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5 Reasons Mick Taylor is like the scariest villain ever

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K first up let me just mention that John Jaratt (the legend who plays Mick Taylor in both the Wolf Creek movies and Stan series) has been quoted as saying that he couldn’t find work for two years after the first film came out because he was so.damn.convincing in character.


For anyone who hasn’t seen the Wolf Creek films or epic mini-series of the same name on Stan, Mick is the gravel-voiced maniac who kills and tortures unsuspecting tourists in the Australian outback.


The first Wolf Creek series, exclusively available on Stan, received rave reviews for its world-class acting, screenplay and cinematography, so we’re extremely excited to tell you that the SECOND SERIES is now available to watch on Stan! <fire emoji> 



In preparation, we thought we’d delve into the murderous makeup of Mick Taylor and give you 5 reasons why he is literally the most terrifying antagonist ever:


1. His character is based on real-life people

We all know thrillers are much scarier when they’re based on people who actually existed IRL. Mick Taylor is supposedly a composite character of backpack killer Ivan Milat and convicted murderer Bradley John Murdoch.


2. He knows the outback like the back of his hand

The Australian outback is a beautiful, majestic place but there is something inherently terrifying about such a vast expanse of land where mobile signal is patchy and you can drive for miles without seeing another living soul.


3. He hunts pigs

Probably weird enough in itself but what makes this especially scary is that it means he knows his knives and he knows his guns, a lot LOT better than the average Euro tourist off on their jolly outback adventure. Oh, and it means he kills things, for fun.


4. Those sideburns

If those freakishly long sideburns don’t scream *SERIAL KILLER* we really don’t know what does.


5. If you didn’t know he was a psychopath, you’d probably like him


Jarratt famously said in an interview with Fairfax that “If Mick wasn't a psychopath and a serial killer, he'd be a ton of fun. If he was a real-life character, people who know him and don't know he's a serial killer would say, 'Mick Taylor was at the pub the other night, we had a few beers, God he makes me laugh.”

Mmmmkay then.


Wolf Creek Series 2 is available to watch on Stan now. You can also catch the first series here


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Esteemed Contributor

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