All access to the Fetch Ultimate Pack this December

by Online Community Manager
Posted by (Online Community Manager)
29th Nov 2017, 5:32pm

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Explore all the entertainment that the Fetch Ultimate Pack has to offer and keep the whole family entertained this festive season.

Enjoy full access to the Ultimate Pack with 48 channels at no extra charge for the month of December. You won’t need to do a thing. Simply turn on Fetch and go to the TV guide to start watching from Dec 1.

This offer is available to both new and existing Optus Fetch subscribers without an Ultimate Pack subscription from 1 December to 31 December 2017.

New Fetch customers

  • For new Fetch customers you will automatically have access to all 48 channels in the Ultimate Pack once you have activated your box at no extra charge.


Existing Fetch customers without any channel packs

  • Existing customers will get full access to all 48 channels in the Ultimate Pack at no extra charge.


Existing Fetch customers with one or more $6 p/m Channel Packs (e.g. Kids, Knowledge, Vibe, Variety) or the previously available Entertainment Pack

  • Existing customers will get access to all remaining Ultimate Pack channels that are not available in their current pack(s) at no extra charge. You will continue to be charged for your existing Channel Pack subscriptions.


Fetch customers with an Ultimate Pack subscription

  • If you’re already subscribed to Ultimate Pack, you are NOT eligible for the trial and will continue to be charged as per usual.


Note: For any existing Channel Packs, you will continue to be charged and will also get charged if you choose to subscribe to the Ultimate Pack during the December trial period.


Do I need to do anything to have access to the Ultimate Pack?

No, you won't need to do anything to access the channels; they will automatically be available in the EPG. All you need to do is start watching!

Note: If the extra channels are not appearing in the EPG, we recommend to reboot your set top box.

When does the trial end?

The trial ends on 31 December 2017.On 1 January 2018, the additional channels in the Ultimate Pack will no longer be available to view and you will revert to back to your previous channel availability.

What happens if I subscribe to a Channel Pack in December?

If you subscribe to a premium Channel Pack during December, you will be charged the usual subscription cost for that pack from the date you subscribe (including the Ultimate Pack).

What extra channels are available on the Ultimate Pack compared to the previously available Entertainment Pack?

There are 7 extra channels in the Ultimate Pack: 13th Street, EDGE Sport, Cartoon Network, MTV Classic, Boomerang, CBeebies and ZooMoo

How do I subscribe to the Ultimate Pack after the trial finishes so I can keep on watching those channels?

To continue to enjoy all of the Ultimate Pack channels after the trial finishes, from 1 January go to Menu > Manage > Subscriptions on your Fetch box and subscribe to the Ultimate Pack. The cost of upgrading to the Ultimate Pack will vary depending on which pack you are upgrading from and what plan you’re on.


by Occasional Visitor carleast
‎2017-12-01 07:23 AM

$20 for these channels would have been great 10 years ago. In the age of Netflix it looks distinctly average. Especially for the millennial generation. 

by Visitor Bman1986
‎2017-12-01 09:06 AM

Thanks Optus 👍😊

by Frequent Visitor jackbauer
‎2017-12-01 10:20 AM

No access other than my existing channels here (Geelong, Victoria) as at 10am 1/12. Any advice please?

by Frequent Visitor jackbauer
‎2017-12-01 10:42 AM

....but within 20 minutes of previous post, now we're cookin'! Thank you very much Smiley Happy

by New Member ozYogz
‎2017-12-01 12:33 PM

If I don't have a subscription, do I need a box or can I just use a Smart TV app?

by New Member Lilancer
‎2017-12-02 08:04 PM

I just joined this forum because i discovered we had access to all channels on Fetch even though we are only sunscribed to two channel packs, and i was hoping there were answers on here somewhere... thankyou Optus! A nice surprise Smiley Happy Smiley Happy

by Moderator Dan_C
‎2017-12-02 08:33 PM

@carleast, it's simply an option. 


Yes TV by Fetch has a number of popular video on demand and subscription services built into the firmware of the device. I'm a millennial myself and I completely get the sentiment. It mightn't be a viable option for everyone but it's something that we do have available for those interested. 


@ozYogz, you'll need a Fetch Mini or Fetch Mighty set top box to take advantage of the free trial offer. Fetch hasn't released an application for Smart TV's. 


@Lilancer, awesome to hear! We thought we'd give our customers a bit of a taste of what's on offer. Enjoy! 

by Visitor know1
‎2017-12-04 06:47 PM

So 4 days in an extra TV channels not showing up still on fetch.


I contacted support, some guy, after 30 minutes of "checking" suggested turn it off for 15 minutes and then on again.

Needless to say this didn't work.


I don't want to hit subscribe as the FAQ says I will be charged. Is there any magic wand I need to wave to make it work?

by Occasional Contributor Kitzyy
‎2017-12-05 11:00 PM

Thanks Optus! 😁

by Moderator Toomey
‎2017-12-06 02:43 AM

@know1 sorry to hear of the issues. Our TV & Content team will need to check this out. Please raise a fault with them here → Report a problem with TV or Content, we'll SMS you a reference number and someone will follow up asap.