12 Days of Christmas – WIN a Fitbit Alta

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5th Dec 2017, 12:00am



Step into the holiday season with a brand-new Fitbit Alta from Yes Crowd.


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Comment below and tell us what your favourite exercise is and why.




Once this competition closes (13 December at 11:59 pm AEDT) we will judge all the entries and the person with the best entry will win the Fitbit Alta.


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by Occasional Visitor To_courtney
‎2017-12-05 01:22 AM

I enjoy walking its a great way to get out of tge house and relax. 

by Frequent Visitor Insertnamehere
‎2017-12-05 06:02 AM

I enjoy sexersize its good for the body & the mind Smiley Happy

by New Contributor HaJoS
‎2017-12-05 06:13 AM
The best for me is a long walk on the beach.
by New Contributor dylo
‎2017-12-05 07:03 AM
Walking. It's underrated, great for your heart and is good to always keep on the move
by New Contributor sbarker
‎2017-12-05 07:05 AM

Swimming expecially in summer


by Occasional Contributor firmbee
‎2017-12-05 07:27 AM

When you walk, not only do you exercise but you explore, you discover, you stop and smell the flowers! I love photography and it’s on my walks that I see and capture moments! Amazing ordinary moments!

by Visitor sethlily03
‎2017-12-05 07:51 AM

Dancing, whether it’s around the house with the family or out in the clubs dancing is always fun and doesn’t feel like exercise 

by Frequent Visitor Tessamy
‎2017-12-05 08:36 AM

I love to play Roller Derby! It's a great empowering sport for women for all ages and sizes. Nothing makes me happier that sneaking through the pack and scoring points for my team.

by Frequent Visitor Deano_is
‎2017-12-05 08:50 AM

I love playing the drums! Great way to enjoy music, keep the brain active, and physical workout too!

by Frequent Visitor sallyc89
‎2017-12-05 09:02 AM

I love walking as it gives you a chance to be in nature and enjoy the sights and sounds. 

by Member Chimo25
‎2017-12-05 09:20 AM

Every mornng as the sun rises I set off for a walk, the perfect way to clear the head and get started for the day! It's great motivation!

by Member AidenSass
‎2017-12-05 09:22 AM

Running, working on my health and fitness, being able to run everyday and encounter nature at its finest. Running also helps acheive my pre season goals in football.Heart

by Frequent Visitor CareBears089
‎2017-12-05 09:27 AM

I love roller skating along the Brisbane River Boardwalk on a hot summers day. I get fit and have a blast at the same time.


by Member kitten_kj
‎2017-12-05 09:43 AM

I love to dance - it's like therapy, music soothes the mind and soul!

by Member jakeb1991
‎2017-12-05 09:46 AM

planking is actually the best exercise for not only your abs but also your whole body and mind. 

by Member winni
‎2017-12-05 09:55 AM

With an open heart and warrior flow, I'm a happy yogi with a quiet glow.
Focussing energy, a mindfulness persona, Bikram Yoga is my supernova.

by Member deevajo
‎2017-12-05 10:06 AM

Definitely the one that is minimal effort for maximum result, and should anybody know it please let me in on the secret! Smiley Frustrated

by New Contributor Jester80
‎2017-12-05 10:07 AM

I personally enjoy a good hiit class. you feel like you are going to die, but once it's over, you feel great!

by Frequent Visitor calvindanh
‎2017-12-05 10:16 AM

Swimming. It is the best exercise for both your body and mind as water supports the weight and takes the strain of your joints. Whether it be in an infinity pool, river, lakes or ocean we can't help to think that when we are by the water it…cuts us off from the rattle and hum of modern society.

by Frequent Visitor hevs_
‎2017-12-05 10:26 AM

Body pump! Or any high intensity group work out. Love the support of the room around you, everyone wants everyone else to succeed and be at their best. Fab way to work away the stress of the day, look and feel great!

by Member gankstar5
‎2017-12-05 10:32 AM

My favourite exercise is running because it clears my mind and helps me lose my beer belly. 

by Occasional Visitor wlsnle
‎2017-12-05 11:12 AM

Favourite exercise is running as I struggled to run 500m I'm 2013 but as I have pushed my body and mind to the limit, I note have hit a new personal best of 5km non stop 

by Frequent Visitor alxa
‎2017-12-05 11:52 AM

I love going for a bush walk. It helps me keep relaxed, I can think clearly, get a good workout done and also do some sketching all in one!

by Member travodo88
‎2017-12-05 12:25 PM

 The only exercise I know how to do: being pulled around by a Labrador with boundless energy and boundless lack of respect for my lack of boundless energy.

by Member Graycen
‎2017-12-05 12:39 PM

I let my German Shepherd walk me daily. it's brisk sometimes a run.

by New Contributor Esky
‎2017-12-05 12:45 PM

Lifting that large beer from tabletop to mouth several times per hour.

by Frequent Visitor Shannara
‎2017-12-05 12:58 PM

My favorite exercise would be dancing - when I was little I was enrolled in both Ballet and Jazz Dance Classes. Growing up throughout my teens I stopped the classes and when I was old enough started dancing in the clubs. It allows you an express yourself and you generally go out and have a great time with friends. So I would definately say Dancing

by Frequent Visitor sideshowmal
‎2017-12-05 12:58 PM

Running - just me and my thoughts.

by Occasional Contributor Peteroid
‎2017-12-05 01:27 PM

My favourite exercise apparently is the squat particularly diddly squat.

by Occasional Visitor tzehingchan
‎2017-12-05 01:50 PM

Burpees as they give most efficient burning of calories on a minute per minute basis as compared to jump ropes and other cardio exercises.

by New Contributor Bro1
‎2017-12-05 02:36 PM

Running on the beaching stream Spotify data free.

by Occasional Visitor CharliT
‎2017-12-05 02:58 PM

Yoga as it helps to strengthen the mind and body

by Visitor LisaV
‎2017-12-05 03:00 PM

I really enjoy walking and climbing on play equipment with my kids.  They definitely keep me moving!

by Visitor mattib
‎2017-12-05 03:04 PM

I'm just hoping to regift this.. Is that cheap of me??

by New Member samrose17
‎2017-12-05 03:06 PM

my favourite excercise is squats as it helps tone my legs hips and butt. 

by Member cadence123
‎2017-12-05 03:07 PM

I love going to the beach, walking, swimming and running after the kids, win win for all.


by Frequent Visitor Roamingsolo
‎2017-12-05 03:51 PM

For summer it is swimming as it works the major muscles, relaxes the mind and beats the heat.  And... it's fun!!

by Frequent Visitor BaconPope
‎2017-12-05 04:04 PM

I thought you said extra fries

by Frequent Visitor Joanne_Change
‎2017-12-05 04:24 PM

Walking !  Lovely just to get out in the fresh air.

by Member beaver21s
‎2017-12-05 04:59 PM

Couch Surfing

by Frequent Visitor Mstrom
‎2017-12-05 05:17 PM

Since breaking my back I’ve realised how much I miss being able to walk more than 10 metres without pain so definitely walking is my favourite exercise. 

by Frequent Visitor JoJo42
‎2017-12-05 05:27 PM

I love jogging, I can keep going until I clear my mind ☺️

by New Contributor kloeleex
‎2017-12-05 05:37 PM

My favourite exercise would be dancing because not only are you getting a work out but you are also freeing your body and mind, keeping you relaxed and calm inside.

by Member ako
‎2017-12-05 05:50 PM

Yoga, it melts away anxiety and stress!!

by Occasional Contributor Kitzyy
‎2017-12-05 05:55 PM

Prancersize! Jokes. Honestly my favourite would be bike riding with my son around the beautiful lake in the town we live in and past the park. 

by Occasional Visitor Carlixxo
‎2017-12-05 06:17 PM

Swimming at your nearest pool centre or the beach because it's fun and you can enjoy doing it with friends. 

by Frequent Visitor Susie_V
‎2017-12-05 06:38 PM

Walking because each step brings me closer to my fitness goal.

by Visitor EvieJude
‎2017-12-05 07:15 PM

Pilates. I focus on my breathing and my stresses float away.

by Occasional Visitor maltimmy
‎2017-12-05 07:51 PM

Favourite Exercise is being at my workplace - at a Kinder.. Running around chasing the kids..

by Member jaclouwra
‎2017-12-05 08:37 PM

zumba has to be my most favourite exercise. I live the fun element to it and it doesn’t feel like exercise!

by Member jaclouwra
‎2017-12-05 08:39 PM

Zumba has to be my favourite exercise. I love how fun it is and that it doesn’t feel like exercise!

by Crowd Champion SillyGogo
‎2017-12-05 10:26 PM
Sleeping..It re-energize me mind
by Member terri13
‎2017-12-05 10:42 PM
I love the feeling when your on a walk and everything around you slows down and it's just you and your surroundings, it's surreal
by Visitor microwave24
‎2017-12-06 06:35 AM

I love walking, it's the perfect exercise for relaxation and it means I can stop and pat all the dogs I see on the way!

by Member Indoorgirl
‎2017-12-06 07:26 AM

Christmas shopping is my cardio. Stopping at each shop is interval training and coffee and cake is the cooling down stage!

by Frequent Visitor fer2050
‎2017-12-06 08:34 AM

Running, I run about 40K per week, it helps me dissconect and relax.

by New Contributor Bhavik
‎2017-12-06 08:35 AM

Hiking. As it's an extension to walking, which I love. Great way to get out, be with nature and just breath in our beautiful planet.

by New Member Roch24
‎2017-12-06 08:51 AM

I love cycling! Wind on your face Smiley Very Happy

by Frequent Visitor guppybetta10
‎2017-12-06 09:28 AM
Jogging. It's refreshing and has just enough intensity that I could still enjoy the nature around me.
by Frequent Visitor heidiwesche
‎2017-12-06 09:54 AM

Love to umpire netball, it let’s me apply my knowledge of the rules of netball whilst keeping fit and happy!

by New Member katekatekate
‎2017-12-06 11:53 AM

I love squatting with weights. You gain muscle and also improve your posture.

by Frequent Visitor iMattel
‎2017-12-06 02:12 PM

My favoutite exercise is dancing... lucky that the FitBit counts your dance steps too Smiley Happy

by Occasional Visitor Phaedrus
‎2017-12-06 02:14 PM
My favourite exercise is couch surfing, that´s why I need a Fitbit Alta!
by Frequent Visitor Anamck1998
‎2017-12-06 03:14 PM

Waterpolo - difficult and very aggressive sport that gets the heart rate pumping and increases your fitness. 

by Visitor ALING92
‎2017-12-06 04:11 PM

Any team sport (netball is a favourite!) Getting out, exercising and socialising?! What more can you want.

by Member Beksmum11
‎2017-12-06 05:05 PM

I love running, sometimes long and slow, sometimes short and fast - even whenI dont want to do it, I know I am going to feel great after Smiley Happy

by Frequent Visitor Micky
‎2017-12-06 05:13 PM

A spin class is the way to go, heaps of health benefits and your weight drops low,  how can you say no!!!

by New Member skd
‎2017-12-06 06:21 PM

zumba is my favourite! you get to dance to some cool music and also have an aerobic session Smiley Happy

by Frequent Visitor Ryanmon
‎2017-12-06 06:35 PM


by Frequent Visitor kurst
‎2017-12-06 07:17 PM

I enjoy walking because for the first time in a long time thanks to spinal surgery it is one thing I’m allowed to do 

by Occasional Visitor Caseylmreid
‎2017-12-06 08:02 PM

My favourite activity is rock climbing. It gets your heart pumping and I love being able to challenge myself on every new climb.

by Occasional Visitor Wenakins
‎2017-12-06 09:38 PM

Cycling most definitely. A great way to burn some calories and enjoy some sights along the way.

by Occasional Visitor DJCA
‎2017-12-06 11:37 PM

My favourite exericse is swimming, it is therapeutic and is amazing cardio. You can take swimming further if you like so whilst it can be a hobby/exercise it can also be an investment

by Frequent Visitor Novastiel
‎2017-12-07 07:25 AM

Dancing! Moving your body to the beats brings a smile to everyones face, no matter how good you are!

by Occasional Visitor Chowder143
‎2017-12-07 09:14 AM

I love to hike and walk because it clears my mind, and I get to be around different people everytime and hear all kinds of sounds and see things.

by New Member Nita92
‎2017-12-07 11:05 AM
you gotta love to squat !! squat squat squat !! besides squating cardio , abs ! Smiley Very Happy
by Visitor Jamielees
‎2017-12-07 12:09 PM

I enojoy High intensity interval training, the turnover of rest and intensive exercise makes the workout fly by

by Frequent Visitor deebs
‎2017-12-07 12:11 PM

Dancing! Gets the heart rate up and its actually fun.

by Occasional Visitor mick_ang97
‎2017-12-07 12:15 PM

I enjoy a simple beach walk with my husband, get fit and spend quality time together (win win)

by Occasional Visitor Amorgatory
‎2017-12-07 01:55 PM

I love walking after a hiit exercise. It helps me start my day with full of energy and calm my mind.

by New Member Kieran1690
‎2017-12-07 05:50 PM

Dancing, nothing better than burning calories while destroying a d floor at 2am in the morning with no care in the world about who is watching.

by Visitor RedDavid
‎2017-12-07 07:26 PM

I like to do yoga with my goat, because I just love to "Kid" around. 




by Occasional Visitor camcam25796
‎2017-12-07 07:34 PM

I enjoy a nice bike ride with the family in the afternoon.

by Member KateAlexis
‎2017-12-07 07:35 PM

I love walking with my doggo, he appreciates it so much and that keeps me motived Smiley Happy Lost 20kgs in a year just from walking!

by Occasional Visitor Bez7
‎2017-12-07 10:44 PM

I need a good kick up the butt to get moving each day 

by Frequent Visitor CaMa83
‎2017-12-08 12:08 AM

Hiking in nature. Enjoying the sights, sounds and views of my surroundings. 

by New Contributor Flossy69
‎2017-12-08 02:59 AM

Real estate agent . .  home open dash, Jump curb, cross 4 lanes dodging cars, weight lift back door of 4WD, leap into seat, and repeat 

by Occasional Visitor mikaelayo
‎2017-12-08 08:22 AM

Yoga. It's not just physical but mental and brings awareness to your emotions every time you do it. It's as much exercise as it is checking in with yourself and being true to you. Not enough people do this while working out so I highly suggest giving it a go! 

by Occasional Visitor pom
‎2017-12-08 08:30 AM
I have just bought a bicycle for that much needed exercise.
by Visitor Becsmum
‎2017-12-08 09:10 AM

Sleeping. It's good for my mind and body Smiley Wink