Android Device Updates – What’s the Process?

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13th Jul 2015, 3:32pm

Ever wondered what happens between a device manufacturer announcing an update and your handset receiving it? Well, wonder no more!


The process:


  1. Typically the device manufacturer will notify Optus of an upcoming update. In some circumstances, Optus may request an update from a device manufacturer if it’s required to fix an issue that has been identified
  2. The manufacturer will then provide expected submission dates to Optus
  3. Optus and the device manufacturer work together to determine the best method of approach based on the scope of the update, this is generally either a quick sanity test or multi-cycle approach
  4. Once Optus has completed testing and the software is ready to distribute, they advise the device manufacturer
  5. The device manufacturer then begins deploying the update via their preferred method (over the air is most common now).

How long does testing take at Optus?


The length of time it takes to test an update will vary. In general, minor updates go through one round of testing while major updates will go through two, even three on occasions however this is subject to change.


In most circumstances, each round of testing should not take any longer than 2 weeks.


To keep in mind


There are a few important points to remember when it comes to software updates:


  • Our device qualification team do their best to bring updates to our customers as soon as they can however the expected dates are estimates only. If something comes up during testing there’s a chance the date will be pushed out.
  • Even if Optus has approved an update ,it doesn’t mean your handset will receive it straight away. It’s up to the manufacturer as to when and how they distribute and in some circumstances, they choose to stagger the deployment to ensure their servers can keep up with the demand
  • If there’s no information in our latest software updates table then we have yet to receive the update from the manufacturer to begin the testing process

To keep up to date with the latest information on software updates, please refer to This link will update every fortnight with the latest information.

by Member paul75
‎2015-07-16 11:06 PM

Hi Optus team

Do you have external beta testers? If so, how can I apply to help out? 

by Forums Community Manager
‎2015-07-17 11:05 AM

@paul75 Not at the moment but I'll make the suggestion and see how it goes

by New Member Mick077
‎2016-03-31 12:14 AM

I'd definitely be interested beta testing as well 

by New Contributor anton1
‎2016-08-20 10:26 AM

Still waiting for an answer ,when can we see android 6.0 for sony z2.It has been around since april.

by RetiredModerator Pete
‎2016-08-23 06:31 PM

No word on this yet anton1. Stay tuned → Android Firmware.

by New Contributor Zhang2
‎2018-05-21 11:01 PM


by New Member oxtopus
‎2019-05-02 08:37 AM

where does opetus/google provide the optus rom downloads? (i would like to put it on my phone myself not automated)