note 3 5.0  
Galaxy Note 4 5.1.1  
Galaxy Note 5 5.1.1  
Galaxy Note Edge 5.1.1  
Galaxy S3 I9300 4.3.0  
Galaxy S3 I9305 4.4.4  
Galaxy S4 I9505 5.0.1  
Galaxy S4 I9507 5.0.1  
Galaxy S4 Mini 4.4.2  
Galaxy S5 5  
Galaxy S6 5.1.1  
Galaxy S6 Edge 5.1.1  
Galaxy Note 10.1 4G 4.4.2  
Xperia SP 4.3.0  
Xperia Z 5.1.1  
Xperia Z1 5.0.2  
Xperia Z1 Ultra 5.0.2  
Xperia Z2 5  
Xperia Z3 5.1  
Xperia Z3 Compact 5.1  
Xperia Z5 5.1.1  
Super Contributor
Super Contributor

I've heard some guys have recieved the monthly security updates of Lollipop for the BlackBerry Priv.  Do these updates come under this category?

Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Why has Optus abandoned updates on the LG G3 ?


It's a former flagship phone and mine is only a year old.

New Contributor
New Contributor

S7 had released which means Samsung had released Android 6.0.1 Already

Hope I can hear you guys are Testing the new version 6.0.1 for S6 edge on next article

New Contributor
New Contributor

Waiting for ANY news on marshmallow 6.0.1 for Galaxy Note 4. Other devices are already moving on to 7.0 and I'm still on 5.1.0

New Contributor
New Contributor

coggibird, In south korea Samsung had just released 6.0.1 for Galaxy S5, which it might be the last software update for GS5. And from that we can expect in the near future, 6.0.1 for Nore 4 will come out, however, samsung has late update in Australia so think you might need to wait another few months even after they release Marshmallow for Note4 in Korea

New Contributor
New Contributor

Thanks for that, thats just ANOTHER reason i am going back to Apple come September. 


Considering that HTC ONE M9 has received the Marshmallow update all over the globe by now (starting from December 2015),my question would be:When are you planning to update this carrier's version,and why is it not done yet?


Also,I would love to see informations/eplanations (not excuses) being posted more often about this.

This is my first post here,and i hope to get answers in a timely manner.

Thank you.