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5 of the best fitness apps

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5 of the Best Fitness Apps


Looking to get into shape for summer? Maybe your New Year’s Resolution is to be a bit healthier? Whatever the motivation, there are plenty of workout apps available to help improve your fitness from the comfort and privacy of your own home.


Here’s Yes Crowd’s pick of some of the best fitness apps to help you achieve your health goals for 2019.


1. C25K® 5K Trainer

Of all the forms of exercising, running has to be my least favourite. Put me on the soccer field and I’ll run all day. But just walking out the front door and going for a run… I struggle to find the motivation


The C25K® 5K Trainer app is for people like me. It follows a program designed for first time runners, where you run three days per week for 30 minutes each, over an eight-week period. It starts out by alternating between walking and running, so you gradually build strength and stamina. It also features motivating music to push you harder. With summer just around the corner, I’ll be giving this one a go.


The app is available on Google Play and iTunes.


2. 30 Day Fitness Challenge

If you’re new to working out and looking for variety, the 30 Day Fitness Challenge is a great home workout app. It offers different challenges depending on which part of the body you want to work on. Take the 30 day ab challenge, 30 day full body challenge, or 30 day butt challenge.


You can download the app from iTunes and Google Play.


3. Aaptiv

Exercising is a chance to get away from screens, so the great thing about the Aaptiv fitness app is that all the instructions are audio based. The fitness classes are led by certified personal trainers, who’ll talk you through the session.


There are thousands of classes available to suit different exercise interests such as running, rowing, yoga, boxing and more, and options for all different fitness levels. Best of all, the classes can be downloaded and listened to offline, so you don’t need to use your data or have Wi-Fi access to get your sweat on.


You can get the app on iTunes and Google Play.


4. Sworkit

Short on time? That doesn’t have to be an excuse. With Swokit you can do home workouts in as little as 5 minutes. You’re able to choose from different exercise categories like abs, full body, yoga, stretching and more, and pick any length of time from five minutes to an hour.


I’ve used the free version of Sworkit for a few years now – it’s perfect for those nights when you get home late from work but still want to feel like you did some exercise – even if it’s only 10 minutes.


Sworkit is available on both iTunes and Google Play.


5. Daily Yoga

If you’re looking for an exercise option that is more low impact, yoga could be a great option. Yoga isn’t just about doing cool poses – there are many health benefits associated – from helping develop strength and flexibility, to improving blood circulation, easing muscle tension, and calming the mind.


The Daily Yoga app includes programs for beginners through to yoga pros, focussing on different goals like weight loss, flexibility, strength and toning. It keeps a record of your progress too, so you can look back and see what you’ve accomplished.


You can download the Daily Yoga app from Google Play and iTunes.


How are you using technology to get into shape? Tell us in the comments below 😊

Trusted Contributor
Trusted Contributor

And here is me thinking that setting multiple alarms in the morning and having the phone on the other side of the room is a "fitness" app.


Forces you out of bed, drag yourself to the other side of the room to turn off that constant beeping...Smiley Frustrated


Anyhow.. metal fitness is also something you can look at.


Smiling Mind is my favourite:

Virgin Mobile (Child of Optus) are a partner to smiling mind:

Blog Author

@Paddylee haha I have to do the same thing, otherwise I'll sleep through my alarms (or turn it off in my sleep!)

Absolutely, mental health is so important - you've given me a good idea for another blog post Smiley Happy

I hadn't heard about Smiling Mind before - it looks great, thanks for the tip! I'll definitely check that one out.

I've also heard good things about Headpsace - and Calm -