5 tips to ensure you never lose your phone again

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22nd Oct 2018, 3:19pm

Prone to losing your phone? I am.


I seem to have a knack for it. It’s not just phones. In fact, my absent-mindedness doesn’t discriminate. All sorts of important items have met the same fate. Don’t believe me? Ask the various Melburnians who have received my panic ridden call chasing up the contents of lost and found.


The only good thing about losing a phone rather than, say, a wallet or a set of keys, is that there are tricks you can use to get your phone back. I decided to be generous - and allow you to benefit from my perpetual forgetfulness - by gathering these together for you.


It’s been said once, but we’ll say it again – switch on your find my phone app


If you haven’t already, please set up find my phone. It’s incredibly simple and it’s going to cause you a lot less hassle if the worst happens.


Find my phone allows you to track, lock or erase all personal data on your mobile – all with a quick tap of your finger. Most modern devices will prompt you to activate this feature upon setting up your phone for the first time.


But if you’ve chosen to skip prompt, it’s not too late. Follow the instructions below:


iOS - Let's set it up


You will need an Apple ID


Home screen → Tap settings → Tap [your name] → Scroll till you come across Find my iPhone and send last location.


To use the feature, head to or the find my iPhone app → Login with your iCloud ID & tap the device you’d like to track.


  1. Play Sound – for forgetting your device around the house or in the case. An auditable sound emits from the device (even on silent or vibrate mode).
  2. Lost mode – Enter a phone number and it’ll be displayed on the screen of your lost device. A sound will also be emitted, to draw attention to the device
  3. Erase- It speaks for itself. Make sure your personal information doesn’t end up in the wrong place.


Android - Let's set it up


You will need a Google account


Home screen → settings → security → tap find my device → toggle on →  to use this feature, head to → →

Here you’re presented with similar options: Play sound, Lock & Erase.


  1. Play soundfor forgetting your device around the house or in the case. An auditable sound emits from the device (even on silent or vibrate mode).
  2. Lock - locks your device with your PIN, pattern or password. You can also add a message with your emergency contact number, incase someone stumbles upon your phone.
  3. Erase - Permaneltely erase all data on the device (it's important to note that you'll be unable to use, Find My Device after performing an erase. 

Future you will thank you for choosing insurance


Premium phones come with a premium price tag, and while you probably don’t mind paying for a fancy colour or phone case, insurance can be a less fun purchase. But whichever way you think about it, phone insurance is a lifesaver.


So when you’re getting your new phone or device, consider device protect. Find out all about costs, excess and what is covered.


Track it with blue tooth


Remember the time your phone was lost in between the cushions of your couch and you thought it was gone for good? There’s a whole array of Bluetooth tracking devices on the market that prevent these things from happening.


The concept of Bluetooth tracking is simple. The most common trackers come in the form of tiles. The tile is looped into a keychain or attachable and synced with a mobile app. Using your location settings, the app knows where your phone is, even if you don’t.


The back pocket is a bad idea


This one really rings home. What’s with my unconscious urge to shove everything in my back pocket? Not only is storing your phone in your back pocket bad for your back, it can have disastrous consequences for the phone itself.


The back pocket can lead to screen damage and is a gold-mine for would-be thieves, especially if you’re in an unfamiliar place.


Set your emergency contact as your wall paper 


This is a simple one and pretty much speaks for itself: leave your emergency contact details as a wallpaper on your lock screen.

If you’re in an unfamiliar place or overseas, leaving the contact details of your hotel or the place you’re staying is a great idea.


What measures do you put in place to ensure your forgetfulness never gets the better of you?

Let us know in the comment section below Smiley Happy 

by Valued Contributor
‎2018-10-22 03:56 PM

Superglue it to you?




Yeah dont do that....


I would think with people soo attached to their phones, loosing it would be th emost heartbreaking so they take extra special care so it does not go missing.

by Crowd Champion Davelew
‎2018-10-23 12:42 PM

I agree wholeheartedly about leaving your emergency contact on your lock screen. I would suggest your email address. Even if you have lost your phone there are so many other ways to access your email inbox.