6 apps to help you go green

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1st Mar 2019, 8:00am

In acknowledgement of Clean Up Australia Day on Sunday 3 March 2019, we’re looking at 6 apps that can help you work towards reducing your environmental impact.


1. Go Green


Making small changes can add up to making a bigger difference in the environment. Whether it’s conserving energy and resources, making more sustainable choices, or educating others, there’s plenty of actions you can take in working towards a greener lifestyle and the Go Green app aims to help you on this journey.


The Go Green app gives you a tip for going green every time you open it. Each green tip is added to your Green list, and the more you receive, the higher your green status becomes.


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‘our everyday choices and habits are important in shaping the world. ’ – TODAY website.


Another great app for helping you adopt daily eco-friendly habits is TODAY. It gives you the option to take as many new challenges as you like each day in areas including food, lifestyle, shopping, transport, technology and more.


Using the app, you can track the potential impacts of your personal actions. Find out how much pollution you can save by not using coffee cups, or how much natural land you can conserve by eating sustainably.


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3. Shop Ethical!


The Shop Ethical! app aims to help you make informed purchasing decisions, by providing information on the environmental and the social record of the companies producing common brands in Australian supermarkets.


The company ratings are based on information from websites including Greenpeace, WWF, Rank a Brand, Friends of the Earth, Choose Cruelty Free and more.


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4. 1 Million Women


The purpose of the 1 Million Women app is to provide the tools to help you reduce your carbon footprint. It focuses on actions you can take in every day life including energy saving, minimising food waste, reducing overconsumption, investing money, sustainable fashion and low-impact travel. The actions range from easy to moderately challenging and you’re able to monitor your impact by reviewing your carbon savings for each action.


The app also brings together like-minded individuals in a community, where you can chat with others taking the same actions as you and share your ideas.


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5. RecyleSmart


Built in collaboration with not-for-profit environmental foundation, Planet Ark, the RecycleSmart app aims to make us better recyclers, with recycling guidelines for over 500 Councils in Australia. You can search for specific items under categories such as plastics, glass, and batteries, to work out which bin your waste belongs in.


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6. Freecycle


The Freecycle Network is a global, not for profit movement made up of people and groups who are giving and getting stuff for free in their local areas. Using the app, you can giveaway unwanted (but reusable) items such as furniture, appliances, tools and more, to others in the community who can use them.


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