12 Days of Christmas – WIN a 4G Alcatel A3 phone

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10th Dec 2017, 11:59pm



Not one for bells and whistles, but still need affordable data, talk and text? Well look no further than the 4G Alcatel A3 prepaid phone.


This baby is perfect for media lovers thanks to its 5-inch HD display and has an impressive 13-megapixel rear camera AND we’re giving you the chance to win one!

To enter this competition, log in to Yes Crowd and

Fill in the blank and comment below All I want for Christmas is __________


Once this competition closes (13 December at 11:59 pm AEDT) we will judge all the entries and the person with the best entry will win the 4G Alcatel A3. Just so you know, the phone is network locked to Optus and you will need to cover the cost of prepaid vouchers.  


The Yes Crowd 12 Days of Christmas competition runs from 1 December 2017 until 11.59PM on 13 December 2017 and you must be an Optus customer to enter. To find out what other incredible prizes are up for grabs (including Ashes tickets, Premier League jersey and a Google Home), click here. 


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Ts & Cs


Aust. residents 18+ only. Must be an Optus customer. Starts: 9am AEDT 1/12/17. Ends: 11:59pm AEDT 13/12/17. Max 1 entry for each prize permitted per person. T&Cs apply

by Frequent Visitor wi11bot
‎2017-12-10 12:46 AM

A 4G Alcatel A3 prepaid phone

by Frequent Visitor JoJo42
‎2017-12-10 06:54 AM

Flashy 4g Alcatel Mobile!!

by Crowd Champion Davelew
‎2017-12-10 08:32 AM

Santa to ring me on my new Alcatel A3 phone

by Occasional Visitor Mirandaarin
‎2017-12-10 09:58 AM

All I want for Christmas is for the Boxing Day test not to get rained out...

by Member Beksmum11
‎2017-12-10 10:07 AM

A 4G Alcatel A3 prepaid phone for my daughter Smiley Happy

by Crowd Champion SillyGogo
‎2017-12-10 12:16 PM

to be with my family, pausing all the worries and work and just enjoy the time with each other. 

by Member BlackLeprechaun
‎2017-12-10 02:26 PM

All I want for Christmas is to ring in Xmas and 2018 with the 4G Alcatel phone courtesy of Optus Smiley Very Happy

by Frequent Visitor CA
‎2017-12-11 08:05 PM

my two front teeth plus a 4G Alcatel phone from Optus

by Member KateAlexis
‎2017-12-11 08:13 PM

You...yes you, no not the person behind Woman Wink

by Frequent Visitor G005H13
‎2017-12-11 08:26 PM

4G Alcatel A3 prepaid phone.

by New Member WeeDavey
‎2017-12-11 08:37 PM

All I want is an 4G Alcatel A3 prepaid phone

by Occasional Visitor Simple15
‎2017-12-11 08:38 PM

....To survive the family lunch filled with Dad jokes from my husband, Uncles, Grandparents and my Father.

by Frequent Visitor HamishPike1
‎2017-12-11 08:52 PM

4G Alcatel A3, two front teeht and a partidge in a pear tree!

by New Contributor dylo
‎2017-12-11 09:07 PM! Oooh Oooh Ooooh Baby! oh & a 4G Alcatel A3 Phone
by Visitor Kelbsta14
‎2017-12-11 09:13 PM

All I want for Christmas is for my auntie to stop buying me key rings 

by Frequent Visitor Ryanmon
‎2017-12-11 10:07 PM

A phone and google chrome cast

by Occasional Contributor firmbee
‎2017-12-11 10:09 PM

Everyone to be happy with their gift, enjoy the food prepared, be kind to each other! Love, laughter, songs and cheer xxx

by Member MCSQD
‎2017-12-11 10:15 PM

For people to be grateful for their gifts.

by Frequent Visitor Slang
‎2017-12-11 10:29 PM

Peace on Earth and my family, friends and cats around me.  An iPad Pro would be nice too!

by Member ako
‎2017-12-11 11:06 PM

What money can't buy, good health and happiness for my family and friends!

by Member deevajo
‎2017-12-11 11:40 PM

...  a year ahead filled with only happiness, good luck and good health!

by Member gankstar5
‎2017-12-11 01:02 AM


by Member cadence123
‎2017-12-11 01:21 AM

It's not what's under the tree that matters it's who's gathered around it.....all my family

by Visitor Nymph
‎2017-12-11 05:20 AM

 All I want for Christmas is everyone to be happy, safe and healthy & its easy if you do the 3 L's.... 

                 Live 💓 Love 💓 Laugh

by Frequent Visitor CareBears089
‎2017-12-11 06:52 AM

Happiness and harmony around the family Christmas table.


I love spending time cooking for them but don't appreciate Turkey and drinks being thrown last year.

by Frequent Visitor BTrouble
‎2017-12-11 07:59 AM

Santa, all l want for christmas is a skinny body and fat wallet - please don't mix them up like you did last year Smiley Very Happy

by Member RonnieDe
‎2017-12-11 08:15 AM and happiness.

by Occasional Contributor gusman
‎2017-12-11 08:19 AM

A user-friendly modern phone that I can give to my father, so that he can finally give up on the outdated flip phone that is capable of nothing but making or receiving phone calls!

by New Contributor HaJoS
‎2017-12-11 08:37 AM
A nEw 4G Alcatel A3 phone for my kids. They need urgently a new phone!
by Frequent Visitor fer2050
‎2017-12-11 09:13 AM

to call you from my 4G Alcatel A3 prepaid phone!!!

by Member winni
‎2017-12-11 09:29 AM

All I want for Christmas is for my partner to call and say those magical words, 'order anything you want' ..

by Member chenwang
‎2017-12-11 09:30 AM

4G Alcatel A3!!!!!!

by Occasional Contributor lyn60
‎2017-12-11 09:36 AM

is to spend it with my son and daughter and their partners along with my 6 Grandchildren all together in one place....the perfect day for me

by Occasional Visitor Love_it
‎2017-12-11 09:47 AM

It looks a perfect gift.  Nicholas just broke his mobile phone in school.

by Occasional Visitor MMel
‎2017-12-11 10:41 AM

to give my daughter her first phone.

by Frequent Visitor Kittycat888
‎2017-12-11 11:25 AM

Google Home so I can have someone to talk to when I get home

by Frequent Visitor BaconPope
‎2017-12-11 11:38 AM

world peace.
Nah i'm kidding.
Hookers and coke

And a butt ton of bacon

by Member pamalex
‎2017-12-11 11:39 AM

All I want for Christmas is to keep surfing, sharing and liking on the 4G Alcatel A3 prepaid phone.

by Member albiieee
‎2017-12-11 11:55 AM

4G Alcatel A3 prepaid phone to keep up with my social media!

by New Member panfriedbacon
‎2017-12-11 12:07 PM

All I want for Christmas youuuuuuuuuuu

by Visitor LachicChoc
‎2017-12-11 12:23 PM

To win one of the Yes Crowd's 12 days of Christmas giveaways!

by Member Chimo25
‎2017-12-11 12:48 PM

A new phone would be amazeballs for streamingnetflix ad calling friends secretly I want Blue Heelers on DVD

by Frequent Visitor DaClown
‎2017-12-11 12:50 PM

Taylor Swift Concert Tickets!


by Visitor MENANGLE
‎2017-12-11 12:55 PM

My two front teeth!!

by Frequent Visitor JoshuaP
‎2017-12-11 01:29 PM

All I want for Christmas is: a Samsung S8 / or an S8+ for my partner

by Occasional Visitor David_fromwork
‎2017-12-11 02:05 PM

A phone that's not Samsung or Apple!

by Occasional Visitor Irishuynh
‎2017-12-11 02:26 PM

All I want for Christmas is to be able to relax and binge watch all the shows that I've missed out on!

by Visitor mattib
‎2017-12-11 03:25 PM

a pre paid phone to call my mate in Denmark who will no dobt be having a white christmas, VERY JELOUS!

by Frequent Visitor alxa
‎2017-12-11 03:35 PM

great weather for my road trip up to the gold coast!

by Frequent Visitor Lanzii
‎2017-12-11 03:58 PM

A years supply of Chicken Nuggets.

by Occasional Visitor Bocca
‎2017-12-11 04:14 PM

you Heart

by Frequent Visitor glenno501
‎2017-12-11 04:58 PM

Peace and happiness on earth. Failing that my own personal x-wing....  That would take care of my work commute. 😁

by New Member Lynchie
‎2017-12-11 05:24 PM
A 4G Alcatel A3 prepaid phone for my son, so he can contact me. Thanx Optus
by Occasional Visitor DanGER
‎2017-12-11 05:40 PM

All i want for christmas is Donald Trump to resign 

by New Contributor MEM
‎2017-12-11 05:52 PM

World peace and a phone that doesn't have a smashed screen!!! I heard the 4G Alcatel A3 Phones look great.

by New Contributor jneu
‎2017-12-11 06:13 PM

For Optus to help me graduate from my Samsung Flip-phone (circa 2009) to a big girl phone!

by Visitor sarahbee
‎2017-12-11 06:42 PM


by Occasional Visitor bellle13
‎2017-12-12 09:24 PM

P-retty wrapped presents 
T-hen happily

U-nboxing an Alcatel A3 phone

S-o exciting it would be! 

by Occasional Contributor EnegueWeil
‎2017-12-12 09:28 PM

All I want for Christmas is you, though that would never actually happen, I guess, as I have a body of a god...undoubtedly it is Laughing Buddha's body i'm rocking.

by New Member msallen
‎2017-12-12 10:53 PM

To be able to video call my Mum who lives overseas, so I can see her face. She, unfortunately, has a really old brick phone haha. 

by Occasional Visitor CassL
‎2017-12-12 11:17 PM

Is to be able to give my dad a good phone instead of old hand-me-downs because he can't afford to buy himself a good phone

by Frequent Visitor tomandtate
‎2017-12-12 12:07 AM

to have an enjoyable and relaxing day without the kids arguing

by Visitor RainbowTyrant
‎2017-12-12 12:15 AM

For my parents to be able to phone loved ones at any time. 

by Frequent Visitor sweehar11
‎2017-12-12 12:29 AM

A 4G Alcatel A3 prepaid phone pretty please Smiley Happy

by Occasional Contributor KarCav
‎2017-12-12 12:39 AM

A happy, healthy family..and teenagers who anser my texts on my new 4G Alcatel A3 prepaid phone

by Member Guymaleman
‎2017-12-12 02:25 AM

I don't want a lot for Christmas
There is just one thing I need
I don't care about the presents
Underneath the Christmas tree
I just want you for my own
More than you could ever know
Make my wish come true oh
All I want for Christmas is....

the 4G Alcatel A3 prepaid phone

by New Contributor Shayeh
‎2017-12-12 07:04 AM

1 call to heaven to speak too my Grandpa i miss him so much ❤😢

by Occasional Visitor Macadoo
‎2017-12-12 08:40 AM

A 4G Alcatel A3 Prepaid Phone from Optus Yes Crowd!!


by Frequent Visitor Pearson
‎2017-12-12 08:55 AM

A relaxing break with my family and friends, camping near the beach.

by Occasional Visitor Aci
‎2017-12-12 09:33 AM

A trip to hawaii but a 4G Alcatel A3 prepaid phone would be just as good! 

by Frequent Visitor MsMaryMac
‎2017-12-12 09:58 AM

a day off work. I work in IT there's never a day off work.

by Member Graycen
‎2017-12-12 11:25 AM

Plenty of laughter.  Happiness is the best present followed by tech gadgets.

by Member pinkrox
‎2017-12-12 11:29 AM

My 2 Hormonal teenage sons to chill it out a bit. 

by Occasional Visitor Adi22
‎2017-12-12 01:01 PM

a HOT meal!! and one I don't prepare myself Smiley Happy oh and having family around would be marvellous too.

by New Member livvvoo
‎2017-12-12 02:18 PM

optus to win a partnership with Amazon Australia

by Frequent Visitor Micky
‎2017-12-12 03:40 PM

A phone that works, with just a few perks, to use on the Optus networks!!!

by Frequent Visitor TheAntic
‎2017-12-12 03:44 PM

For my home to finally finish getting built

by Occasional Visitor markskessler
‎2017-12-12 04:11 PM

World peace, an end to hunger, a healthy family and more love.

by Frequent Visitor Manpreet90
‎2017-12-12 04:12 PM

isssssssssssssssssssss a 4G Alcatel A3 phone Heart

by Frequent Visitor magic888ball
‎2017-12-12 04:44 PM

World peace... but if that can't happen, then people to be less aggro

by Occasional Visitor joye
‎2017-12-12 05:18 PM

 a new  phone locked into Optus for best rewards

by Visitor LachlanWhyte
‎2017-12-12 05:29 PM

All I want for christmas is to know if i've been good enough to Santa's exspectations to recieve this phone to help me survive 2018 due to my zte blade screen no longer works, can't wait to hear the anounced winner. <3

by New Contributor mrsgozo
‎2017-12-13 08:38 PM

Cheese and wine

by Visitor batpower76
‎2017-12-13 08:44 PM

A 4G Alcatel A3 prepaid phone or 2

by New Member kuochstar
‎2017-12-13 10:42 PM

All I want for Christmas is a gift from Optus. 

by New Member JackTey
‎2017-12-13 10:46 PM

sony xz premium

by Visitor Indy4
‎2017-12-13 11:59 PM

All I want for Christmas is love, joy and peace for everyone. Just kidding! 😄 of course the 4G Alcatel A3 Prepaid phone

by New Member TGSMITH
‎2017-12-13 01:00 AM

All i want for Christmas is to drink alot of wine

by Occasional Contributor flick1991
‎2017-12-13 01:06 AM
All I want for Christmas is to spend quality time with my children 🎅
by Occasional Visitor Andyl22
‎2017-12-16 03:36 PM


by Visitor Mikayla_Jayne
‎2017-12-19 04:53 PM

My family to CALL in, the BUZZ of giving gifts, friends to RING in the NY with and no LINES at the Boxing Day Sales!