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Access the entire FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019™. Available to Australian School kids at no cost.

Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager
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From the 23rd of May, Optus is providing Australian School Children with complimentary access to Optus Sport, so they can watch the entire FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019™. You do not need to be an Optus customer to activate.


How do I get or redeem a voucher?

If you don’t have a voucher yet, find your nearest Yes Optus Store and talk to one of our staff to claim your voucher before 9 July. Visit to redeem your voucher and create your Optus Sport Account. You will need an email address to redeem so check with your parent or guardian before entering your email to create an account.


Am I eligible?

Australian school children under the age of 20 are eligible for this offer. If you are under 17, you’ll need to have an adult with you when you visit the store to claim your voucher. Alternatively, if you are aged between 17 and 19 you can present a form of identification which verifies your date of birth.



I currently pay $14.99/mth for Optus Sport. How can I take advantage of this offer?

If you already have an active Optus Sport premium subscription you are not eligible for the offer. Optus will not be refunding customers that are already paying for their subscription via an app store for any Optus Sport subscription charges they incur during the promotional period.

What happens after the promotion ends? Will I start to get charged by Optus Sport?

You will not be charged when the promotion ends, and after 09/07/19, the Optus Sport account will revert to a basic subscription. You will still be able to log into Optus Sport, but you will notice that the majority of Optus Sport content will be locked unless you have activated a Premium Subscription.

What devices can I watch the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019™ on?

Most popular devices are supported by Optus Sport. To watch the service on your devices, you must authorise those devices for use. You may authorise a maximum of four devices at any one time for use with your service. You can only watch the service on one of your authorised devices at any one time.

Do I need an internet connection to watch Optus Sport?

Yes, Optus Sport is a streaming service and will require a compatible device and either an active fixed broadband, mobile or mobile broadband service with sufficient data capabilities. You don’t need to be an Optus customer to use the voucher. Data charges apply from your service provider.

Q: Will watching Optus Sport impact my data usage?

Optus Mobile Customers: Optus customers on eligible mobile plans can watch live games and on-demand Optus Sport content, without using their plan’s data on the Optus Sport App. App browsing, authentication and analytics as well as advertising, like pre-roll ads however will count towards your plan data. Optus prepaid customers (mobile and mobile broadband) will also need to have a positive MyData/MyAccount balance, including to access the app.  
Optus Fixed Broadband Customers: If you have an unlimited data plan then no data charges will be incurred.  
Optus Home Wireless Broadband: Optus Sport content will count against your plan’s data.
Non-Optus Customers: Your service provider will charge you for all the data that’s used accessing and viewing Optus Sport content.  

When is my voucher valid?

Voucher is valid and will provide access to Optus Sport until 09/07/19.

What can I do if I don’t live near or am unable to get to a store?

Please contact Optus Sport on 1800230158 and select Option 2.


Terms and Conditions

FIFA Women’s World Cup™ Promotion

Data Charges apply from your service provider. Offer available in store until 08/07/19.

Offer excludes existing Optus Sport premium subscriptions. Available from 22.05.19 to 08.07.19 in Yes Optus stores for 17yrs to 19yrs with ID or for under 17yrs if accompanied by an adult with ID. Content available for personal viewing in Australia until 09.07.19. One voucher per child. Voucher non-transferable or redeemable for cash. Streaming quality dependent on device, service provider and internet speed. Fair Go Policy applies. Find out more at