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20 fun facts about the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games

RetiredModerator LucyS
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Today, athletes, media and visitors from around the world will descend upon Australia for the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games! To get you pumped for the upcoming action, we thought we’d share some fun and interesting facts about the event. 



1.pngThe Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games is the fifth time Australia has hosted a Commonwealth Games and GC2018 is the first one ever to be held in a regional Australian city.



2.pngThis is the 21st time Australia will compete at a Commonwealth Games. We are one of only six countries who have competed at every Games since they officially began in 1930.



3.png‘Share the Dream’ is the official slogan for the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games and the mascot is a blue, surfing koala called Borobi. The word ‘borobi’ is an aboriginal term for koala.




4.pngDuring the Games, the Gold Coast will welcome over 10,000 athletes, officials and media, from 71 Commonwealth nations and territories.



5.pngThe 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games’ Queen’s Baton Relay is the longest one ever. The baton has travelled through the entire Commonwealth for 388 days and covered a colossal 230,000 kilometres.



6.pngThe 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games’ emblem is inspired by the Gold Coast landscape and coastline. The colours represent the vibrancy and warmth this year's Games wants to instill in its competitors and visitors. 



Gold Coast 2018 emblem.jpg


7.pngOptus is the official support network for GC2018 and we have invested $30m in our mobile network to keep everyone connected.



8.pngIn preparation for the Games, Optus laid down 426km of fibre optic cable, erected 17 new mobile towers and made 347 upgrades to our existing towers. 



9.pngA cumulative audience of 1.5 billion people from around the world will tune in to watch the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games and the events will be broadcast over the Optus network.



10.pngThe Optus Aquatic Centre (the official Games pool where all the swimming and diving events will take place) was formerly known as Southport Pool and you can see its fascinating transformation from the 1970s to now on the GC2018 website.



11.pngFeaturing 18 sports and seven para-sports, GC2018 will feature the largest integrated sports program in Commonwealth Games history.



12.pngAustralia will take a total of 473 athletes to this year’s Games with the majority participating in the athletics (109), swimming (70) and cycling (36). This is Australia’s second largest Games team ever, after Melbourne in 2006.



13.pngAussie swimmers Emma and David McKeon will represent their country at a Commonwealth Games on home soil 36 years after their parents and uncle competed at their own home games! The brother and sister also competed at the Rio Olympics in 2016 and were the first siblings to swim for Australia at an Olympics since 1960.



14.pngAt 11 years of age, Wales’ Anna Hursey is the youngest person to compete at GC2018. Anna will compete in the table tennis.




A total of 275 gold medals are up for grabs. And the Aussie favourites to snatch them up include the women’s rugby sevens team who are reigning Olympic champions and hometown hero Sally Pearson who’ll race for her third consecutive Commonwealth Games gold in the 100m hurdles.



16.pngThis is also the first time there’ll be an equal number of men’s and women’s medals awarded at a Commonwealth Games.



17.pngLocal Nunukul, Ngugi and Goenpul woman of Quandamooka Country, Delvene Cockatoo-Collins, designed the GC2018 medals. Delvene took inspiration from the beautiful beaches and coastlines of the Gold Coast and their significance as place of meeting and sport. You can read more about how the medals were designed and made here.




18.pngTypically fast out of the blocks, Jamaica’s track and field team were the first international squad to arrive at the Gold Coast airport.



19.png6,600 people are competing in the GC2018 ‘Gold Run’, a 5k community fun run that takes place on a section of the Marathon course at the same time as the Marathon runners race for their medals.



20.pngAnd finally, it’s estimated that this year’s Games will generate a huge $2 billion economic impact and create up to 30,000 full-time jobs.



Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

Crikey! 11 years of age! Goanna Smiley LOL

RetiredModerator LucyS

@Yeldarb, uhhh I know. Meanwhile I was probably collecting Pokemon cards at her age haha!

Crowd Champion SillyGogo
Crowd Champion

@LucyS Pokemon hmm, you are really showing your age. I was collecting Rugby League card, the one with a piece of chewing gum in each pack and Allan Langer-Brisbane Broncos is one of the top card. 

RetiredModerator LucyS

Haha @SillyGogo, yes I love how you can tell someone's age by the childhood games they played! Guessing you're an 80s baby? Smiley Wink

Crowd Champion SillyGogo
Crowd Champion

@LucyS pretty close...  Smiley Very Happy 

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