12 Days of Christmas – WIN a Google Home

Posted by (Online Community Manager)
3rd Dec 2018, 9:00am

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On the first day of Christmas my telco sent to me… the chance to win a Google Home! We’re kicking off the first day of our 12 Days of Christmas competition with a bang. Say ‘Hey Google’ to this awesome prize.


To enter this competition, login to Yes Crowd and…


Leave a comment below telling us in 25 words or less what Christmas question you would ask Google Home.


Once the competition closes (14th December at 11:59 pm AEDT) we will judge all entries, and the person we deem to have the best entry will win the Google Home.


The Yes Crowd 12 Days of Christmas competition runs from 3rd December 2018 until 11:59 pm on 14th December 2018 and you must be an Optus customer to enter. To find out what other amazing prizes are up for grabs, click here.


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Ts & Cs

Aust. residents 18+ only. Must be an Optus customer. Starts: 09:00AM AEDT 03/12/18. Ends: 11:59PM AEDT 14/12/18. Max 1 entry for each prize permitted per person. Ts & Cs apply.

by Occasional Visitor Maryam19360
‎2018-12-12 12:05 PM

I'll say; “OK, Google, wake me up when Santa arrives, but only if he brought me a handsome boyfriend for Christmas"

by New Contributor Deaky
‎2018-12-12 01:09 PM

Hey Google, what are some good excuses to get out of family Christmas commitments?

by Frequent Visitor Alita
‎2018-12-12 03:40 PM

Okay Google, in world where Presents are alive (like in Cars),
Do they open kids at Christmas? 

by Occasional Visitor scollis18
‎2018-12-12 03:55 PM

'Hey Google, is Santa Claus real?'

by Frequent Visitor karelk
‎2018-12-12 04:03 PM

Hey Google, is there any chance Christmas in Australia be moved to June?

by New Member Matt102018
‎2018-12-12 04:30 PM

"Hey google, what do you think of SIRI?"

by Visitor SUA6910
‎2018-12-12 04:53 PM

Hi Google, is it fair to only take care of the needed and lonly people at Christmas Time ? 

by Occasional Visitor MIKAVOLT
‎2018-12-12 04:57 PM

Hey Google, what is the greatest Chrismas movie of all time?

by Occasional Visitor OIIie
‎2018-12-12 05:00 PM

Hey Google, why do I like Optus so much?

by New Member Petalz
‎2018-12-12 05:06 PM
  • Hi Google, How do I make the grandchildren believe santa doesnt come if their naughty - only nice!
by Occasional Contributor qwerty101
‎2018-12-12 05:20 PM

"Hey Google, when will the NBN be available at my place?"

Smiley Happy

by Frequent Visitor Juliaclint
‎2018-12-12 06:22 PM

Ok google, where can I return an annoying boyfriend

by New Member willowsmum17
‎2018-12-12 06:52 PM

Hey, Google - should I or should I not?

by Frequent Visitor Myk1126
‎2018-12-12 07:29 PM

Hey Google, when is the “ 12 days of Christmas suppose to start?”

by Visitor ChristopherLay
‎2018-12-12 09:25 PM

Hey Google, what does a Christmas Tree symbolise

by New Member Lizzie87
‎2018-12-12 10:02 PM
My kids have been good at being naughty... does that count?
by New Contributor ADI0751
‎2018-12-12 10:33 PM

Okay Google, self-destruct.

by Visitor PaulChong23
‎2018-12-12 11:12 PM

Ok Google, How does Santa fit into a chimney?

by Occasional Visitor kellsbells28
‎2018-12-12 11:25 PM

Google, what tricks can we play on the kids with the elf on the shelf.

by Visitor priceless30
‎2018-12-12 11:39 PM

Google call Santa.

by New Member Lozenga_85
‎2018-12-13 05:44 AM

I would ask Google what are the in gifts for a 13 year old boy ? And also a list of Christmas movies to watch with my son 

by New Member Elwio71
‎2018-12-13 05:57 AM

Hey Google why did santa change from a green suit to a red one.

by Occasional Visitor helenwellens
‎2018-12-13 07:22 AM

I would say happy Christmas google looks like it’s you and me

by Occasional Visitor ZUF
‎2018-12-13 09:16 AM

I would say Google play All I Want ffor Christmas is You by Mariah Carey

by Visitor Tommo1978
‎2018-12-13 09:18 AM

"Okay Google", "What do you think I should get Siri for Christmas"?

by Frequent Visitor U8MYRiCE
‎2018-12-13 11:19 AM
Yo Google! I'm hungry. Feed me!
by Occasional Visitor izles
‎2018-12-13 12:05 PM

Google help me shop online and stop dealing with the xmas crowds

by Visitor Ino
‎2018-12-13 12:29 PM

Ok Google, what about the weather this Christmas? 

by Occasional Visitor JimmyCrickets
‎2018-12-13 12:40 PM

Hey Google, Would you please deliver coal to my ex-girlfriends house?

by New Member meonala
‎2018-12-13 03:02 PM

Hey google, can you turn the lights off? I'm tryning to sleep.

by New Member MALAINE
‎2018-12-13 03:06 PM

Hey Google, what are the best christmas movies to watch for kids?

by Member BlackLeprechaun
‎2018-12-13 03:10 PM

Hey Google, text Dad, Mom, Sis, Bro and Elf 'Wishing them happy holidays'.

by Visitor standyinc
‎2018-12-13 03:12 PM

This one is for my niece - how are babies made?

she's 7 and keeps asking.....

by Occasional Visitor CandiceB92
‎2018-12-13 03:42 PM

Okay google, please play Mariah Carey Christmas album.

by Occasional Visitor seanpatrickc
‎2018-12-13 04:18 PM

okay google; can you explain the meaning of life but do it to the tune of "We wish you a merry Christmas"

by New Member lozzastar
‎2018-12-13 04:51 PM

I would ask Google to provide me with the words for Silent Night and Jingle Bells (i never know all of the words)

by New Member xotwod
‎2018-12-13 05:44 PM

Okay Google, ask me a question.

by New Contributor SusieC
‎2018-12-13 06:16 PM

OK Google, for Christmas Breakfast should ham be cold or fried?

by New Contributor SusieC
‎2018-12-13 06:20 PM

Hey Google, does Santa like rumballs

by Member southampton76
‎2018-12-13 06:59 PM

*Whispering* Hey Google, why is Dad eating the milk and cookies that were left out for Santa?

by New Member Shelley15
‎2018-12-13 07:12 PM

Hey Google, when will people understand that their company is the best present and stop going into debt to show their love?

by Frequent Visitor _reegan
‎2018-12-13 07:45 PM

Okay google what’s your favourite thing about Xmas?

by Occasional Visitor lcllcl
‎2018-12-13 08:46 PM

Hey Google, what can I do if I cannot access google during X'mas trip to China

by New Member Insomniaa
‎2018-12-13 09:21 PM

Hey Google, what Am I getting for christmas?

by New Member JackLe
‎2018-12-13 09:35 PM

Ok Google, how to make my in-laws love my Christmas dinner

by New Member Ani1
‎2018-12-13 11:38 PM

"Hey Google, What do I need to say to win this Competition?"

by Frequent Visitor Jeans2
‎2018-12-14 05:28 AM

Hey Google, How many turkeys are eaten on Christmas Day worldwide? 

by Visitor zohreh
‎2018-12-14 09:48 AM

Hey Google,  How old is Santa Claus in real life?

by Visitor peachiestplum
‎2018-12-14 09:50 AM

Hi Google Who in our neighbourhood can we invite to share our Christmas with who doesn't have anybody to spend Christmas with?

by Occasional Visitor wunlung
‎2018-12-14 10:02 AM

Hey Google, can you suggest me some $20 xmas gifts?

by Occasional Visitor HashTM
‎2018-12-14 10:36 AM

I'd ask Google if they'd like some Turkey!

by Visitor HKX
‎2018-12-14 11:28 AM

Ok Google, please give me the current location of Santa

by Occasional Visitor alana_alice
‎2018-12-14 11:43 AM

I would ask if Santa prefers chicken salt or regular salt. 

by Visitor GT39
‎2018-12-14 12:01 PM

"Ok Google, how do I avoid annoying family members?"

by New Member Borgy01
‎2018-12-14 12:01 PM


Please tell the family to leave

They've been here since Christmas Eve

I'm feeling fine, had too much wine

And now it's time to resign




by Member kitten_kj
‎2018-12-14 02:42 PM

Tell me a Christmas Story google.

by Frequent Visitor Kittycat888
‎2018-12-14 02:43 PM

Okay Google, call Santa.

by New Contributor Jupiter707
‎2018-12-14 07:34 PM

Ok Google, tell me what you want, what you really really want!

by New Contributor Leeza
‎2018-12-14 07:55 PM

Google play Michael Bible Christmas songs. 

by Frequent Visitor Oc88
‎2018-12-14 08:22 PM

How many servings of Christmas pudding is too many? 

by New Contributor Rebel
‎2018-12-14 08:38 PM

Dear Google Home, please help me, need a Christmas present list, Santa's favourite treats and all his gang, love to see you under my Tree.

by New Contributor Sukali
‎2018-12-14 09:19 PM

I want to ask Google Home how long Santa's sleigh and reindeers are, so I will know whether to leave the front or back lights on where there is room to land.

by Frequent Visitor hy123yy00
‎2018-12-14 10:35 PM

Hey google, tell me the weather today. How long it will be for driving to somewhere?

by Frequent Visitor Sophmcd
‎2018-12-14 11:42 PM

From the age old debate "Hey Google, does tomato sauce belong in the pantry or the fridge?"

by New Member auroraskye
‎2018-12-15 12:03 AM

Google, what is the meaning of life?

by New Contributor Niko99
‎2018-12-15 01:16 AM

"Hi Google, please play Mr. Holland's Optus!"