12 Days of Christmas – WIN a 4G Wi-Fi in Car Modem

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8th Dec 2018, 9:00am

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On the sixth day of Christmas my telco sent to me… the chance to win a 4G Wi-Fi in Car Modem! Trip around Australia with your trusty 4G Wi-Fi Modem this Christmas by entering our competition below.


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Leave a comment below telling us in 25 words or less, if you could road trip anywhere this Christmas, where would it be and why?


Once the competition closes (14th December at 11:59 pm AEDT) we will judge all entries, and the person we deem to have the best entry will win the 4G Wi-Fi in Car Modem.


The Yes Crowd 12 Days of Christmas competition runs from 3rd December 2018 until 11:59 pm on 14th December 2018 and you must be an Optus customer to enter. To find out what other amazing prizes are up for grabs, click here.


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Aust. residents 18+ only. Must be an Optus customer. Starts: 09:00AM AEDT 03/12/18. Ends: 11:59PM AEDT 14/12/18. Max 1 entry for each prize permitted per person. Ts & Cs apply.

by Member TAandAA
‎2018-12-07 12:10 PM

Sydney to Nimbin!  See the European settled towns for some history, check out Timbertown and camp in some amazing places under the stars in bushland!

by Frequent Visitor lamminium
‎2018-12-07 02:52 PM
Maybe Phillip Island, Victoria. Will definitely go for seafood, especially crayfish, again.
by Frequent Visitor joyboy1978
‎2018-12-07 04:44 PM

To Ulladulla from Sydney. A lovely drive, not too far for the kids and a wonderful place to end up!

by New Contributor Zarpe
‎2018-12-07 06:49 PM

Esperence - Beautiful white sand and beautiful blue blue ocean far away from city life in the hot blistering sun.

by Frequent Visitor MilanFil
‎2018-12-08 07:04 PM

Great Ocean Road in Victoria. Scenic, breathtaking and full of history.

by Frequent Visitor bim85
‎2018-12-08 07:41 PM

I would love to take a road trip to the ancient forests of Tasmania, pristine and cool, before we lose them forever...

by Member Collider25
‎2018-12-08 08:29 PM

From Brisbane u t the top of QLD,  my dream roadtrip will begin on 29th of Dec, 4G modem is just what we need

by Member MrBeeTea
‎2018-12-08 10:19 PM

From Melbourne to Uluru in a Toyota Landcruiser for that true outback feel and to enjoy our breathtaking national treasure!

by Frequent Visitor MrtheMoonbear
‎2018-12-08 11:30 PM

Down to Sydney so I could spend it with the newest addition to my extended family ^.^

by Occasional Contributor andrewbat
‎2018-12-08 03:06 AM

Coming from Ballarat where it's writer 6 months of the year minimum...anywhere that summer exists...anywhere!!

by Frequent Visitor Beeanka
‎2018-12-08 07:17 AM

From Northern NSW to Melbourne VIC, making multiple stops along the way to visit family members that are spread out in different areas we have not seen in years. Time flys way too fast & no better time to catch up on a road trip than the Christmas Holidays.

by New Contributor Kattwells
‎2018-12-08 09:09 AM

Lake Cathie in NSW, it's a beautiful little town on the beach and great place to relax and unwind

by Frequent Visitor ReneY
‎2018-12-08 09:19 AM

Outback Queensland, for the red dirt and amber sunsets, to dig up dinosaurs and support our rural drought stricken communities

by Frequent Visitor Pinkie_Yes
‎2018-12-08 09:20 AM
Drive from right to left (Melb to Perth).
by Frequent Visitor Andipr55
‎2018-12-08 10:18 AM

I will drive to all the nice quiet beaches where people don't go so I can have a quiet time

by Occasional Contributor lyn60
‎2018-12-08 10:29 AM

I would go north to Atherton Tablelands to see my brother and finally see my Dad's resting place with a stopover at Rockhampton to see my cousin/best friend

by Occasional Visitor MasterJazD
‎2018-12-08 11:02 AM

Head to Goolwa, SA, for the Xmas season to spend time with the family, also love the drive and atmosphere

by Frequent Visitor Kieran_1980
‎2018-12-08 11:22 AM

(D)azzling Drop Dead Gorgeous Dandenong Ranges!!
(O)utstandingly Original
(S)cenic Sacred Space like Heaven!!

by Frequent Visitor Leopard
‎2018-12-08 12:06 PM

From Sydney to, the capital of Outback NSW, Broken Hill.

by Frequent Visitor littleneedle
‎2018-12-08 12:37 PM

If I could road trip this Christmas anywhere in Australia it would be to visit our friends who have moved to Tasmania.  We've never been and would love it.

by Visitor JoelC_
‎2018-12-08 12:46 PM

I'd road trip to Spain for the food and drinks but not sure how practical this is.

by Frequent Visitor Gabser
‎2018-12-08 01:04 PM

Up the West Coast stopping off at all the stunning beaches all the way from Albany to Darwin.

by Visitor JenAmb
‎2018-12-08 02:08 PM

From Rocky to Brisbane to visit family and then down to Melbourne to escape the hot Queensland summer! 🌞☃️

by New Contributor Chantelle94
‎2018-12-08 02:11 PM

Road trip from Riverina to Sydney then cruise to the South Pacific islands, white sand blue oceans amazing culture.

by New Contributor Carbon
‎2018-12-08 02:12 PM

Tour all the Riverland towns along the MurrayRiver from SA to NSW

by Visitor Ambri
‎2018-12-08 02:14 PM

Would love to conquer the 1660km long Eyre Highway from South Australia to Western Australia via the Nullabor Plain! 🛣🚗

by Super Contributor
‎2018-12-08 04:04 PM

From Melbourne to Canberra and then Sydney - to visit our friends and relatives, as Christmas is a great time to reconnect and have fun!

by Visitor Jonesy24
‎2018-12-08 04:23 PM

Road trip home to NSW to see family for Xmas

by Frequent Visitor HamishPike1
‎2018-12-08 04:25 PM

To a beach where there is cold beer, surf for the kids and plenty of sun for family fun

by Occasional Contributor Mooch
‎2018-12-08 04:32 PM

From Brisbane up to the top of Uluru. Christmas would be great up there!

by New Contributor rman
‎2018-12-08 06:49 PM

The quickest road out of Melbourne would be a great road trip, at least then the traffic would move

by Frequent Visitor Guysta
‎2018-12-09 07:26 PM

I would roadtrip to Tasmania to escape the heat and get as close to a white Christmas as possible!

by Frequent Visitor minggaofu
‎2018-12-09 07:28 PM

Melbourne to visit family

by Occasional Visitor sargon_issa
‎2018-12-09 07:32 PM

I am a uber driver and travel a lot and many people want 4g so if I could win this for Christmas my customers would be very happy


by Frequent Visitor Georgia7
‎2018-12-09 09:19 PM

I'm already road tripping to visit my parents in country NSW. Wouldn't miss Christmas at home for the world! 

by Visitor ren_90x
‎2018-12-09 09:57 PM

Newcastle to Gold Coast, country there and coastal back! Summer lovin' road trip to heaven on earth!

by Member deevajo
‎2018-12-09 10:21 PM

Can I roadtrip Europe or Canada... somewhere cold??? I'd love to experience a white christmas!

by Occasional Visitor Anuradha
‎2018-12-09 11:10 PM

On the scenic route of the great ocean road 

by Frequent Contributor
‎2018-12-09 11:13 PM

A camping tour from Alice Springs down to Adelaide

by Visitor Basel
‎2018-12-09 11:41 PM

somewhere that may have snow or Christmas spirit

by Occasional Visitor AnaOb
‎2018-12-09 01:16 AM
I would like to go to Esperance, Western Australia to see the Pink Lake.
by Contributor Rubofthegreen
‎2018-12-09 02:34 AM

I would take a Trip to Port Macquarie on the NSW coast to visit my Dad for Xmas

by Visitor Jules76
‎2018-12-09 07:43 AM

I would take a road trip along the stunning great ocean road and show my boys Melbourne 

by New Contributor Dumbo469
‎2018-12-09 08:29 AM
To Kiama for a wedding. Hang on that's exactly what I'm doing.
by New Contributor roadwarrior
‎2018-12-09 08:38 AM

if I could road trip this holidays I would go from the Hunter Valley NSW to Cairns to see the Great Barrier Reef

by Frequent Visitor Asher666
‎2018-12-09 09:55 AM

I'd go to Newcastle; home of the Henny Penny fast-food chain.

by New Contributor Brestep
‎2018-12-09 10:40 AM

Blue Mountains. It's my favourite location and amazing

by Visitor hnguyenec
‎2018-12-09 10:42 AM

Gold Coast, my kids would love the games

by Frequent Visitor Sam_Aarika
‎2018-12-09 10:42 AM

From Sydney to Goldcoast with family in Mazda because it says Zoom Zoom... Smiley Tongue

by New Member hweita
‎2018-12-09 10:45 AM
Driving to Fraser Island would be amazing
by Occasional Visitor Topus
‎2018-12-09 10:58 AM

Sydney to The Entrance - to see the pelicans!

by Frequent Visitor lauren31
‎2018-12-09 11:18 AM

Bells Beach in Victoria, so hopefilly I can see Santa catching a wave ! 

by Occasional Contributor luapbarb
‎2018-12-09 11:43 AM

Anywhere because you know, ROAD TRIP!!!!!

by Frequent Visitor Annybaobao33
‎2018-12-09 12:45 PM

Byron Bay for sure!!!

by Frequent Visitor Annybaobao33
‎2018-12-09 12:47 PM

(Pls Ignore the previous entry as I didn’t say the reason.) Byron Bay for sure!!! — to visit my old friends and simply enjoy the beach and views 

by New Member JULLLY
‎2018-12-09 12:51 PM

up north to see my extended family. 6hours drive towards the fire effected areas near lowmead.

by Visitor TheCoroner
‎2018-12-09 12:52 PM

Phillip Island, because I'm new to Vic and I have never been.

Rent a little beach side cottage, through airbnb...spend a couple of days, soaking in the serenity, and the sights, then chill out on the beach under the stars with my fella

by Member r1c3box
‎2018-12-09 01:04 PM

Perth to Melbourne across the Nullabor to catch up with all my eastern states mates!

by Frequent Visitor blue15
‎2018-12-09 02:04 PM

To Perth to spend Christmas with all my family who i haven't seen for a while.

by Occasional Visitor Brenton92
‎2018-12-09 02:26 PM

Adelaide, to see all my family.

by Frequent Visitor Machaon
‎2018-12-09 02:40 PM

Central coast to hit up all the beaches

by Member namzrock
‎2018-12-09 02:51 PM

Very few people in country go to see Lord Howe Island, Great sense of community, which is only heightened on this special day.

by Visitor sibbu
‎2018-12-09 02:52 PM

The beautiful Blue Mountains, only a short drive from Sydney, and so heavenly and reinvigorating.


by Frequent Visitor annabelleluu
‎2018-12-09 03:37 PM

I'd take a nice drive to Hyams Beach! It looks so perfect and picturesque.

by Visitor kEvIn0hsEvEn
‎2018-12-09 03:40 PM

any where that have snow

by Frequent Visitor Patchirajan
‎2018-12-09 03:48 PM

Will go to Monkey Mia this christmas for kids to watch dolphins

by Visitor azzychill
‎2018-12-09 04:28 PM

All of the nordic states, Sweden, Denmark etc... Head to Lapland and see Reindeer

by Visitor jonafun
‎2018-12-09 04:29 PM

PERTH! To see the great blue beaches

by Frequent Visitor photonmoo
‎2018-12-09 04:32 PM

Rural Vic to Queensland, take the family to the theme parks

by Occasional Contributor RobertsClan
‎2018-12-09 04:36 PM

Perth to Cape York! My partner and I have always wanted to take our family on a 4wd trip! Family bonding time Smiley Happy 

by Frequent Visitor Trids
‎2018-12-09 04:40 PM

Currently have a road trip planned for the East coast of Tasmania, would love to have internet for some cosy movie watching! 

by Occasional Contributor robhing06
‎2018-12-09 04:40 PM

Travel between Torquay to Apollo Bay, as you won’t be at a loss for activities. A round trip to the Twelve Apostles and back can be done in just a few days and you’ll get in plenty of beach time.

by New Contributor Kynan
‎2018-12-09 04:46 PM

I would road trip to Melbourne with the boys to see the Boxing Day Test Match against India!

by Occasional Visitor Princess78
‎2018-12-09 04:48 PM

Brissy to Rocky to visit my husband's widowed aunt. She would love the company. 

by Member Dale1987
‎2018-12-09 04:54 PM

To victor harbour Sa to see my Nan, being a apprentice I don’t have the cash to do a lot but would love to spend some time with her 

by New Contributor Moneyc
‎2018-12-09 04:56 PM

The great ocean road! Not too hot, plenty of camping sites and world class beaches. 

by Occasional Visitor Leo1508
‎2018-12-09 05:01 PM

Melbourne with my wife and son. Back to the place where I used to study in 2011. It just feel like yesterday.

by New Contributor Hawko
‎2018-12-09 05:12 PM

My bestie and I used to point at a map and drive.  Then try and get home without a melway or GPS. So anywhere!!

by New Contributor Gigi67
‎2018-12-09 05:13 PM

Brisbane, I would be travelling from Perth across the country because that is where my family is!

by New Contributor Caro1
‎2018-12-09 05:14 PM

We road trip every Christmas we live in the country so visit family and celebrate at Christmas (wonder if it would work here) Please 

by Occasional Contributor TonyMinards
‎2018-12-09 05:22 PM

I'd go on a road trip to Esperance WA and relax in Cape Le Grand National Park.

by Frequent Visitor pwmb
‎2018-12-09 05:29 PM

I drive up to Alice Springs and have a nice look aroung the Red Center, to vind out about "The Outback"

by New Contributor jigenshrestha
‎2018-12-09 05:36 PM

Go to great ocean road as i have never been further to the end.

by New Contributor RickG
‎2018-12-09 05:40 PM

Lucky Bay, living in the desert really makes me miss water

by Occasional Visitor chele
‎2018-12-09 05:41 PM

Just love a road trip - I think a tri Mebourne to Perth and check out the coastline where possible.

by Visitor ES79
‎2018-12-09 05:43 PM

Sydney to Mildura and back... 

by New Contributor Quin
‎2018-12-09 05:52 PM

To Perth, for the One Day International at the new Optus Stadium

by Visitor Wanted
‎2018-12-09 05:56 PM

Road trip the length of the QLD coast in memory of my father who passed on Chrismas Day and always drove us on holidays up and down the QLD coast.

by Visitor Ozzbike
‎2018-12-09 06:01 PM

A family road trip from Brisbane to Melbourne....streaming Spotify on the Pacific Highway.

by Visitor pjhaynes
‎2018-12-09 06:11 PM

Margaret River, love family holidays there!